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  1. I never bother waiting for sales if its something I really want. Like others have said above, its mostly the same selection of games being discounted heavily. The rest just get minor discounts
  2. I had the exact same question @MarcusPunisher. I finished the game initially and did not continue after the credits rolled. So i guess its not worth attempting if u didnt get the trophies. I cant do another playthroughs of this shit game. How long did it take for you to complete all side missions?
  3. I thought as much. Well if it's true then it's great for those who don't own it Oof if this is it then people are going to be very upset since their expectations are set now
  4. I have the plat and paid for the dlc at launch so nothing for me here besides getting access to a digital copy. just hoping the NA version reads my asia disc version save otherwise that's useless. Would like to do the NG+ ultimate playthrough some day for 100% completion. Only two trophies i'm missing
  5. Sorry in advance if a thread speculating this exists but Press Start just reported that the game was free for a while on the store with the ps plus symbol beside it. This pretty much confirms that its one of the free titles for June. https://press-start.com.au/news/playstation/2020/05/26/spider-man-was-temporarily-free-on-the-playstation-store-suggesting-it-could-be-a-june-playstation-plus-game/
  6. Happy about this as I stopped buying every cod since I only care for the SP these days. Will be playing the campaign on an alt account since the trophies seem annoying as hell
  7. That's exactly what I intend to do soon.
  8. If only one of the trophies wasn't super annoying to get this would have been even better. Amazing that it's a meme though. Added it to my download list anyway
  9. Yeah my bad I should have stated first party SP only game.
  10. Not a fan of Hanger 13 but they shouldn't be blamed for this. d3t was in charge of the remaster and they botched it
  11. Didn't even bother attempting the plat in Yakuza 0 and don't plan on going for any of the plats in any of the games when I play them all some day. Personally can't spend hours mastering side activities(majong etc) in a video game. After MP trophies, those are my most hated trophies in a game. Managed to plat things like AC3,RDR and RDR2 with relative ease but I hear the yakuza ones need a lot of dedication
  12. There's no chance in hell a sony first party game has microtransactions. At worst, it would be a few random skins(even this i heavily doubt). As fr mtx in general, as long as a game isn't padded by design to make the user more likely to buy the mtx i dont really care. Thats the only form of mtx in a SP game that would personally affect me. Side note: Game looks meh to me but still picking it up day 1 because Sucker Punch makes fun games even if they aren't exactly ground breaking or innovative. Smoke particle effects stood out in second son though
  13. Yeah I had this issue as well. I ended up re installing my disc version to let the dlc install. Quite annoying honestly. I thought I hadn't redeemed it back then but if you are having the issue too it must be some big.
  14. I genuinely didn't think the story was anything special either. I bought it on sale regardless of the poor reception mainly because everyone was hyping the story up. I used to consider myself as someone who could sit through a game with poor gameplay if the story was phenomenal but my god the story definitely did not make up for that piss poor gameplay imo. Mafia 2's story is a lot more memorable