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  1. yeah I was surprised to see that as well. Thanks may just do it then.
  2. Have been playing the iki dlc and realize that one of the trophies requires you to have finished all the legends story missions and I was wondering how long that takes. I have no interest in getting the other legends trophies so if this takes too long I’ll just give up on that specific iki island trophy. Thanks in advance
  3. Yeah that could be a potential possibility although when you click individual trophies, some people have earned them on the list that says 0 earners. Only time will tell I guess.
  4. Are there different region trophy lists for the game? Im seeing two ps5 lists and there are different earners for the trophies. Is it EU/NA lists?
  5. Same here and they aren't confirming on twitter if it comes with a free ps5 upgrade. Thinking if I should just get the digital since that's crossbuy but I kinda want a physical copy as well. Wish indie devs would confirm these sort of things early on
  6. LMAO exactly, the miles morales NG+ trophy was such a waste of time even though I loved the game. Felt extremely pointless to play the game for a few more hours just for that one trophy.
  7. Starting the game tomorrow but personally I don't really care. I used to care when I was younger, if i could extract value out of a game to its fullest(thereason why i even got my first plat ever since I had to play that same game for a long ass time). Now that I can buy my own games and have much lesser time to play games as an adult in general, I appreciate shorter trophy lists. In fact, the harder the list is, if its a game I am not 100% interested in buying, I would much rather wait for a sale and time my purchase with when I have free time to play(e.g. Returnal)
  8. How is the Ps5 launch lineup poor? So you are telling me it had a better launch lineup vs the PS4? Demon Souls and Astro's playroom vs KZ Shadow Fall and Knack. Which sounds more appealing? Unless we talk indies/smaller titles and then you have resogun which was stellar. Also in the first 6-8 mths of PS4, if i remember correctly, the only big launch on PS4 was Infamous. Meanwhile on PS5 we had Returnal and now Ratchet and Clank. The reason why PS4 seems more impressive is because from a hardware standpoint, the PS4 seemed to be leaps ahead of the PS3. Snappy UI etc whereas the PS4 is still more than acceptable currently. I do agree with you that if you didn't get one at launch, there isn't really a point in trying to buy one from a scalper or some shit because HZD and God of war are coming to ps4
  9. This is going to age so badly. It will be approximately the same size as Dawn or slightly longer. Miles was said from the start of development that it was going to be a relatively short experience and even compared it to something like Lost Legacy so I dont know why you expected more? The ratchet games have always been around this length so again thats a moot point. Haven't played Returnal but it would have been in Sony's interest to save your game because Roguelites/Roguelikes are niche offerings compared to the games the mainstream PS audience is used to(Game has not sold as well as other exclusives clearly). Edit: To answer OP, PS5 for me. I have waited to see reasons to buy the Xbox consoles and there are really none if you own a gaming laptop/pc which I do. I have a huge backlog as it is so gamepass is useless to me and I only sub when theres an exclusive out(Medium) and then cancel the following month. The only reason I might buy a Series X would be to play those exclusives on my TV. If i was younger and did not have money to buy games at launch, then Series X wins by a landslide. I cant imagine having gamepass when I was in secondary school for e.g. That would have been Insane.
  10. How many hours did it take you overall? I am glad I decided to wait for my exams to end before starting. I was tempted to start playing yesterday when everyone kept saying its short
  11. Apparently there is going to be an EU release according to them on twitter so I think ill just wait till its on another site I use to get the EU copy since that site offers free shipping to Singapore. Shipping to Singapore from US and EU usually is pretty damn expensive
  12. According to their twitter, it will not be a limited run and their site will be back up soon for pre order. Really hope they dont charge an exorbitant amount for shipping.
  13. Try meditating. Thats what someone else did to pop everything
  14. Its still being shown as available on the asian store as i want to subscribe and do this but after hearing reports of it being removed on other stores, I am just going to wait and see what happens.
  15. I am planning to play it again but get the other stack on PS4 via back compat and autopop it on PS5 so i am glad theres autopop. I guess i will lose out on the resolution bump which is the only shame.