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  1. I actually had given up on the trophy after trying for like 45mins or so but I couldn't believe it when my friend who doesn't go for plats generally got the trophy. That motivated me to tryhard and get the trophy as well. Took me another 1.5hrs or so after that and i managed to get it
  2. Finally got the Platinum yesterday and while going for the Platinum I thought the worst thing was gonna be the online trophies but those weren't actually all that bad because it was mindless grinding. The worst trophy in my opinion is the 100% one as some of the requirements are pure bullshit and grindy. Like for e.g the survivalist challenge where u had to fish all types of fishes or collect all the herbs under herbalist. I don't understand why rockstar couldn't just track your compendium for these challenges and not make you have to start from scratch even though u have already done these things. Terrible game design. After doing all those things for God knows how long,I actually didn't mind going for the gold medals till about the 55+ gold medal mark where it started getting slightly harder to find the easier missions to complete. The first red dead was one of my favorite Platinums to hunt and this is probably the worst. A damn shame
  3. No it wont as i used gold and got the 4th stable
  4. Thanks for the tips and most importantly reminding me to keep track of what I am collecting. Thankfully I had only collected two herbs and had luckily remembered what those two were before I saw this and started to take note of the rest.
  5. Was wondering if some of the challenges and the exotics quest overlap and was wondering which one to do first to save some time.
  6. Thanks so much for this. Most guides mentioned 5s and I was trying that for a while before seeing your post. Playing Draw was a lot more manageable for me
  7. Yeah I ended it up doing it normally as well
  8. DId you manage to make it work on Mac?
  9. That's reassuring. Thanks
  10. I finished the dreamcatcher mission and even collected the Arrowhead reward but the mission is still in my log. I am worried that the game is glitched and I can't get 100% due to this. Anyone else encountered this issue?
  11. Yes you can boost it and that's how i got the trophy. Get 3 other people and join a posse together and start a race. The race i got into only had 5 people in total so we voted the random out and played 3 consecutive races and the people i was with let me win the 3 races and I got the trophy.
  12. You can cash to buy the stable as well Thanks for the info
  13. Okay i was planning to try and unlock the stable using the gold bar. Hopefully it goes well for me. Hopefully you end up unlocking the rob/loot trophy