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  1. I encountered 2 bugs. One time a quest wouldn't progress after defeating all enemies and another time where an enemy was stuck inside of a box so I couldn't stealth takedown when going for the stealth trophy.
  2. PS5 for exclusives and VR. I also hate the way the Series X looks. I do wish Sony could claim to have the most powerful console though. Hopefully with PS5 pro if it happens.
  3. Dragon Quest VIII Resident Evil 4 Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy XII Twisted Metal Black
  4. Doubt that. $40-$50 likely The game looks good but I won't be spending $70 on it.
  5. Unlocked for me. But I just experienced a crash at the end of Deckers Die. Then another crash shortly after at the end of a survival mission. Anyone experienced crashing?
  6. I thought it was incredibly stupid that you get all these skill points and buy/upgrade weapons and it means next to nothing because there is so little combat. The game just felt off and like it was missing something that made the other 2 games great. Lara was also less likeable in this one.
  7. Fallout 4. Dark Souls 1 and 3.
  8. Why not just let people buy trophies outright. This is as close as you can get to that. That will be the next step.
  9. Nope. I will buy a Nintendo console once they have games I care about and a powerful console to run them. I'm just not a fan of Zelda or Mario and I stopped playing Pokemon after 3rd generation.
  10. I think maybe this is a site glitch? I'm not experiencing this problem at the moment but when I did last year all I was doing is updating my own profile twice a day. I think anyone can be hit by this. The fact that it can happen to people with premium accounts makes me not want to upgrade to premium.
  11. They are always worth checking. Picked up Resident Evil Village for $49. Tony Hawk 1+2 has been $8 off since launch as well on PS4 and PS5.
  12. I wish Sony would remove trophies from these games and see how many people buy them then. A good experiment.
  13. Started trying to buy one mid-November. Managed to order one from Best Buy for pick up on Black Friday but the order was canceled minutes later. Knowing it could be after Christmas before I manage to order another I decided to use my PS5 funds on a 4K TV and wait until 2021 for a PS5. Started trying to order one again in January and didn't manage to successfully place a order until March 18th at Walmart. That was the day Amazon was supposed to release 46k consoles that morning so I pulled an all nighter. They didn't drop and I was about to go to bed when I heard Walmart would drop that day. So I decided to stay up and I actually managed to get one. Waited 3 weeks before it shipped and received it last week.
  14. When games charge extra for day one content then no I won't buy it at full price because I'm not getting the full game.
  15. I'll buy them once they are on a 50% sale. $7 is too much for just lazy reskins of the same game.