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  1. You can cash to buy the stable as well Thanks for the info
  2. Okay i was planning to try and unlock the stable using the gold bar. Hopefully it goes well for me. Hopefully you end up unlocking the rob/loot trophy
  3. So you had no issues unlocking the trophy even though u bought the improvements using gold bars?? Some people are saying trophies might glitch if you use goldbars
  4. I am not able to see how many gold bars are required to buy the final stable as I haven't bought the 4th stable yet. Does anyone know how many is required
  5. Any idea what the fastest way to earn money is now post patch (now that they have reduced the price of salmon from 4 dollars to 2.50)
  6. Still haven't started on the multiplayer but willing to boost this before it gets patched. If anyone wants to boost. Please add me:abhinandhan22 Time Zone: Singapore/GMT+8
  7. Thanks for the response guys!
  8. I am currently overseas and don't have access to my PS4 so I was wondering if it would be possible to earn trophies if I log into my account on a friend's PS4. Really want to play Spider-Man this weekend and earn trophies while I am at it
  9. Start game on new game+ normal and do the time attack challenges. once completed start new game + again on hard and choose to overwrite the save file you completed all the Normal time attack challenges on. Finish all the hard time attack challenges and u get the trophy for completing all time attack challenges.
  10. Thanks man😀
  11. Managed to beat it with my Yoshi in the end after farming the reaper twice to get to lvl 52
  12. Oh that's great. Guess that's really the best I can do. Yeah I died multiple times at the twins. Can't get past the first few rounds
  13. So I kinda fucked up my Yoshi build(I think) to beat the twins at the earliest possible date on NG+. My Yoshi doesn't have repel physical and I get destroyed in the first few turns every single time and I was wondering if there is any way around it. Is there no choice but to play further into the game to lvl up my characters and come back or is there any other tips that would allow me to beat the boss right now? Is it possible to grind the reaper at such a low level on a non flu day?
  14. Yeah i just got the plat. Wish i had seen the thread earlier. Could have saved a lot of time.
  15. Game is definitely glitches for me. I had gotten the platinum for the US version but now for the asia version I can't get the time competition trophies. have gotten below 6mins twice and it didnt pop both the below 10mins and 6mins trophy for me. I just deleted and reinstalled the game to try again. Pretty mad