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  1. Show me an eagle hunting a snake
  2. Horizon Zero Dawn
  3. Bayonetta
  4. To be honest, I would chose any of those ingredients for a peperoni pizza. But in this case; anchovies for sure. Pineaple and pizza, not the best for me Lions or tigers
  5. Oswell. E Spencer (Resident Evil series)
  6. Rocket League, because of the 100%
  7. Platinum #60 Assassins Creed Origins Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoy: 8.5/10 This is my first platinum this year, considering that i'm having less time for videogames lately. Even though AC origins is not better than the Ezio trilogy, it has been the best entry of the franchise I have played ever since then. I like ancient Egypt, Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, ect, also exploring the surrounding with predators chasing you: Lions, leopard,hyenas, and crocodiles. Also the Hypopotamus, but theoretically they are not predators. I loved the story and also liked the main characters, perhaps I like Aya a little bit more than Bayek. I also enjoyed the visit to Rome in the end, like returning to the city after AC Brotherhood.
  8. Hi, i'm currently trying to get the gold crowns, but everytime start an event and send the SOS request, nobody joins and it is very hard to do it solo in some scenarios. Does someone know what could it be happening? should I boost the trophies with somebody else? Thank you.
  9. Chrome Taxi or Uber
  10. Platinum #59
  11. In english, we know it as banana. In spanish, there are a few names for it. Waffle or pancake
  12. Well, from what I se, there su nothing todo fight. So, yes!
  13. Nothing beats Charizard The RE4 Merchant or the Duke