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  1. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. I got it a few days ago and can't wait to start playing it.
  2. Platinum #33 Mortal Kombat X Enjoy: 9/10 Difficulty: 7/10 This was one of the first games I tried for my PS4 back in late 2015, however, it was around 4 years later that I could get the platinum trophy. First than all I said, omg, this is impossible, but and realised a few weeks ago that I just needed 8 more trophies for the platinum, so I read a guide and achieved it. I must say, this is a very good game, but is designed to be played mainly online. Besides this I have only tried MK9 (haven't got MK11 yet), and I liked this much more, but the platinum requires to spend a lot of time playing, pacience to a great level and in case you are not that skilled playing this, it also requires a good time f boosting with friends. However, this is also what we need to enjoy the game as much as we can before get the plattin and never play it ever again, which is the case of many trophy hunters.
  3. Sekiro Kombat X: Shadows die Twice
  4. That's a difficult question, but there are many features to be considered here. I would say the effect of violent videogames in childs is not that different from that in movies and tv, and yes, it could be better if parents have a control on what their childs play or not, but the problem right now would be, that's a great restriction for today's videogames. Violence is also a part of modern life society, and whenever something happens, it is not something we should hide from childs or teenagers, like putting them into a bubble. Something different would be, if that videogames is actually teaching someone to act in a way which we as a community would not approve, "like for example, murdering, selling drugs, attacking innocent people and so on", but at times, violence is a way to show how reality was "like wwII videogames for example", or at times, when we play as the good guys. Of course, that's a reason to make a good control, but not to do restrictions. I would never put restrictions over videogame to a child, as long as they do not become a addiction to them, and stop doing something that would be actually more important than playing games in their life.
  5. git gud. Revolver or auto pistol
  6. 7/10, I like manga, but that kind is not my favorite.
  7. Yes, also have the platinum. Not as good as the previous ones, but still very entertaining.
  8. What is that?, which console?, so no. What about this piece of sh*t?
  9. Not a fan of mod, but crazy about italian culture, so, italian. Coca-cola or pepsi.
  10. Arrested for exposing that impostor now when the christmas eve is over.
  11. Maybe, only if you're not a professional zombie killer.
  12. This is the next one i'm going to play
  13. Bakery, I like it much more. Poe or Lovecraft
  14. Life is Strange 2
  15. Sekiro: Shadows die Twice
  16. Platinum #32 (And first platinum of 2020) Enjoy 8/10 Difficulty 2/10 There are many things I could say about this game, I bought it after watching videos about its playability and knowing that it was nominated to game of the year, so I took advantage of the discounts on the PS Store Germany I purchased for a relatively low price and I must say that I don't regret I did it. It is a good game, many side mission and very good playability, starting with the variety of weapons, skills and how we can upgrade all of them. Also, there is a lot of exploration in the game and that's the best way to get to know the story, which could be one of the weakest point. Of course there are some feautures that gives minus points to it, like a few bugs (for example, it happened to me that sometimes when I opened the map, only the checkpoints showed up, but it takes time until the rest of the maps show up as well, and besides that, the game runs slowly at times). With all that said, I would say, its a good game, but perhaps not that good to call it "candidate to game of the year". Also, the platinum is very easy, there is no need to complete the game to 100% to achieve it. If you wanna try it, this could be a good change due to its discounts, or maybe you can do it later, because right now there might be better games to play.
  17. Control Volatile Debris
  18. What I can say is that you love completing all games to 100% and that we have veryy similar tastes, since we share many platinums. Also, it seems, that you don't have a specific preference for games.
  19. I think it also depends on how much yyou enjoyed the game while trying to get the platinum. For example, in Resident Evil games normally you have to finish the game way too many times to get the platinum, so it was in RE0, RE1 and among other. Also, I keep playing DOA6 after getting the plat, because the plat itself was way to easy and didn't give me the change to enjoy the game as much as I could have. The platinum is something very interesting, but it shouldn't be the only condition to play a game. I also play games whose platinum are very hard to get (Like de football games, GTA V, MKX, among others). PS: I think this thread could be somewhere else, I don't see any reason to not count the post here.
  20. Regina (Dino Crisis)
  21. Batman: Arkham Origins
  22. Dead or alive for ever!! PES or FIFA.
  23. Berlin, because i've been there and liked it a lot. Maths or physics?
  24. Pai Chan (Virtual fighter) (DOA5)
  25. Red Dead Redemption 2