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  1. Yes! took me four three days from rank 4 to 50 (around 16 - 18 hours, could be less) . 3xp + co-op was really helpful.
  2. Alright, thanks for the heads up!
  3. angelbless45 Game Disputed: LittleBigPlanet 2 Reason: Used a standard save file for LBP2 Reason it shouldn't be flagged: I honestly can't find the point of the flag since I have trophies for the year 2012 when I started playing this game, for 2013 when I continued and for 2014 when I finally decided to finish it (I had to work for most of them troughought the years). In the same way, I have trophies for 2018 for the DLC, which is the time when I played them. I also don't understand what the person who flagged this means by saying I used a "standard save file". In my opinion I cant see how a standard save file could result in trophies for different years and months. Further the person who flagged this game doesnt even explain how would this "standard file" work, or which trophies he thinks were gotten "unfairly" or how long should a specific trophy should have taken. Therefore, I strongly ask you to please reject this flag because I think there is a lack of arguments or true to it. Game Disputed: Resident Evil Revelations Reason: Too fast Reason it shouldn't be flagged:This point is even more unjustifiable to me. On one hand, you can verify that I have been playing for more than a month Re: Revelations for PS4 (you can check it in my trophy list) with a friend "thegeorgedice" (you can compare the timeframes of his trophies so that you see that we actually played the game together). Thus it is safe for me to say I know every nook and cranny of the game, every enemy spawn area and strategy for the game. Additionally, my friend already had the PS3 version of the game platinumed (you can check his trophy list again) and he has been helping me with rushing through each stage on PS3 because, at his level, his weapons are OD (high power, carnucopia, gluttony, medal of courage, etc), so it is very easy to just sit there while he gets the S ranks and even some trinity bonuses until I level up (we have been doing this on PS4 but taking turns since we had the same level). You can try checking this or asking other players, is not that hard and I can even help anybody on PS4 right now so you can ckeck it. On the other hand, there is not enough arguments or directions on the "too fast" point, since he does not specify which specific trophy according to him should have taken more time. The trophy levels are progressive (you can level up fast after you get to Abyss stages and have ghost ship unlocked, and even quicker with a high level partner). Again, you can ask about this because I can go on explainning about the amount of xp given on those stages (Ghost ship gives you over 10k xp) and the ammount of xp needed per level and you will reach the same conclusion (i could have done it way faster if I didnt have to eat, rest or have a social life). Therefore, I strongly ask you to please reject this flag and verify by yourselves how much it would take to do the things with a partner who is at lv50 and has already platinumed the game, plus, considering I have been working on a similar game for much longer. I dont even have the 10K kills trophy which is the longest trophy in the game! I can even share a video in which we were playing the PS4 version recently. If futher info is needed, I can still expand on this subject. I beg you to please check the timeframes too! Finally, I want to point to this exclusion: Things that are not flaggable: Boosting - Playing online via coordinating with other players in a way to speed up progress in obtaining a trophy through normal means via in-game exploits, glitches, coordination, private lobbies, and or other doable means within the in-game environment
  4. Im most certainly worried about this one. The page doesnt show I reached lv50 (it got stuck on 43), plus, I started the game without sharing my info and many of my rounds were offline ( I stil have like 3.000 kills on though) so I really have no way of knowing know how long until 10.000
  5. Yep. Now it is tottally dead.
  6. Godd job!
  7. Im 10 hours and still into the first disc. Used 3x speed cheat (which doesnt really help during battles) and No encounters from time to time ( but no OP cheat). Game is long, plus there are a bunch of cards I had to get before going further into the game (i.e. losing Mog and Sacred to Queen of Cards so I can get other cards later, etc.). Hope everybody is having fun. Btw, does anybody knows why my signature with the trophy card is missing on forums?
  8. I dont mind. I played this game hundreds of hours on PS1. If people want to rush it, so be it. As for me, Im going to use the 3x because I dont have the time I did 20 years ago but I will get everything nonetheless. In fact, I played 3 hours of cards yesterday before the SeeD exam. So it will be 70 or 80 hours by the time I reach Lv 100 with everyone .
  9. I actually liked Ethan must die. It was frustrating but fun. Joe must die in the other hand....
  10. Thanks for this
  11. I hate this game and its trophies so much. The AI made the last random trophies so annoying I just couldnt bear it anymore.
  12. Your guide is perfect .. Now I only need the RE remake one, and each of the Dark Souls platinum speedruns, lol I mean, you already have bloodborne
  13. Cant help too much since nowadays I manily focus my time on gaming according to the lenght of a platinum. If it is too long, despite being good (Im looking to you RDR2), I wont play it. Yeah, I feel dumb at times, but again, trophy hunting has become an enjoyable part of my free time. I dont think it wil llast for ever though,
  14. Thanks for the reply!!. Yes. I got the Silver Bromide before the patch. Im not sure what you mean in "B" though ..and btw i updated to.1.03 thinking it was going to fix everything.. Was Welcome Company good?
  15. One question please. I started the game before the update and got to 45%, but then I updated the game. I read all the problems with the chests and was wondering if I could still get the platinum in this run. .... Or should i just finish it quickly and get to NG+. I was farming shards and items so I was way over 20+ hours.