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  1. Yeah, I had it in my cart while I went to pick up a PSN card, then I came home and as I was checking out, the price kept going back to normal. I checked the price a little later and saw it went back to normal, even though the end date on the game's page was Jan 1, 2019.
  2. It might be a lot better now, as they are patching it still. It's definitely more stable when playing single player and the game is fun, if you like the style of game it is.
  3. The price difference between the normal edition($60) and deluxe ($80) is $20, as on the store. And yes, the description says it comes with the Season Pass.
  4. As far as I can tell, the CAC you make for Libra of Soul is treated as a separate entity than all others you make, so you'll have to make a new one in the Creation option on the main menu.
  5. To those saying it's unheard of to get the full package, as is the rumor with Diablo III, the vanilla version does not exist anymore on PSN for the PS4. The only version on PSN for the PS4 is the Eternal Collection, which includes all DLC.
  6. From my understanding, it's an enhanced version of the game, with PS4 and PC users being able to purchase a DLC pack if they already own the game. From Gematsu, who took the following from the Japanese website: Point 1: Become a Final Fantasy Hero and Fight! – Lann and Reynn can transform into the characters of successive Final Fantasy titles and battle, and activate the dedicated abilities of each character. In addition to the legendary characters that have appeared thus far, new legends will also appear…! Point 2: New Mirages – Unique new Mirages will also appear in Maxima. Certain characters from older Final Fantasy series titles will also appear as Mirages. Point 3: Go Fishing with Noctis! – A new mini-game where you can fishi with Final Fantasy XV protagonist Noctis has been added. The mini-game has its own dedicated background music. https://gematsu.com/2018/09/world-of-final-fantasy-maxima-announced-for-ps4-xbox-one-switch-and-pc
  7. Both DLC trophies are tied to a quest line that starts with Boddly in Goldpaw (the big lady in the library). She'll send to you Once you do the above, you will fight one of the bosses of the free DLC and will get some weapons, as well as one of the trophies. It is then that you are sent to the Faraway Forest Dreamer's Maze. There's a catch, though, as you need to set the difficulty on Hard or Expert in order to gain access to the final ten floors of the maze. Luckily, there is some new research in Evermore that unlocks with this DLC, like being able to choose which floor to start out on, as well as the Danger Level. Anyways, go to floor 40 to fight the other boss of the DLC and once you defeat it, you will get the other trophy.
  8. Well, from what I've read, the PS3 Yakuza 3 localization had 21 Side Stories cut, as well as 4 mini-games and the Hostess side thing. That seems like a decent amount of content cut from the initial localization.
  9. All of the mainline titles will be, yes.
  10. If you are finding Normal too easy, you could bump it up to Hard and see how that goes and if that's still too easy, then increase the difficulty to Expert. Later boss-type enemies tend to do major damage later on in the game, no matter the difficulty, so they don't really matter in the long run. I think the biggest differences will boil down to normal enemies and story bosses.
  11. Yeah, Yakuza 3, 4 and 5 are all being remastered for the PS4. Considering the success of the most recent Yakuza localizations, I see no reason why they won't come west. I imagine the 4 and 5 remasters should be localized a lot quicker, due to them already having a fairly competent localization already. I believe Yakuza 3 will take a little longer, considering it had a fair amount of content cut from it on the PS3 version's localization.
  12. @luckydonut Is this game crossbuy with the Vita version and are there separate trophy lists for each version?
  13. Probably will be an easy platinum, if you find puzzle solutions online. Overall, though, the puzzles definitely take a lot longer than something like Pic-a-Pix, due to the nature of them. I played a demo of this on the Nintendo Switch and it was definitely fun.
  14. Assuming they didn't change any of the actual gameplay, this will definitely be a long platinum. The first Disgaea is the hardest in terms of powerleveling yourself to the point of being overpowered, with it being a bigger grind than other entries in the series. A majority of the trophies will be achieved upon going after Baal, though, so you won't likely have anything to clean up after you defeat him. I think getting 10 million damage will also be another problematic trophy.
  15. Titan Quest is an action RPG, in similar vein to Diablo and those types, that was initially released 10+ years ago on the PC. Fast forward and you have an updated version and DLC that was released on the PC in 2016/2017 (or somewhere around there), with a console port not long after that. However, the problem with the console ports is that they are riddled with bugs. I thought single-player was safe, as I don't recall too many bugs, but multiplayer (which a lot of people would want to use) brought forth a load of problems, like crashes, extreme lag/slowdown, among others. So, after a few months, a new patch was added on 6/27/2018 and it brought even more problems for people. Crashes still occur (which this patch was supposed to solve), people having problems even downloading the patch, quests disappearing or not working properly, characters unable to use equipment they were using prior to the patch, and characters even mysteriously jumping in levels, sometimes over trophy triggers and not receiving the trophy. This port was done by Black Forest Games, the company that brought us the "wonderful" Bubsy revival, but it looks like no QA was done for this patch or the game in general, because the problems that were there before are pretty blatant. In short, avoid this game (at least for now) and don't bother with it until they fix these problems (if they ever do).