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  1. Wot in first few weeks starting without trophies too.i w8.
  2. Hi same for me plus WHITE PIXELS at screen like Matrix.And battlefield1beta was same problem.And now Battlefield5 beta, still SAME problem. HOW fix it please.
  3. confirm CZ store too nice 👍
  4. I see this game in mine ps vita CZ store 2times = 2plats. on vita??.
  5. ----- . 2. ----- . this method worked for me, but stay in freestile is little hard.
  6. EU
  7. after repeating 6th lvl on normal dif. 99%kills 98%gold , trophy finaly pop-up. that was mine problem with Level 6 - Normal trophy.
  8. cheers, me too ,complited lvl6 on normal dif. 100% kills 100%gold and trophy nothing. What now ???
  9. PS-button + start
  10. here how make screenshot in psvita?
  11. i want send here screenshot from mine mobile but idk how ,hlp me some1 thx.
  12. On this site good trophy/date order and on mine ps3 consolle wrong order trophies.
  13. Wtf mine console froze middle save, but now have i problem with closing game/consolle on/off button on consolle not working now. Maybe HEATING problem???.
  14. in CZ Store too 👍
  15. 2 controller's 1as own profile, 2nd as Guest1 Guest2 Guest3 .is this method ok? and legal ? idk.