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  1. Nemesis (Resident Evil 3)
  2. Even if you have less trophies, you have some games in your list i'd like to platin, so yes, it would be nice.
  3. I would definetely fight him, but I would never challenge him to a race.
  4. Rally cross, I like cars much more Counter-Terrorist or Terrorist
  5. The witcher III Fighting games
  6. Gotta go for Killzone Shadow Fall. First than all because I was never a great fan of first person shooters, actually, I never played a Killzone game before, but after just few hours of gameplay, I just gave up, its not the kind of game I enjoy. On the other side, Destiny. I was enjoying the game until the last DLC came up, and Bungie was almost literally forcing the players to get it, otherwise most of half content of the game will be restricted for you. So, at least I refused to buy the last expansion. Other than those ones, I liked all of them, but in very different ways.
  7. Well, you have many indies on your list, so I guess that any of the Souls games would be very challenging for you, as it is not something you are used to. Of course, I'm talking after watching your profile.
  8. Well, its pretty obvious in my case. Is Jill Valentine from Resident Evil 3. Even if I think that Julia Voth design is the best (which I have as my psn avatar), the original Resident Evil 3 design is the one that brings more memories to me, remembering how much I enjoyed Resident Evil 3, even more than 2.
  9. Grand Theft Auto V, omg, I don't know if i will ever get that one.
  10. Oh sorry, that must have hurt...
  11. Sorry, but I don't have any chance against Dante, who I can't even kill.
  12. Hunting rifle. Magnum justo for bosses. Christmas or New year's eve
  13. A second character of the last assassin's creed entries.
  14. I don't know what she is capable of, but it seems that she would do it pretty well.
  15. I guess some kind of soft rock or pop, which are the music genres that are normally played in racing games.