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  1. Persona 5. Extremely time consuming and personally found the game to be needlessly long. And getting call the personas can be really annoying
  2. 133hrs 21minutes(online+100% completion) excluding skin deep/zoologist and gold medal trophies. Guess the total platinum time was probably 160ish hrs
  3. Just continue from where you left off. Personally don't think RDR 2 is that complex of a game and you quickly get the hang of it. I took massive breaks playing Persona 5 and I managed to relearn everything every single time. Think that game is a lot more complex as compared to rdr 2
  4. Same worry here. I used to buy all the telltale games at launch prices but I didn't do that for Walking dead S4 for some reason. Had no real drive to play it immediately upon release so I am waiting patiently for a sale
  5. Rocket League. One of the free plus games i regret never trying back then
  6. GTA V. Couldn't bring myself to play GTA online for the platinum
  7. I just ended up buying the game but can't play it till after exams are over so thanks to everyone on here who recommended the game. Usually won't think twice about buying great linear story driven games but the price did seem slightly steep for something that is supposed to be cheaper(in Australia at least). Hopefully it doesnt disappoint when I eventually play it.
  8. Still waiting for Walking dead S4 and Life is Strange S2 to go on sale. Used to pre order the telltale games but had no hype this time round and Life is Strange S2 is way too expensive
  9. Anyone need the tower of elephant trophy? Add me. Psn: abhinandhan22 Edit: Got the trophy
  10. Thanks for the replies. Yeah I am a sucker for games like this usually but in Australia it's not cheaper than your average triple a title. For eg Rage 2 is 58 and this is 63 so it feels weird to pay more when it's supposed to be cheaper in the US.
  11. I am extremely tempted to pick this up right now and was wondering if it's as amazing as some people like Jim sterling and ACG are claiming it to be.
  12. I am pretty sure they dont respawn as I ran out of ammo and had to run to my bike to refill ammo and my game saved and I died shortly afterward and when i respawned the health bar of the horde had been updated to my previous checkpoint
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iw0_dh5xNCA I used to trust ACG but I realize my tastes are closer with Skillup and he doesn't recommend it till it drops to 15-20 dollars and I am so glad I dodged a bullet as I almost pre ordered the game. After watching his review, I am never playing this as I hate forced grinds placed in the middle of a campaign. Going to wait for Doom Eternal instead
  14. Playing on a PS4 pro and i barely had any issues before the final third of the game. Then I experienced all the issues the rest are mentioning above except for corrupted saves and falling through the ground. As for the game itself, I liked it a lot till the final third where the game starts falling apart in terms of story and the motivations of certain characters. Wasn't a fan of the ending either. Its a good game but I wouldn't go out of my way to recommend it to anyone other than hardcore playstation fans who might feel the need to play every sony exclusive
  15. Thanks. Guess ill just update and play on 1.07 in that case