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  1. Thanks so much. Makes things easy
  2. Can someone break down how the friend pass for this game works? I'm thinking of picking a physical copy and playing with a friend but then selling the game afterwards so that we can split the game among us fairly. I want to know if the friend pass is a one time use given in the box making it not possible to sell 2nd hand or is it just a feature within the game menu itself.
  3. Lol i completely forgot about remote play. Guess I could just do that instead of running between rooms since my monitor is in one room and the ps5 is hooked to my tv. Thanks for the tip
  4. Is it time sensitive or can i always pause the game and go control the other character? I am asking this bbecause i am wondering if you used one tv and switched between the ps4 and ps5 or did u use two monitors/tvs side by side?
  5. Thanks for that confirmation. I guess ill just replay the game on PS5 from scratch
  6. I just tested it but for me it's a R2 physical copy save and the digital is the US copy and the ultimate ed on ps4 didn't read my original file save. Now I just need to know if ultimate ed on ps4(played from scratch) autopops trophies on ps5 ultimate ed
  7. Might actually bother trying now. Haven't gotten the Zombie trophies or Dead ops trophies yet
  8. Nothing to do with the save since I pretty much assume the ultimate edition (PS4) won't recognize my R2 save of the original game but can I still 100% that trophy list with the ultimate edition or will dlc trophies not unlock since they are different regions. There doesn't seem to be different region lists though
  9. Yeah thankfully I managed to get all the 3 trophies. Now I can play the game in peace at my own leisure.
  10. Does anyone know if u can bring your hitman 2 progress to both the ps4/ps5 trophy lists of hitman 3 or is that transfer once only
  11. Thanks I will get on it immediately. Hopefully the matchmaking allows me to find other players
  12. So to be safe, I should just get the 3 trophies out of the way now if I am planning to play Hitman 2 soon. I had no idea about the server closures. The other trophies will definitely not be affected right
  13. Hmm are they time consuming? My backlog is getting out of hand so while I really wanna play these games now, I am wondering if it's better to just wait for hitman 3 and play them on that list
  14. Are those that do not unlock annoying to do? I haven't played hitman 2 yet and if most trophies autopop, I might as well start playing that+ hitman 1 legacy on the hitman 2 trophy list and buy hitman 3 down the road when it's on sale
  15. On consoles, we detect what you already have installed for HITMAN 2 and can make the corresponding Access Pass available for no additional cost on the same store.Note: If you only own HITMAN 1, you will need to import that content into HITMAN 2 first, via the instructions in our Legacy Pack FAQ. https://www.ioi.dk/hitman-3-pre-launch-guide/ From their official pre launch guide