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  1. And here is Balto, and behind my ps4
  2. I have never preordered a game, in my opition is one of the worth this someone could ever do and is worthless, because even after the game's release we all know that the game copies will not run out forever, and that if we are interested in buying the disc version; on the other side the digital version will always be available to be downloaded. Just remember what happen with some friends who preordered Street Fighter V and they felt they were a victim of a rip off.
  3. Right now i'm playing doa 6, even though I already have the platinum i'm still playing it. It might be not the best DOA game so far, but the esence is always the same.
  4. among other things
  5. Well, in my case it could be Dino Crisis 3. I don't know if it is literally the worst game I've ever played, but I hate it so much. First than all because it was one of the reasons I prefered the original Xbox over a PS2, considering how good the first and second instalments were. One the other hand, I hate it that much because it somehow ruined the Dino Crisis series, and I think I will never forgive capcom because of that. Dino Crisis was at the time of PSOne my second favorite game series, after Resident Evil.
  6. Well, my name by itself doesn't have a specific origin, its just that I like reptilians like snakes and I though that the colour black would somehow fit very good with that name. In addition to that, I used to write horror stories before starting my colledge studies, so a black snake was some kind of object I was thinking about to start a great story. On the same way, before black snake I used the nick "FireRaptor" which was based on my previous interest for dinosaur and a good combination with fire.
  7. Well, I got it without even know that there was such a trophy and I don't consider myself as a great DOA player. However, if you start searching for a rival at the same time as one of your friends there is a high probability that you both get to the same match.
  8. I re-played RE Code Veronica a few months ago, but just because other than the HD version available for PS3 and Xbox 360, this one actually had a platinum. Thats what I like about this kind of ports of PS2 in PS4, but even if you dont thing so, I wish I could see even more releases, since I never had a PS2
  9. Hi guy. First than all I would like to tell you that just as many other users here I do not have english as my motherlanguage, nevertheless I would like to start this now considering that just withing the next two months we will be knowing the names of the 32 qualified football teams for this tournament which will be distributed as follows: 13 European teams plus Russia (automatically qualified for being the host nation) 4,5 Southamerican teams (One of them will be in the plays-off against Oceania) 3,5 teams from the Carribean and North-, Centeramerica (One of them will be in the plays-off against Asia) 4,5 asian teams (One of them will be in the play-off with concacaf (caribean, north, centeramerica) 5 african teams. 0,5 teams from Oceania (The only team in this confederation will play the pays-off against one southamerican team) There are 8 national teams qualified by now: Russia (Host-Nation) Belgium Brazil Japan Iran Saudi Arabia South Korea Mexico I think in October we'll know the name of 8 more european teams. As it is for Germany, they are already qualified, considering that North Ireland would have to score at least 20 goals in order to head their gruop and that only if Germany losses the two remaining matches; Spain and France will be quaifying very soon too I guess. We will probably not see the Netherlands in Russia 2018 :(. In South-america things look hard for all national teams except Brazil, at this moment only Bolivia and Venezuela are eliminated and the other 7 national teams can still qualify. Do you have any more pronostics?
  10. Peru got one of the toughest groups after qualifying for the first time after too many years, however, don't forget what happened during the last world cup with Costa Rica and the "group of the death", we were all expecting to see Italy, England or Uruguay on eight finals, nevertheless, Costa Rica surprised all of them and did it. As it is for Peru, they surprised all of us by qualifying to the world cup instead of Chile, so even though they have a very difficult way to go through, I would say that nothing in this life is imposible but avoiding the death. In my case, i'm pleased to now that we'll have to face Poland, Senegal and Japan during the group stage, however, I must admit that Colombia is not at its best moment by now, anyway, there is absolutely nothing we can do but waiting.
  11. There are actually hundrets of posibilities for the draw's result, however, everything we know so far is that Russia (qualified as host nation) among with Germany, France, Portugal, Poland, Belgium, Brazil and Argentina will be leading a different group, considering that they are the best 7 qualified football teams in the world ranks. Two football teams of the same confederation cannot meet in the same group, but since there are 14 qualified europeans teams and only 8 groups and exception will be done in this case, having in mind that not more than 2 europeans teams per group will be allowed. Based on this rules, we all should know that as it is for Colombia, Peru and Uruguay, they cannot be assigned to the same group with Brazil or Argentina and thus they will be assigned to any of the other 6 teams. It means they'll have to face TWO europeans groups on they way to eight finals.
  12. Congratulations to Peru as well!, i'm so happy to see them once again in a world cup after so many years. I must admit, I would have never expected to see Italy out of the world cup after 60 years qualifying without any inconvenient. Anyway, can you just imaginate?, a world cup without the Netherlands, Italy, Chile and the USA, I actually can't explain what's going on. Well I mean, Chile was among the favorites to qualify, considering that they won two copa Americas in a row and reached the final of the confederetion cup (but the most impressive thing is that they actually had a chance of defeating Germany during the group stage). COnserning the USA, I was just used to see them playing in the World Cup. Just as the dutch, the italians had but luck, you know, after playing that hard they had to face Sweden (who won 8-0 a took a place away from the Netherlands). Now, if you think about it, both Netherlands and Italy won't attend the world cup because of Sweden.
  13. Yeah, once again we did it, Colombia qualified for the world cup but i'm gonna be honest, I do not expect to much from them considering how they played during the last games. Argentina did it as well despite of too many people crossing their fingers to see them being humilliated. I would have never believed that the USA would fail to qualify for the wc after that game against Panama. Well, once again, congratulation to all qualified nations so far, specially for those who hadn't never been in a world cup before (Panama and Iceland) and those who hadn't been qualified for a long while (Egypt and i'm crossing my fingers to list peru here)
  14. It will be solved who will qualify directly to the word cup and who will have to fight in the Play-off against New Zealand for a place in the tournament. These are the qualified teams so far: Europe: Russia (Host nation), Germany, Belgium, Spain, Poland, England South America: Brazil Caribbean, North- and centeramerica: Mexico, Costa Rica Africa: Nigeria, Egypt Asia: Japan, South Korea, Iran ,Saudi Arabia. It is already decided that New Zealand is going to the play-off against the fifth on the list in South America. On the other side Australia and Syria are fighting for the chance of being part of the play-off against Concacaf which could be against USA or Panama.
  15. England and Germany are now in the list of qualified football teams. My football team Colombia was just few minutes away of qualifying for the World Cup but shortly before the final whistle we lost that chance, i still can explain what just happened but now we have to defeat Peru if we actually want to qualify directly, I hate this thing of being patien but unfortunately there is nothing we can do.
  16. The last game I got for my PS4 was:...
  17. I personally enjoyed the game a lot(Abyss is the only one i haven't played so far). It wasn't as good as the previous ones but not because its playability and history are weak compared to those of the previous instalement. The real reason behind that is, i felt somehow like I was playing an expansion of Uncharted 4 rather than a new uncharted game. Anyway, i would say it is worth buying consedering it's price and that it is just a spin off, therefore I believe there is not a real reason to complain. Also, I liked the idea of playing like Chloe since she wasn't present in Uncharted 4.
  18. Here I share my recent drawings. Also, I had already shown the next ones in another thread, but after reading many posts here, I'd think it is alright.
  19. Hi sir,

    I would love to see many of your works as well.


    1. BlackSnake1435


      I already did it and posted in the Artwork thread. Yes, normaly i'm self though in almost everything I do except my studies.

      I love videogames as well, but I will be departing to Germany in a few days and I don't know if i'm going to take my PS4 with me :/

    2. skateak


      @BG_painter Here is the link to their art 


      @BlackSnake1435I would take it with you if I were you. Even if you don't plan on playing it. Better to have it and not play it then want to play and but not have it.

    3. BG_painter


      if you are going to stay a long time in germany might be a good idea to take it with you.

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  20. My current avatar is Ayane from the Dead or Alive series, more exactly from the fifth instalment.
  21. I voted for the last of us II just because I enjoyed the first instalment a lot and I just want to discover what happened to Ellie after almost 5 years since she was rescued of being killed. Also Red Read Rendemption 2 is on my list to buy this year. Perhaps I would give an opportunity to Assassin's Creed origins, but the last games were not as good as I was expecting.
  22. I see you guys are very skilled with your drawings but specially at putting them colour using Photoshop, "or whatever you use, I don't know, i'm not very good at using such computer tools". I'm starting to try to draw, so I would like to share a few pics drawn by myself with pencil so that you can tell me what you think.
  23. My list with the best resident evil games would be as follows: 1. Resident Evil 3 2. Resident Evil 2 3. Resident Evil Remake 4. Resident Evil 0 5. Resident Evil 1/original 6. Resident Evil 4 7. Resident Evil 5 8. Resident Evil Code Veronica 9. Resident Evil Revelations 10. Resident Evil Revelations 2 11. Resident Evil 6 Those are the ones I have played and I definetely hope to place RE7 somewhere high in the list.
  24. Hi everybody here. I've been playing Dead or Alive 5 since its first version on 7th-gen platforms, but now, i'm playing this game on PS4. I need only 5 more throphies to get the platinum, and most of them are online. Although I created a Lobby "which was one of the trophies" I don't know how to play a lobby match, everytime I try to join it, I find noneone to play. Another trophies I really do not know how to get are "You asked for it" and "Anybody, Anytime, Anywhere", since I don't know what a Throwdown challenge is. I appreciate you help in advance. Thanks.
  25. You can use the rocket launcher in all difficulties except survivor. In invisible enemie won't be available as well.