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  1. What I can see from your trophy collection is that you are such a kind of person who don't give up until they get the best on everything, you have completed all of your games to 100%
  2. Need for Speed
  3. 4/135 Marvel's Spiderman Horizon Zero Dawn Uncharted: The lost Legacy Assassins Creed 2
  4. Yes I have, unfortunately this year I was planning to travel to Denmark and after that to Poland from Germany, but for personal reasons I had to cancel. Have you ever been banned from a forum?
  5. 6/100 Tomb Raider Uncharted 4 Uncharted The lost Legacy God of War Horizon Zero Dawn Spider-Man
  6. Definetely playing without distraction, but at times the company is ok. Would you rather be in a closed room with a black mamba or a furious doberman?
  7. Computer journal Horror or comedy
  8. Mavel's Spider-Man, I also own the platinum, but not the 100%
  9. Haven't played any of them, but i would go for Nioh.
  10. Lets wait to their appearance "if all these rumors about RE3 become truth of course". Honestly, I didn't like that much how Claire looked in RE2 Remake, but it wasn't that bad for my. In my opinion Jill looks good, but I still remember her on the original game, it was just amazing; The best one was Julia Voth, but I don't know if we will ever see her playing as Jill again.
  11. Well, right now i'm crossing my fingers so that all of this become true and it is not only a rumor, because 3 was by far my favorite of the series and it would be great to play it on PS4, considering that this installment is the only one without a PS4 version so far.
  12. From its trophy cabinet it seems like hes is someone who love playing games that take him back to his chilhood, like spyro, crash, Rayman ect.. or that's at least what I could think on.