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  1. I don't really have idea for trophy name, but here's a list for mario kart 8: Unlock every trophy Play an online race Unlock your first wheel Unlcock your first car Unlock your first character Play a online tournament with at least 2 friends Win every grand prix at 50cc win every tournament at 100cc win every tournament at 150cc Destroy a blue shell with a super horn Play a battle Win 10 online race use all weapons in the game Drift 100 times Do 100 air tricks Win a race with no object Watch the highlights at the end of your race Win every grand prix at 200 cc Beat every staff ghosts in time trial Unlock every character Unlock every car Unlock every wheel win 100 online race get 10 000 points in online races It could be longer, but for now this is what I have in my head
  2. South park the stick of truth. It takes the classis role playing game gameplay, but with south park universe. If you know the south park universe, you know this is not a serious game!!!