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  1. Maybe they realized it was ridiculously overpriced on PSN...
  2. Talk about a stealth release, but I'm definitely happy. This was a fun game back in the day. I may wait a little bit for it to drop in price, though.
  3. When you go to the game's page, highlight Overview, then go up one and click the X button to purchase that game. For some reason, the button is invisible, but it's still there.
  4. Yep, the Diamonds are pure RNG, sadly. There was one time where I didn't get any Diamonds for like 5-6 stages. Also, as mentioned, keep an eye out for the number of cars destroyed, too. Once you get to a total of like 435 or so, do a final reset, pick the faction that halves weapon cost, then quickly run through until you manage to get the trophy. You should have all other trophies before this one, so the final weapon will likely be your last before the platinum.
  5. Yeah, Diamonds have a chance to drop from any of the bosses at the end of a stage. The best stage to grind for Diamonds is probably the final Proving Grounds one, since there's only a few regular vehicles to destroy before you get to the boss. Once you have boosted your Drones up high enough, they should easily take out everything on that stage within a minute or so, including the boss. I have always gotten 0-2 Diamonds on that stage, plus you're getting six kills every time you finish it, too. I just wish there was a way to continually redo the stage without having to manually select it.
  6. Yeah, I definitely recommend that if you plan on getting the platinum in this, you do not spend any Diamonds at all until you're ready to go for the Final Weapon trophy. In fact, I wouldn't really even both leveling up weapons past the point where they start costing Diamonds, as it just makes things longer in the end. The Drones are going to be your best bet to build up money, since you have three of them going at once and they are going to output more money than weapons sometimes can (outside of maybe the automatic weapons, since you don't have to mash).
  7. Pretty sure once you join a faction, you get a point for every vehicle you destroy.
  8. If you're only interested in trophies, usually when the Season Pass goes on sale, the two individual DLCs that include the trophies should also be on sale (at least in North America).
  9. While it's not quite a Platinum-only guide, here is a walkthrough for the game that should explain anything and everything: https://www.gamerguides.com/final-fantasy-viii/guide
  10. Yeah, years before that incident, I recall Bethesda fighting with Mojang over the whole "Scrolls" name for one of Mojang's games, and how it was "too close to Elder Scrolls." I guess Bethesda can't do much about things like names now, considering they are owned by Microsoft now, so any legal disputes will probably go through the latter.
  11. There was a dispute with Bethesda a few years ago that "Prey for the Gods" was too close to the Prey series of games, so the developers of the game changed it to Praey for the Gods. Basically, ZeniMax opposed the trademark request for the game back then and rather than fight them, they decided to just change it up. I think this was around when Prey was being released.
  12. Don't forget that in addition to the normal Plus games, the PS+ Collection is also coming in November, which offers a pretty big list of games.
  13. I don't think they said the price of the second Season Pass yet, have they? I hardly think a new game mode, four new Skill Trees and whatever the second bit brings will cost $50.
  14. There are fighting games that get more than one "Season Pass," too. It really all comes down to the content and pricing for this.
  15. It is 500 per Scrap Crew, so if you have two bases unlocked with the Scrap Crew built for each of them, it's possible to get 1,000 Scrap from them if you wait around 24-48 hours. I got the 2,000 Scrap challenge complete in two helpings of having two crews unlocked.