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  1. Anyone need the tower of elephant trophy? Add me. Psn: abhinandhan22 Edit: Got the trophy
  2. Thanks for the replies. Yeah I am a sucker for games like this usually but in Australia it's not cheaper than your average triple a title. For eg Rage 2 is 58 and this is 63 so it feels weird to pay more when it's supposed to be cheaper in the US.
  3. I am extremely tempted to pick this up right now and was wondering if it's as amazing as some people like Jim sterling and ACG are claiming it to be.
  4. I am pretty sure they dont respawn as I ran out of ammo and had to run to my bike to refill ammo and my game saved and I died shortly afterward and when i respawned the health bar of the horde had been updated to my previous checkpoint
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iw0_dh5xNCA I used to trust ACG but I realize my tastes are closer with Skillup and he doesn't recommend it till it drops to 15-20 dollars and I am so glad I dodged a bullet as I almost pre ordered the game. After watching his review, I am never playing this as I hate forced grinds placed in the middle of a campaign. Going to wait for Doom Eternal instead
  6. Playing on a PS4 pro and i barely had any issues before the final third of the game. Then I experienced all the issues the rest are mentioning above except for corrupted saves and falling through the ground. As for the game itself, I liked it a lot till the final third where the game starts falling apart in terms of story and the motivations of certain characters. Wasn't a fan of the ending either. Its a good game but I wouldn't go out of my way to recommend it to anyone other than hardcore playstation fans who might feel the need to play every sony exclusive
  7. I was extremely hyped to play this game since I absolutely loved RE7(first RE game for me personally) but having finished Leon A playthrough last night, I just thought the game was good. Wasn't a huge fan of the excessive backtracking and I felt 7 had a creepier vibe to it as compared to 2. I also enjoyed the story and gameplay of 7 more although the shooting mechanics are similar across both games. Am I the only one who thinks this way?
  8. Thanks. Guess ill just update and play on 1.07 in that case
  9. Haven't played the game in 2-3 days and now i am wondering if i should download the latest patch or just delete and keep playing on my current version. any ideas?
  10. Replay is totally fine. Just remember to check threads on which missions are easier and focus on getting gold for those first. Only 3-4 missions would take you a few tries honestly.
  11. I am on NG+ and i was farming skill points for a few hrs before i realized i need to go to hirata estate to buy one of the texts to unlock the final skill in the mushin arts tree. I totally forgot to unlock Hirata estate early on in the game and now I am frantically trying to figure out if there is any way to reach hirata estate or do I literally have to do another full playthrough just to get to hirata to get the remaining lapis i need plus unlock the final skill
  12. You need it to unlock spiral cloud passage actually. It was the last skill I needed
  13. Thank you so much. It worked
  14. I tried that for a while but I would get hit by his lunge at times and then I went to try and learn his moveset to fight him legitimately but after 2hrs of dying, I gave up and tried the umbrella strat and beat him first try. Feel like it's the safest and easiest strat
  15. I was struggling with phase 3 and 4 but ended up beating him immediately after using tyrannicon's umbrella strat for phase 3 and 4. Its extremely easy to pull off so I suggest you try that method
  16. Not necessarily. I was struggling with his third and fourth phase after trying for a good 2 hrs and ended up just employing the umbrella strat which anyone can pull off.
  17. I just got all 9 gourd seeds and the trophy didn't pop. Did anyone else experience this?? edit: I am an idiot and realized that there are 10 seeds and you start with 1
  18. Yeah lol that's what I meant by deflect(wrong choice of words). I could never get the timing down consistently so I decided to fuck it and just dodge the lightning attacks
  19. Getting my ass handed to me in this game which caught me off guard cuz Ign and Powerpyx claimed this was the easiest from game and I honestly didn't really struggle with bloodborne (although I did use a guide). Sekiro on the other hand seems so much harder so far. How many of you are having the same experience?
  20. Haven't been able to play much of the game cuz of school but so far genichiro gave me the most trouble. It really didnt help that I couldn't play in long sittings so I was re learning the fight every chance I got to play the game and I always died on the third phase cuz i would have very few health pots or would have already lost one life in the first two phases. I also stopped trying to deflect the lightning on the try i actually beat him. Much easier to just roll towards him and dodge the lightning strike
  21. My thoughts exactly. Loved the original and it's one of the first games I played on my PS3.
  22. I think I need to get used to resurrecting and just running away from a fight instead of trying to push forward again and again. Stealth is definitely key in the game that's for sure
  23. Yeah Yeah same here. I struggled with the ogre big time and the first boss took me a few attempts as well. The normal enemies are okay if u just parry properly and i think the game should get easier once u get certain skills that let you counter back some moves instead of dodging away. How is it R1 mash? R1 mash only works on the grunts. You can't kill any of the bigger enemies by just mashing R1 Yeah I have been trying to practice as well since I am more used to dodging and attacking in most games and this requires you to parry properly which could be why I find it slightly harder. I also think the boss fights in this go on for a longer time as compared to bloodborne.
  24. This is such a good approach and I wish I had done this instead of practicing for like 50mins to just get the last room done. Had no issues with the course except for the last part where u had to shoot through the wall while walking backwards
  25. Lol what? The forum has tons of posts on different threads regarding progress updates. You don't need to be an ass just cuz you disagree with the OP's stance