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  1. Hello angelbless.


    Beforehand, I'd like to congratulate you for your fantastic trophy guide for Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night.


    I get really frustrated by playing Rondo of Blood, lots of trial and error and I don't quite like it that much in a videogame. At least in the old games collection you could save your game whenever you wanted...but not here.


    I think only 3 lives per level is scarce. In your guide, you wrote this: 

    • Unlimited lives”: Each 20,000 points you earn will grant you 1 life. So, if you are struggling with the game and need a couple (or hundreds), reach the Clock Tower with Maria and use the turtle spell to create a shield around you while leaving your game on for a while. Ghosts will fly to you and die without harming you during the process, allowing you to earn some points that will later become lives!


    I have some questions about it. Do I have to complete the level (clock tower) to get the extra lives after farming them? Does that mean that you can play a level having 10 or 20 or 100 rests (lives) instead of just 3? The same question goes about the money. I've seen methods of money farming in youtube but, do you have to complete the level to make them effective?

    I would be very grateful if you could elighten about such matters, or update it in your guide.

  2. At first glance it would seem a rather heavy platinum. Collectibles, multiple endings, and best rating in all episodes. I don't remember correctly, but if there are multiple difficulties, it could be played on easy for the ratings, right? The absence of a trophy for a specific difficulty made me doubt about it. What do you guys/gals think?
  3. Tbh, I never check the trophy images lol... only the description.
  4. For some reason. It didnt autopop all the trophies for me, just the story ones. I still have to exchange one item and give one gift to trigger the others.. but there is no way to increase bond level to 6 for me anymore.. any ideas?
  5. Thank you for clarifying it!...well then nop, not that one
  6. Can I join!? Published (8) 5 guides Over 100.000 views in a single guide Collective guide over 100.000 (386k so far , couldnt reach the next hurdle) You Have Won a GOTY event (2019) - Resident Evil 2 (could you please confirm me if this selection is ok?) You Have Won a GOTY Category (2019) - RE2 remake DLC Ghost Survivors You Were a Finalist in a GOTY Category You made the nomination list in a GOTY event You helped to correct a bug in a guide You have had 1 of each guide type published
  7. Easy platinum. Like many said before, very similar to Under the night in birth. I might wait for a price drop though.
  8. After 4 hours of trying, watching tons of videos, reading forums posts, and switching from one version to another (and getting, strangely, only the "Alchemist" trophy to pop up ), I was finally able to get it to work! In case anyone still has doubts, this is the way I did it (in case it wasn't as obvious as it was to me). PS4 (or PS4 version) I started on PS4 and, after the update, I had 3 slots which shown a "Synchronization Conflict". I panicked (as everyone else), however, I remembered that I only played in the first one (it may be different save in your case, the important thing is that you select the one in which you have obtained 100% and thus the platinum). Choose this file. You will get an error that tells you that the "Local saved data is different from the one stored on the cloud". Don't worry! Select "Upload" data (This is extremely important!). If you did it right, you will be able to select the chapters normally. Play the last chapter until the end (at least that's what I did ). This will cause the sync conflict error to go out from the PS4 version. Do a double check by exiting to the main menu and returning back to the slot selection screen by pressing circle. PS5 Before you start the PS5 version of the game, make sure there are no save files from the game on the cloud or on the PS5 console (delete them if you found any). Start the PS5 version of the game and get to the Slot Selection screen. You will see the same "Synchronization Conflict" under each slot. Don't worry! Select the slot that you previously uploaded (in my case it was the first one). and you will get the same message> "Local saved data is different from the one stored on the cloud" However, this time choose "Download" data. This way you can finally access your old save data and see the chapters selection option. Choose the last chapter (I did that for consistency purposes) and you will see all the trophies pop up in one go. I hope this helps someone, since in my case I was going crazy and I could not find any post that worked for me. Finally, it is possible that this works with the trial version, however I was not able to test it.
  9. trIve done everything I could, going forward and back between versions and nothing worked. At the end I (weirdly) only got the Alchemist trophy to pop up... I cant even replay any chapter from my old ps4 save. So, after 4 hours, I gave up... I could have just restarted the game Edit: I finally was able to make it work.. Geez,,,
  10. Yes, I completely agree with that. In fact, my first feedback was the issue of unlockables (suits, weapons, etc.), something that maintains replayability. The answer they gave me was that they had a lot of good ideas that they would definitely implement, but first they have to deal with the Series X version, and later, the last gen releases. So, we might see something later...
  11. Im really sorry the answer came so late .. Yes, there is a bug with the reports. My first pre-patch run, which had all the files, only showed 3 complete Main Books at the end ... so while the trophy pops out, something's wrong behind the records. At Pqube´s discord, there is a specific section to report bugs, maybe it would be better to ask directly to them there? Sorry I cant be of much help...
  12. Guide is under review right now. Hopefully it will be uploaded during these days I know some are not so used to classic Survival Horror games, but IMHO this game, for tis budget and the size of its development team, is suprisingly good! My only real problem is the lack of unlockables, but the team promised we will have surprises after the PS4 version is released.
  13. hahaha ,my pleasure xD.. ohh btw, I will send you a part of my run from today, I think somehow (yeah, I will say it since I havent seen it online yet). I got an "unlimited crow bar gun" for a moment ... it was really weird, because I was frustrated about the nail gun getting jammed and switched to the crowbar in the middle of the animation, the result was that the crowbar started to shoot invisible nails you are right!!!, O.O what was I thinking ? hahaha, .. then, 6 hours lol
  14. It is a wonderful idea! normally I just trust memorizing everything and repeat the game several times until I have all the items in my head X_X ... but I'm not 15 anymore hahaha, so your way of doing it sounds much more orderly and efficient! thanks for sharing it! Regarding the enemies, yes, at first I thought that too, but it seemed very frustrating to me, since even the animation remained, so if you escaped just when they were attacking you, when you re-entered they would finish it and hit you, so then, I tried waiting 5 seconds, 8, 10 ... moving away a room, then two, etc. In the end, I realized that the enemies reposition themselves to their original place, but after a (not short) time. By the way, a trophy of just using the crowbar would have been interesting! .. although to be honest, I realized you could use it at the end of the game !!, it would have saved me a lot of nails and yes, it's a shame about the endings, but I think you could still go for a perfect playthrough No Save / NoHealing / No Damage / Speedrun and save before making the decisions for the endings, then load the game, make the other decision (when they fix the trophy) and get the platinum. This would make the estimated time for it , in theory and if im not mistaken, something around 3 hours. Having said that, if you make maps like in SOTN, I will gladly borrow them
  15. hahaha Well, I might begin to write it (if nobody beats me to it first xD), although Im still dealing with consistency and my memory lol. For example, I know where the items are, but since there are so many in this game, sometimes I forget a nail, or a healing syringe, etc. Also, I know it takes some seconds for the enemies to get repositioned, and I believe that could work either against you (when they obstruct an exit or a path) or in your favor (so you can quickly get out of a room and use the new position to escape). So well, it might take a couple of days to have a speedrun video. Ohh yes, I was aiming for a no healing/no save/speedrun, but fater some consideration I think I will leave that to you, otherwise I wont even begin to write anything Lastly, about changing the position of items with the next updates... well, that could be a deal breaker O.O