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  1. i loved it got the same feeling that i got the first time i played RE1 and saw the first zombies head turn round , pure scared haha classic
  2. omega quintet is £45
  3. Heavy Rain PS4 ''
  4. Heavy Rain Master - Platinum Trophy PS4 Earn all other trophies in Heavy Rain Took a while but great game
  5. i thought it was quite good, i enjoyed the commentary as well '
  6. and my childhood has returned
  7. nice cant wait , will be downloading demo, also cant wait for resident evil 4 in the fall for ps4 PrincessPixie92
  8. its a shame because the vita is great, i love that they keep the HD quality as they would on ps3 and ps4 and it has so much potential , hope they give it more support soon
  9. that's going to be tough but ok ill try my best, probably wont do it though haha thank you
  10. currently going for heavy rain on ps4, only got one trophy to get for the plat which is all endings yet iv seen all endings but it isnt popping , any ideas anyone?
  11. D4N11: ahhh damm i havnt got a ps3
  12. i cant wait to play this looks so good
  13. the evil within good luck
  14. yeah , if your going to fight the dark aeons without zanmato then youll have to do a lot of prep