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  1. It took me approximately 8-10hrs of trying before i got the rare moly to spawn and it spawned at dawn in my highest region which was ancient forrest.
  2. My god i have been trying for this trophy the past few days and have spent a combined total of 6hrs++ with no luck so far. My forrest region is level 6 and still nothing. How long did the rest of you take on average
  3. If anyone wants to do this and are MR 24 and above, please add me. psn:abhinandhan22 Edit: online right now
  4. Been busy at school so havent had time to play the game recently but anyone know if any of the ongoing event quests have higher chances of crown drops?
  5. Yeah i was kinda disappointed. They should have at least tried to insinuate that there could have been a supernatural presence or make it unclear(could be a combination of both etc depending on the clues you find or something). Personally thought the game was terrible and am going to wait for reviews before picking up little hope.
  6. Man that's rough. How about trying to save every 30mins and copying your save to a hdd/cloud saving so in case u fuck up, u can try and revert back and try again. I played the game on a monitor so I was pretty close to the screen and even then i made a mistake here and there so having backup saves helped immensely. I would also recommend doing it on movienight mode as once i fucked up on my heads run and when the act ended and the stats screen came up, it said player 2 had made the most hearts decisions which alerted me that I had fucked up somewhere so i reverted to an older save only losing 20 mins of progress and continued to the end.
  7. I actually think for this game it's faster to get most trophies done in co op as the game is shorter in co op since some chapters are happening concurrently. I did 2 full playthroughs in co op and 2 solo playthroughs(hearts/heads) and just had to do a bunch of chapter replays to get one or two missing collectibles/some chapter specific trophies.
  8. Do you have a save file before u picked up the last black picture? U could try reverting save and picking it up. However I am not sure if it will work as one time I picked up a collectible that I didn't have but had to revert save cuz I fucked up some other requirement on some playthrough and when I copied my old save over, the collectibles menu had shown that I had picked up the collectible I was missing even though on that save I hadn't picked it up yet. Man it really sucks that trophies got glitched for you. This game is a pain to play over and over so I feel for you
  9. For all boys survived- go back to caskets and pick up knife as Alex and give it to Conrad, this would allow you to kill Fliss by choosing confront when Fliss Chases Conrad in glamour girl. I killed off Julia using the decompress method as I used my all heart decisions playthrough for this trophy but you could get her to go down the hole in distress signal and let her be shot by junior to kill her as well. So in summary u have to go back to caskets if u didn't give Conrad the knife organically. If u did,then go back to glamour girl. For all girls survived - go back to Glamour Girl, kill off Conrad by failing all QTEs and falling down when Fliss Chases him. make Brad go down the hole in distress signal and when junior confronts him,keep choosing the say nothing option to let junior shoot him and for alex, in the room with the mice just stab yourself.
  10. I just platinumed it myself and while the game ran extremely poorly during shared story mode, i didn't run into a single trophy glitch. Maybe because the day 1 updates fixed the trophy glitches
  11. Yup both my friend and I got the trophy
  12. You are supposed to tap x whenever it goes over the blue colour sections in rhythm Edit- Just realized the_man_500 answered your question
  13. Yes both people need the game as far as I know and it does make its own save.
  14. We did beat it in one sitting but we had to exit out to main menu once or twice dur to connection issues. I faced all the issues you are mentioning on my second co op run but my first run was pretty smooth. So yeah i have a feeling it could either be that certain collectibles are glitched or it's purely luck based glitches. Might have to wait for patches before trying to attempt the other playthroughs. Anyways thanks a ton for the work you put into the game. Really helped me not completely lose my sanity on the second playthrough.
  15. Yeah UD did have tons of jump scares but from memory they were done much better compared to the ones here and regarding the technical issues, my first playthrough (co op) was smooth(although tons of pop ins) while my second playthrough (co op) had a bunch of stuttering in certain chapters. I personally think it's a bad game cuz there were never really any edge of the seat moments and the game focuses too much on meaningless exploration (which gets frustrating because of janky controls). Also thought it was badly paced.