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  1. Didn't they only just get released for PS4?
  2. Btw for anyone wondering, the DLC that gives the DX content to the regular digital Future Tone is released on December 14th worldwide, and costs $8.
  3. This would only pop the "clear song" trophies. You'd still have to take the PV photos and as they require doing so with a stamp, as well as 2 of the song trophies. Unsure if it does pop the trophies though. Even if not, this platinum will take under 2 hours very easily
  4. Even the 8* one?
  5. I mean Rank 50 is only halfway up there. (Max rank seems to be 99). The skill level of people at Rank 40-50 seems to be good but not godly. And you don't rank down after every loss, you only lose one coin. Nothing is wrong with anyone because they wanted achievements to be difficult
  6. This is right, JP version will work fine
  7. I got the 10 wins in a row straight away, only thing I'm worried about is facing the Taiko gods up at Rank 50. Try playing without Shin-Uchi (the icon that appears when pressing Triangle on the confirmation screen). This uses the Normal score system which prefers combo over accuracy Edit: So to activate the Normal score system, you want the icon to not be there
  8. I won them all by a large gap and got Rank 20 too. Maybe there's some kind of cap with that.
  9. Looks like a challenging list. Time to git gud at Taiko
  10. This whole community is a meme tbh
  11. "while supplies last" LUL
  12. "Complete Shaxx's Call to Arms" is a Crucible trophy. In D1 this was a very long quest, whether it's the same in D2 remains to be seen.
  13. I've improved a lot at games since we last spoke >-> we'll see if I can get the plat though
  14. No shields but you can just restart the song and keep your combo
  15. The guide on here isn't too bad, and also has a roadmap that tells you where to make saves etc