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  1. Keira Metz (The Witcher 3)
  2. Show me the most tragic death in the history of video games.
  3. Ok, so here you have my lastest update. All this for a total of 52 platinums. 2015-Started my trophy hunting live, but didn't get any platinum, because it was in late 2015 2016 - 15 platinums [Most common - Assassin's Creed 2 (37,65%), Rarest - Resident Evil Revelations 2 (3,35%)] 2017 - 10 platinums [Most common - Horizon Zero Dawn (32,3%), Rarest - Tomb Raider (5,59%)] 2018 - This year I was in Germany and couldn't do any trophy hunting 2019 - 6 platinums [Most common - Spider-Man (49,61%), Rarest - Shadow of Tomb Raider (16,76%)] 2020 - 21 platinums [Most common - Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice (40,86%), Rarest - Mortal Kombat X (1,76%)]
  4. Deaf, better be able to see. It or the Shining
  5. Fire all the way. Earth or air.
  6. Show me a three chocolate mousse cake.
  7. Show me the border between any two countries.
  8. Platinum #52 Enjoy: 10/10 Difficulty: 5/10 One of those game from the previous generation I couldn't enjoy at its time, and today I got to play the ps4 remastered version. It is by far the best out of thee trilogy, it has the best storytelling and playability, besides, characters like cumstock, Elizabeth, are really likable, I think she is one of my favorite non-playable characters so far. The ending wasn't that easy to understand, but still good, with the return to rapture. I don't understand why there hasn't been any other new entry in this franchise, considering that there wasn't any let down to justify it.
  9. I listened to the news today morning; the argentinian former footballer passed aways as a result of a heart attack, at least most sport reporters in latinamerican medias are talking about it as well as in the news. He was well known as one of the greatest football/soccer players of all time, for many experts, even as good as Pelé. From what I see, he underwent some surgeries before his decease.
  10. Show me the 09/11 memorial.
  11. Seet. Pokemon red fire or green leaf
  12. Show me the garden Keukenhof
  13. Mass Effect
  14. I was also foolish to think that things would be better by last summer, "ok, it actually was quite better" but we all should've expected a second infection wave, just as in Europe. Hopefully, next year everything will be better, or perhaps back to at least 70% of what we called normality. Here where I like we haven't had any lookdown for a while. In south America it simply not worth, we had to take more risk because of the bunch of citizens that were starving because of the lack of a job. I was pretty exited by the vaccine at first, but I don't know what I should think by now.
  15. Show me castle Neuschwanstein in winter
  16. Show me a tres leches cake
  17. Show me a black mamba
  18. Zeus is theoretically the original, but since I prefer Roman culture more than greek, I gotta go with Jupiter. Hermione or Ginny
  19. Platinum # 51 Bioshock 2 Remastered Enjoy: 9/10 Difficulty: 6/10 After playing Bioshock 1 and getting the platinum, I said that I definetely needed to move on to this one. Just like the previous installment, it was a great game, specially because of the story itself; we all agree that the story is what made Bioshock game's that great, although the gameplay is pretty enjoyable as well. However, I must admit that I actually enjoyed a little bit more Bioshock 1, considering how unexpected everything was with Fontaine. Bioshock 2 offers you the possibility of playing as a Big Daddy, and that's pretty cool as well; I didn't like how you don't know exactly what happened to Tenenbaum shortly after Sinclare becomes your new guide. But the relationship of the player with Eleanor was pretty interesting, and we had a sad ending by the way.
  20. The roman forum is the best example of ruins Show me a cake looking like a coca cola bottle.
  21. Show me a mars rover
  22. Revolver Avatar: The last Airbender or The Legend of Korra
  23. Hope this is what you want Show me an illustrated scene from the Harry Potter book series that is not in the films (is not as difficult as it sounds)
  24. Which change would princess Diana have against me?, besides, she's no longer among the livings.
  25. There are no hedgehogs where I live, so no. Have you ever received a screamer via whatsapp?