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  1. On 26/04/2018 at 1:07 PM, DrakeHellsing said:

    Decided to grab Yakuza Kiwami from the sale.  First time playing a Yakuza game... so not sure if that's the best place to start, but it's something anyway.  And the game looked interesting from the trailer.

    I just bought Yakuza 0 it's a prequel to the one you got. I think I'll buy Kiwami too, and then jump straight to 6 after!


  2. I gave up... I did a couple of Valyries and got the the musphelheim challenger to kill 100 enemies and gave up. The story was a good challenger, but now I'm just tired of the enemies, I went to do a rift tear on one of the islands. Died, and it out me right at the bottom and I had to fight the enemies on the ground to get back up, so annoying.


    I made a new game on easy and now I feel like a god and it's quite fun haha :P


    I know that's not what you're after. But there is no easy way, and if it's annoying and difficult, don't worry too much about it, keep your save incase they add a NG+ or something. And just go on easy and see how stupidly overpowered you are. Think it took me 4 hours ish to restore the light in Alfheim.


  3. 7 hours ago, Killbomb said:


    EDIT: Nevermind, forgot you can't drop the difficulty once you've started Give Me God of War. 

    Yeah man :( I've started a new save on easy, which I now feel like an absolute god. So I might just try rush to end game. I could definitely get through it eventually, just not so sure I want all the unnecessary stress now I've finished the story!


  4. I am currently at the end of the game pretty much, and it some ways it's gotten easier, but a lot of enemies still 1 or 2 shot me. I'm doing what I did in Bloodborne and just trying to max dmg, the quicker they die the better as far as I am concerned. Some parts can be very frustrating, but overall I'm having a blast! not looking forward to the Valkyries though! =/


  5. Either pick a game you really enjoy and would be proud of (for me it was Witcher 3) or pick a super easy game, just to platinum, then feel awesome when you start seeing the numbers improved.

    Don't stress too much if you struggle with a trophy, move on to a different game for a bit :)


    Oh and don't forget to have fun!


  6. Just thought I'd post an update. Not sure if anyone is interested! but still...Currently on the search for Kanji, 05/31 not sure if that's good or not...Should be doing the dungeon today (I hope) also I have the fox character on my team.


    Should I always have the best/highest level Persona I can (providing I cover a wide range of skills) and Is it recommended to give 1 persona all elements? to knock down enemies? or is that silly?


    absolutely loving this game! can't believe I've only just discovered it.


    Cheers all, youv've been awesome :)


  7. Awesome, thanks for the tips guys! yeah I tend to do 1 run without a guide because like you mention, there can be spoilers! handy to know about the multiple endings though as I wasn't aware! :) also good to know that it can't be platinum'd in one run. 



    What I recommend is in the first playthrough just enjoy the story but focus on maxing your social stats and reading all the books (you will need a guide for this but the book guide doesn’t have mayor spoilers and trust me you want to have all the time in the world to max your social links in the second playthrough reading will help you boosting the social skills) but be sure to get the true ending (you will get a warning to create a back up save when you get to the point of making the real choices).....also get all the persona cards you can get and the skill cards after the battles but be sure to give the skill cards to Marie this will save you a lot of grinding at the end of your second playthrough.



    In the second playthrough you’ll want to use a guide because the nature of the game you have limited time to get all the remaining trophies.



    ...oh and avoid playing in very easy you will want to get the Rise lines and is easier if you are playing on easy or normal



    I'll probably start on normal or hard? not sure what to expect difficulty wise though. I usually play every game on the hardest available, but as I know nothing about this, I'm kinda scared! haha :)