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  1. If you were logged-in before the update on both PS Vita and PS3 (without 2FA and device passwords set up), the device password requirement won't affect you unless you logout, change your password or create a new PSN account.
  2. Positive confirmation from Germany here.
  3. I also received an error code I've never seen before and that hasn't been documented yet (as of my knowledge), upon opening the page for a DLC: C2-14277-1 Also yes, search sometimes works and sometimes not.
  4. I've checked the EU Store on the PS3 (because the Vita Store doesn't work atm), and I can't find it in the PS Vita section there, but the counter's been on 918 entries since a while now in Germany, so at least over here it seems to be gone for a while now. Also only lists the 3DS version as delisted on the eShop, so they're not aware of it's delisting either (I wish I could check the Store directly on the Vita):
  5. I'm too in EU (Germany), and I'm getting this error code too, also search does not return any results, but the "Download List" can be used.
  6. I think you are locked to the region your PSN account is located in, which means I can only play with EU folks.
  7. It is not, only the PC version is affected. And since you can't play across PC and consoles (PS4 and Xbox), there's no need to cease operation of the console versions. All announcements from the developers (even on the korean official website) explicitely mention the PC version, which is developed by a different team than the console versions, and also runs on Gameforge's servers (both NA and EU as of 2020, after En Masse Entertainment shutdown business). The development team behind the console versions is entirely different and the servers are provided by KRAFTON (the parent company of Bluehole Studio, which is the developer of the PC version). You can follow discussion here in our separate topic in the game's subforum:
  8. I already have the majority of trophies for the game, just missing the one for the last dungeon and both boss/BAM-related trophies.
  9. I don't think the console version will be shut down at the same time. The development of the PC version was done by Bluehole Studio, which is now a subsidiary under KRAFTON, and it's a development team directly under KRAFTON that develops and publishes the console version. And there have been no announcements from the official channels of the console version regarding this shutdown. This following screenshot is from the Steam forums: Even the official announcement on the korean site of the developer just explicitely mentions the PC version and no console version: Official site for the console version:
  10. Alright, seems SIEE took their time again to approve the game, as it even was already available in US, when in EU we had to wait longer.
  11. PS4 does not support emoji input.
  12. That's a standard emoji, not specific to Discord. Twitter and most websites and keyboards with emoji support have this set. They're defined in the emoji list for Unicode:
  13. I have checked the EU PSN Store, and the game is not live (yet), apart from the demo version released back in November 2021 (the same for US). I find it interesting that the console Store frontend and web Store frontend differ on what you can find when you search for "cogen": On the console Store, only the Yuji Otori Character DLC is available, but not the game itself or other two DLCs. On the web Store, only the Character DLCs for Akasha and the cross-over Character Copen (from Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX 2, which releases today too) are available, but not the game itself or the Yuji Otori DLC. Via Google, I found a "/concept/" URL for the game on the EU Store, but it is not available for purchase. With my japanese account, the game is available on both the web Store and console Store, but I don't have enough funds, otherwise I would've bought the game with it on that account.
  14. Those were common chests, which would've granted 2 Primogems each.