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  1. I just got all 9 gourd seeds and the trophy didn't pop. Did anyone else experience this?? edit: I am an idiot and realized that there are 10 seeds and you start with 1
  2. Yeah lol that's what I meant by deflect(wrong choice of words). I could never get the timing down consistently so I decided to fuck it and just dodge the lightning attacks
  3. Haven't been able to play much of the game cuz of school but so far genichiro gave me the most trouble. It really didnt help that I couldn't play in long sittings so I was re learning the fight every chance I got to play the game and I always died on the third phase cuz i would have very few health pots or would have already lost one life in the first two phases. I also stopped trying to deflect the lightning on the try i actually beat him. Much easier to just roll towards him and dodge the lightning strike
  4. My thoughts exactly. Loved the original and it's one of the first games I played on my PS3.
  5. I think I need to get used to resurrecting and just running away from a fight instead of trying to push forward again and again. Stealth is definitely key in the game that's for sure
  6. Yeah Yeah same here. I struggled with the ogre big time and the first boss took me a few attempts as well. The normal enemies are okay if u just parry properly and i think the game should get easier once u get certain skills that let you counter back some moves instead of dodging away. How is it R1 mash? R1 mash only works on the grunts. You can't kill any of the bigger enemies by just mashing R1 Yeah I have been trying to practice as well since I am more used to dodging and attacking in most games and this requires you to parry properly which could be why I find it slightly harder. I also think the boss fights in this go on for a longer time as compared to bloodborne.
  7. Getting my ass handed to me in this game which caught me off guard cuz Ign and Powerpyx claimed this was the easiest from game and I honestly didn't really struggle with bloodborne (although I did use a guide). Sekiro on the other hand seems so much harder so far. How many of you are having the same experience?
  8. This is such a good approach and I wish I had done this instead of practicing for like 50mins to just get the last room done. Had no issues with the course except for the last part where u had to shoot through the wall while walking backwards
  9. Lol what? The forum has tons of posts on different threads regarding progress updates. You don't need to be an ass just cuz you disagree with the OP's stance
  10. Cuphead and Gears Trilogy
  11. Yakuza zero. Had no intention of even trying for the plat cuz I couldn't be bothered with the mini games. Borrowed it from a friend as well so just played the main story
  12. Day 1 if my pre order doesn't fuck up. Harvey Norman in Australia was offering it at a ridiculously low price(49aud) and I am actually worried if they will even have enough stocks to fulfill all orders on day 1
  13. Has a ton of URs and can handle boring grinds ( Black ops 3 plat is impressive)
  14. The wall bang at the end is crucial for you to go below 15.1seconds. It took me a number of tries to perfect the last area as I could never hit the target behind the wall while moving backwards.
  15. Definitely. A great game if you can look past some of the issues with the controls. I didn't have time back then so I never gave akumu a try but getting all the other trophies in the game was a blast