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  1. There are a few adventure levels are these in each of the hubs? Also where can I find Darth Vader
  2. If he's changed console since what would he have to do sync his trophies or open the trophies for that game?
  3. This is a question from my dad, just looking for anyone's advice/helpful comments - He was working on Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate - Deluxe Edition he got all the trophies but at the time of the last trophy for platinum the console crashed so his last trophy unlocked but the platinum did not, is there anything he can do to unlock the platinum? Obviously this is a nice platinum to have and just because the console just randomly switched off shouldn't be punished for this. cheers.
  4. Dead nation looks hard but I'd say you've got this
  5. just going to play it for fun
  6. Fifa 16 the online will haunt you
  7. Yeah my dad got all trophies in batman arkham origins blackgate but when the last trophy unlocked his console crashed permanently locking the platinum trophy despite having the rest of the trophies.
  8. Scream ride is a lot of fun but most of the games I'd recommend you already have or have been mentioned
  9. Anybody have a definite list of the arena's needed for this trophy I have played at all the casual locations and done career in college and professional can't seem to get it to unlock I got the game when it first came out and it seems to have bugged out on me.
  10. Where is this is it on psn store? Where is this is it on psn store?