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  1. I guess it sucks for the people in the US but in Singapore one retailer broke street date literally as the conference ended(4.50am local time) and I managed to snag one with no issues. They promptly closed the pre orders a few hrs later since officially it's supposed to start today morning at 11am. So I was definitely happy with the cock up since I had a smooth experience pre ordering it.
  2. I finally got the game today and am gonna start it tomorrow, are there any other broken trophies/can the original trophy guide be used
  3. I honestly don't need to see any more games for now. I just want to see the UI and most importantly the price and when pre orders go live. Personally feel Sony has shown us enough in terms of games for the launch window. Wish they would start answering the other questions that we have had like BC and if there any changes to trophies etc
  4. Its fine man, I wasn't really offended or anything. I didn't want to attack you or anything either, just found it slightly hypocritical. Anyways, lol i kinda wish I had cancelled my amalaur pre order as well because I have it on ps3 but never got around to it and it seems like the remaster hasn't added much so maybe I should have just played the ps3 version instead.
  5. Well, I think its bullshit that you don't get the hard trophy for beating it on very hard when most of the games these days stack difficulty trophies. Could have easily made that mistake if i got a early copy but thank god I don't play difficulty levels that don't offer trophies to begin with as a rule.
  6. Oh yeah i did that glitch as well but I combined it with the Judges glitch to skip most of my titan playthrough and only during that glitch did i encounter bugs of any kind
  7. Don't mean to attack you but aren't you the dude who recently went ape shit over kingdoms of amalaur and decided to pre order it? So its funny to me that you think others pre ordering something is them making a mistake.
  8. the arena glitch meaning the glitch at the judges that lets you skip most of the game? I did not delete any patch and just did this recently around 2 mths back
  9. Haven't started playing the game but came across this on twitter from a Journalist. Seems like she beat it on the very hard difficulty and since they ported the trophies straight from the ps3 version, the game doesn't recognize very hard as meeting the trophy condition of beating it on hard. Unless there are others who beat it on very hard and got the trophy on here. Hopefully they can confirm.
  10. Quit for periods of time and once even quit for a year. Thought I would quit for good but always came back to it.
  11. Oh that's not too bad. Thinking of picking up the game when it goes on sale and was worried its a ridiculously long platinum. Thanks
  12. Question not relevant to the topic but I'm wondering how long do you guys think the plat takes to achieve since you are close to power level 150
  13. If you have played the original, could you comment on the remaster quality. I pre ordered it even though I have a ps3 copy in my backlog but looking at the youtube comments of the latest trailer has me worried. Fans are saying it looks exactly the same as the original except for a resolution boost
  14. Twin Breaker: A Sacred Symbols Adventure To be fair, I didn't really try hard for the plat because I was extremely busy during the period but the 4 paddle stages kinda broke my brain during my first playthrough. A lot of the highscores I got came due to luck with the right powerups. Not sure if I want to sit there for hours trying to either get lucky with the power ups or wrap my head around using both thumbsticks to control up/down and left/right simultaneously
  15. Wtf so this game has been in my backlog since forever and I decide to finally play it and I have been hit by a game breaking bug 2 hrs in where I can't report anything to Delilah and from doing a quick Google search it seems like there's a bunch of bugs in the game that never got fixed. Anyone faced similar issues?