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  1. We'll I don't know much about DB, but I would prefer not to do it.
  2. Yes, great game
  3. Done by myself Show me some animal you are afraid of.
  4. Tiger Dragons or Unicorns
  5. Nathan Drake (Uncharted)
  6. Platinum #50 Bioshock Remastered (PS4) Enjoy: 10/10 Difficulty: 5/10 Another one of those jewels I missed from the previous video game generation, anyway, it is never to later to enjoy a good game. As many as you probably know by know, even though the gameplay is quite entertaining, the story is actually the most crutial point when it comes to enjoying any game of these series, and Bioshock 1 has proven to be a very good game because of that. It would be a must for whoever enjoys a first-person shooting with much more than just killing everyone around you. The whole story of the little sisters, rapture, Fontaine, ect. Even though the platinum itself seems intimidating, there is a glitch which will make the entire process way easier by being able to skip the survivor difficulty.
  7. I purchased many books for the comming months, considering that i'm now debouted to reading. Even though spanish is my mother languages, as chose english as the language for many of my books, exect those, whose original language isn't english of course, and whose original language I can't speak or understand properly to be able to read. Some of them were: Myths of Cthulhu The shining Pet Samatary Our lady of Paris Karamazov's brothers 100 years of solitude As well as the entire Harry Potter series As it is for videogames, I have hardly bought some this year, I daresay that besides Resident Evil 3 and TLOF2, I haven't bought any of them, considering that I actually bought too many games from the store after the special discounts in December last year.
  8. drinks. Dragons or unicorns
  9. Honestly, none of those 5 games is bad, but gotta go with Crash Bandicoot.
  10. Rise of the Tomb Raider, still remember when I got the 100% completion.
  11. Well, in my case there are few to choose from. Mainly Killzone Shadow Fall, I got it from a friend, finished the first two mission but I disliked it so much that I never bother to touch it ever again, besides, the platinum trophy is insainly difficult and i'm not very good at first person shooters. Destiny. I was enjoying it, until the last expansion was released, literally forcing me to buy the entire complete edition of the taken king to access to almost half of the game content and thus being able to platin it. Then I said, I'M DONE!, lets move on and I will never get a bungie game ever again.
  12. Better take an exclusive from Xbox or Switch. Resident Evil movies or books (Yes, there are books)
  13. Holy water Danish butter cookies or chocolate chip cookies
  14. Wise though, J. R. R Tolkien or J. K. Rowling
  15. Gotta go with Mass Effect. I never got to play these series.
  16. Oh sir too, I've never played, but i'm definetely no interested in it.
  17. No, not even been at such a festival. Have you ever pretended to enjoy someone's food in a dinner party?
  18. Gotta go with the last of us 2, because it is the only one out of them ive played. Fall guys seems cool too, my brother plays it, but it feels kinda irritating.
  19. Well, I purchased this a few weeks ago, just wondering to bring to my mind the entire Harry Potter series ounce again. I must say, that i'm not a native english speaker, perhaps you have already realised that by reading my answers in the forums. However, I decided to restart the whole series from the very beginning in english, considering how confident I feel right now while reading in english, and despite of having the scholastic editions "which of course are not the 100% original text from J. K Rowling", I still think this is an great approach to it, and I just made the comparisson with the audio-books from the bloomsbury edition of the first one out of the series "The philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone", and it differs slightly from the scholastic editions "You know, like switching football for soccer, colour for color and so on". I start with the books from the fifth one, considering that I had already watched films 1-4. I didn't think it was worth to read them after watching the films, and know I release, how wrong I was. I finished the sorcerer's stone a couple of days ago and i'm at the half of the chamber of secrets by know, and I have enjoyed any single minute of that. I must say, Harry Potter is not my favorite book series ever, but it was the one that got me into the literature and woke up my passion for reading, besides videogames, baking and drawing.
  20. Vanille (FFXIII)
  21. I don't smoke and have never done it before, and I very rarely drink, so no. Have you ever read a book after watching the film based on it?
  22. Rebecca Chambers (Resident Evil 1 and 0)
  23. I think it is actually better to not allow players to deleate trophy list for which we haven't at least got one trophy. The frustation of getting by some unknown reason one of your trophy list deleated without your consent is something I would never want to experience. Besides, there are alternatives for enjoying games whose platinums we are not interested in, let's say, for complexity matters or because of unobtainable trophies.
  24. I bought my ps3 before shortly because of the pandemic bullish*t, and the first game I played on it was the God of War first collection, which was originally released for ps2. Those ones were games I always wanted to play. In the playtstation series, I must admit, I jumped from ps1 to ps4. I didn't have a PS2 and at its time I prefered a Xbox360 over a ps3, however, I bought one for a really good price and don't repent I did.
  25. In my case, it was "Kingpin" from Read Dead Redemption - Undead Nightmare DLC. I was hard to find that many players and to get them to connect at the same time, considering the current state of the online servers.