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  1. So did rebuilding the database worked? 😱
  2. Specially since there is no tofu trophy
  3. Between 10 to 15 hours the first time. Probably less if you are a experienced.RE player.
  4. Im personally sad about the tofu trophy, but still a good list.
  5. Wow great guide! I was starting my Classic Mode when I checked this thread. One suggestion. I own a digital copy of the game but it says its on 1.02v. Do you know if I will be able to do the DH exploit if I delete the entire game as of now? Tried deleting the game data for the Infinite ammo glitch but it didnt work Edit: Ok. I deleted everything and re downloaded the game. I can now access the raw version of the game and everything works.
  6. Hey buddy! Yep formatting and fixing took some time :( , but you were right, the editor is really good here !!! This will actually be my second guide here, first one was Code Veronica X, though it was simplier than this one.


    Thanks for the offer, i would really use some help, although it takes a lot of time and effort to write these guides xD Not really sure how you manage to do that many and with that amazing quality :o!


    1. optimusmart


      My guides are not that great to begin, the Guide Team do a great job at advising you on what you need to do to improve them.


      Its mainly due to them, im always learning new things. Its all in the Trophy Guide writing instructions, but there is so much info in there that you struggle to remember everything ;)


      Yea, I checked your lists shortly after and noticed your RE guide was on here. I will use if I ever get round to CV, there is just so many games to play with such little time!


      Well just get in touch if u ever want me to have a quick look at something for you. Like I say, im sure you're info is top notch, so you may want someone to have a quick look over the formatting for you. Ive been lucky as my 2 most recent guides went straight through.


      Id like to think im learning, but then sometimes the GT fix small mistakes themselves so im not too sure ;)


      Not sure what you were planning do with RE2 when it comes out and.not.sure exactly what im doing with it myself yet, but if you wer considering it, maybe we could work on a TG and TW back to back and help eachother?

    2. angelbless45


      Yeah!! there is just too many games Ive been leaving to dust because of time :( I feel your pain buddy.

      You too modest heheh..your guides are really, really good! Ive been using them since the RE0 (still waiting for the RE1 lol hahaha) and im going to use the Alien and Witcher 3 now :), The GT here is really good and quick too, my short experience here has been nothing but great. Im still waiting for the other site to send me thery corrections about the guide, but its been over a week and no words from them. Makes  me feel anxious.


      And about the RE2 guide, that would be awesome! I easnt considering making a guide about it cause of the time it took to do this one, but RE2 is one of my favorite games of all time. We should definetly keep in touch to work together when the game is released!! 



  7. Guide resubmitted! :D!!!😊

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    2. optimusmart


      Hi bud, thanks for the comment on my recent guide here ;). What happened to yours, formatting needs cleaning I guess as I'm sure the info is top notch. I see you have resubmitted it now, if you need me to have a look at anything in the future, give me a shout and I'd be happy to help!


      Is this your first guide here? it's a very good editor isnt it

    3. ddracarys


      @knoef_NL Hey, I noticed you're still looking for creative help. I'm quite the graphic designer myself, so maybe I can be of assistance? What exactly were you looking for?

    4. knoef_NL


      @ddracarys Send you a pm. 😊

  8. Alright thanks a lot for the tips! almost 2 hours for 400K zennies :S.. let the grind begin. Only 17 millons left x_x Btw, I dont know if this is ok, but I ataually had No 18 as my lead character in both fights, so when i looged in again I got 311k zennies as No 18 union awards. If this is correct, then the process could be reduced as close to a half!
  9. Alright, reached the point where Piccolos team is at 94 and Yamchas at 91 and have 11 turns left. Will they level up further?
  10. Thxs for the reply. Happened to me once now lol.. but now, Ive been trying for an 1 hour or so and they dont want to
  11. I was just wondering. I already have the battles set and have approximately 17 turns to spend. Is it possible that both fights level up at the same time with each turn?
  12. You can rematch only once.
  13. Thxs for the tips. I actually left the game for years because I was stuck at 90% and was very frustrated. I came back yesterday and finally did all Chun-Li´s mission. Gonna write your takes on which ones to avoid
  14. Thank you very much. Ive been really lazy to start this.. im currently at 1,9 M zennies with 100hrs of gameplay Wait Dark Souls is coming this friday??!!.. ok, gonna postpone this even more
  15. Still waiting for you video lol xD... tbh I though they were going to give us at least 500K zennies witht the party battle after killing 530k Freezers!.. 100 premium coins, really!!!??