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  1. I was going to test it out, but honestly I got bored of waiting and went and did it anyway, while hitting the undefeated and unchanging armor requirements while I was at it. I beat the game in about 10 hours that way (this included some grinding for AP points, w/out that 8 hours is doable for sure), and I'm far from the most skilled KH player out there, so it's very much a doable run. hypothetically speaking, the 100 hour bug probably still works, since so much of the game was ported from the PS3 version of the game rather than the PS2 original, but since I didn't hold out on waiting I can't confirm anything myself.
  2. For End to the Madness - It's gotta be. If nothing else try with a new Jimmy save and see if that fixes it, if not idk what to tell you but to contact support at is the american support site, change it to your region as needed). For Back For More - You need to finish the final showdown with specter, which requires all 300 monkeys being caught to unlock. There's a neat little trick you can do as Spike to speed things along. Press select (left on the touch pad) and highlight the monkey net, then press R1+X. The net will be switched out for the water net, but it works on land, and monkeys can't dodge it! I used it in my entire playthrough as Spike, so I can confirm it works (remember the water net launches nets with R3 instead of a swing, that's true with this version too). For Perfect Score - Nothing that you haven't likely already figured out yourself. The button press arrows (which for some reason are missing in the ps4 version) is somewhere towards the bottom of the top drumstick, so use that as a reference with the music for when to hit the notes. You'll get it eventually, but you'll need some practice. It took me about 2 hours altogether, I finally got it when going back as Spike. If possible try to memorize some of the notes as well (the ones that play in quick succession can be a bit of a pain if you aren't ready). Other than that, it's just the obvious stuff, stick with song 1, don't screw up too often (I got a perfect when I finished with all nice moves, but I've seen people get through with a couple terrible ranks, so you should be okay if you mess up once or twice). For me this was the hardest trophy in the game by a significant margin and it alone pushes the difficulty of the game up a point or two.
  3. @BEANO you have to finish the final showdown with specter for the trophy for Spike, sorry I was running on (incorrect) word of mouth at the time. I've gotten the trophy since then, I can confirm it's for the final showdown. @ciccio Theoretically you should, if nothing else going back through as Spike should net the trophies for you (pun somewhat intended). Maybe reattempt it in time trial? Or a new game save? I'm not sure what else to try if that doesn't work though :/
  4. The video is kind of a lie, that's actually the penultimate boss, but yes that should have given you the "End to the Madness" trophy. It's weird you didn't get it, I wish I had an explanation but I don't, maybe try again when you go back through as Spike? That's only a guess but you may be able to get the trophy when you're going for "Back For More" No you don't even need to touch time trial, just go back through all the levels and capture the remaining monkeys (you'll be booted out when you get the last one of a stage, and it will be given a blue star, like the boss arenas). It sounds like a lot of work but if you know where to look, you're golden. Or even if you don't know, the monkey radar & See All Scope (or whatever it's called, press L2 to go into first person and a series of lines should join together somewhere on screen).
  5. I skimmed your trophy list, you aren't done yet. Go back and finish the game first, that should give you one of the two trophies you're looking for (End to the Madness). *Kind of spoilers warning any prying eyes that haven't played this game and are just skimming the forums, turn back now, or not, I can't make you do anything. You've been warned though* After you beat Code C.H.I.M.P. and Giant Yellow there's another final stage called "Moon Base", beating that will net you the End to the Madness trophy. One last time is given by capturing every monkey in the game and going to the final level (should appear after "Showdown with Specter" on the teleporter iirc) Or maybe you did beat the game and the trophy list is bugging out on you, I wouldn't put it past a day 1 release of a game, even if it's a port of a ps2 title.