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  1. To those who don't know, once you start a playthrough, you will only have a single save slot, so if there are any trophies where you need to make a choice or if dialog affects anything, then you will probably be required to do another playthrough. Of course, that also depends on whether you will be able to back up saves or not.
  2. Can't wait for this, as I'm a huge platforming fanatic and am having a blast with Mario Odyssey currently.
  3. If you sign up for Gamer's Club Unlocked for Best Buy (2 years for $30), you can get the 20% off from them on CEs and even do in-store pickup if you want to avoid the possibility of the product being damage when delivered. I know my CE of Persona 5 was very well packaged and came in pristine condition when I ordered it from BB. I don't usually have much to say beyond that, though, since I typically avoid CEs.
  4. Yeah, it looks like a really easy list, as you just need to finish the DLC songs that were included in Future Tone initially, as well as the new songs being added now (doesn't look like difficulty matters?). If the shoddy translation I saw was true, then the hardest one will be getting a 39 combo in Extreme or Ex Ex. The Survival trophy is just getting a 39 combo, too.
  5. I guess we won't find out until October, if it is the LRG version of the game.
  6. The graphics may look like something done in MSPaint, but it doesn't look like total shit. The dev released a new trailer that made the game look a little more involved than that tutorial one. I'm not saying it will be the best game out there, but it might be a solid 4-5 or so out of 10.
  7. Apparently, this is coming out next week, so hopefully it's a good price. https://www.destructoid.com/oh-boy-3d-platformer-poi-releases-on-ps4-xbox-one-next-week-444832.phtml
  8. I've seen the game mentioned a couple of times and seen some gameplay from the Steam version, but I didn't know it was coming to the PS4. I absolutely adore 3D platformers (well, any platformers in general), so I can't wait until this one comes out.
  9. It's not like Michel Ancel was making other games in those years since the first showing of Beyond Good & Evil 2...oh wait, he was. Ubisoft Montpellier (the studio who developed the first game) has released a few games in that timeframe, including two Rayman titles, From Dust, ZombiU and Valiant Hearts. Granted, i don't know how many of those Ancel has actually worked on, but it's safe to say he had his hands in the two Rayman games at least.
  10. I do kind of wish they would have you get every single thing in all of the games for the platinums, but that might be asking for too much from people Maybe having Coco playable in all of the games is the "special Crash announcement" at E3 from Activision.
  11. Yeah, $40 would have been more appropriate, since they added stuff to the game (not sure how much) and they might have spruced up the graphics a bit (this might not be true).
  12. I'm pretty sure most console Lego games release at the $59.99 price, especially the licensed ones. Lego Worlds was the oddity, with it releasing at launch for $29.99.
  13. The standalone version is $9.99.
  14. I would say the hardest trophy solo would be Soul of Evil, which requires you to defeat the superboss of the game. I can only imagine getting to him is tough enough, but managing to defeat him in battle with your AI partners is very tough. That being said, there are people who have done it and have videos online to prove it.
  15. It's great that this finally has a release date, but it looks like developers/publishers are stacking August with a bunch of releases now. Agents of Mayhem, Shadow of War, Yakuza Kiwami, this game, and Warriors All-Stars all come out within a two-week period. RIP my wallet.