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  1. 3/36 The last of us Part II The last of us Remastered Horizon Zero Dawn
  2. Right now i'm reading: So far, it has been a great book full of unexpected situations. Despite of not being exactly what I was expecting to have, I got to like it a lot, and i'm just few days away of finishing it. I love stories placed on 19th's century Britain.
  3. Red Dead Redemption 2. I loved part one and i'm still wondering to purchase that one.
  4. I never get tired of claiming that Dino Crisis 3 is probably the worst game i've ever played and finished (just because I didn't want to waste the money I spent on it). Besides that, I would say that most of games based on a movie that were released for both the original Xbox and PS2 are terrible. As a Harry Potter fan, I was counting down the days to play The Goblet of Fire, after playing the first three installments, and it was so disappointing. Together with my ps4, I got Killzone Shadow Fall, and I disliked it so much that I never got into it ever again after finishing the first mission.
  5. Platinum #49 Assassin's Creed III Remastered Diffuculty: 5/10 Enjoy: 7/10 After playing the amazing Ezio Trilogy a couple of years ago, I decided to try AC3 for the first time, considering that I could now enjoy a remastered version without any multiplayer-mode or similar. I must say, I enjoyed most of the gameplay in this game, but unfortunately, I didn't developp any feelings towards it. The story was just meh for my taste, Connor is, at least for me, a character without charisma, you really don't get to like it as it was the case with Ezio and even with Altaïr. I enjoyed the DLC though, the animal powers were awesome, a great inclusion to this game. I don't know if I'd like to touch any assassin's creed after the third main installment, considering that most of them were no very good received by most gamers I know.
  6. No, saddly no, it could be just amazing. Have you ever hated any character of a book, comic, movie, series ect.. even more than the main villain?
  7. Platinum #48 God of War III Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoy:9/10 With this entry I finish the God of War trilogy, without having first played the non nummerical ones that are cronologically in the middle. I must say, I jummped into the God of War series two years ago with the reboot on PS4, and even though I still think that God of War 2018 was way better (just because I prefer open-world games); God of War 3 definetely doesn't disappoint anyone, its as good as the previous ones and I must admit, I enjoyed it even more. its just amazing to have a game that gets you into the ancient greek mithology and its main characters, however, the only thing I dislike about the entire series is probably Krato's selfish attitude toward the others around him and how his seek for vengeance is his motivation for going through the game. I didn't see much of that after the reboot. With all that said, I'm looking forward to play more games of this great franchise.
  8. I'd love todo se a Dino Crisis remake. A remaster of all Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill games would be awesome. I don't like how Konami hasn't release any silent Hill for a while. BTW, what happened to BioShock series. And well, if capcom is going to rerelease re4 for the 100th time, then they should at least add a platinum to the list.
  9. Same, TLOU2. Although Fall Guys seems cool.
  10. Well I guess Final Fantasy series as well as many other RPGs.
  11. Destroy all humans, because is the only one of them that I havent played and the others simply dont deserve to be in this list.
  12. I must definetely rate your list with a 10/10. You have a very good collection and most of them finished to 100%. It seems like only the tough are giving you troubles, like GTA V and stuff like that.
  13. The last of us Part II is the only one of them i've played so far, so gotta go with it.
  14. BMX, I like bikes way more than skating. Real raptors or Jurassic Park Raptors
  15. Platinum #47 Far Cry Primal Enjoy: 8/10 Difficulty: 3/10 Ok. First than all I must say that this was the very first game of the Far Cry franchise I have ever played. I borrowed it from a friend of mine and I must admit, it was a pretty good, I enjoyed it because it was not that kind of first person shooter game I was used to. I mean, I love open world games, but first-person camera doesn't convice me that much, because it doesn't get you to like or empathize with the main character. Nevertheless, this game proved to be interesting and I wouldn't mind to play any other far cry game if possible, besides, the stone age thematic what's pretty interesting, also beast taming and so on. With all that been said, i'm moving on to the next game.
  16. Now there are many germans in youtube claiming that they were way more than ten thousends, like 1.3 Millions. Most germans are mad at medias like Tagesschau in ARD and Deutsche Welle, which is actually most common among strangers. I think they just wanted to make us all know that there are many more supporters of their movement and protestes than we actually though. On the other side, my country, Colombia, is just a few days away to be among the most afected contries by the pandemic in Latin America. God, i'm counting down all days to finish this nightmare and i'm not certainly sure, if everything is gonna go back to normality after the spreading of the vaccine, because almost half of the users on the internet i've met so far are not wondering to take that "poison" in their bodies. My country cannot bear another lockdown, the rate of unemployment has increased dramatically and it is common to see in the poorest districs of capital cities a red rag/flag as a symbol that they ran out of food (expecting to receive part of it from the goverment), but somehow, there was a no-taxes friday and almost half country left their houses to go out and buy unnecesary stuff (like tv's) and the goverment didn't encourage the citizens to buy online (which unfortunaly is not common for many in latinamerica); this day was called by New York Times "The COVID Friday". Once again, lets hope the virus go away by itself.
  17. 9/10, you are a great completionist and not the kind of person who focus exclusively on indies (and get all possible versions of the same games) to add trophies to your list. Only the most challenging games seem to be the ones you're having the most problems with, like GTA V, that's not a platinum for everybody. If possible, you should try to complete Red Dead Redemption. I did it by looking for players depite the online servers being that buggy. The two remaining trophies for Uncharted 4 DLC's are a pain in the ass, i'm not interested in doing that much for two bronze trophies. You should finish Resident Evil HD, as a fan of the series, it is easily one of the best games out of the series, if not the best.
  18. Yes, I actually remember that, it was just shortly after the release of PS3. Well, I think we're still far away from seeing something similar to what is shown in the video even though the VR has been developping during the last decate. Just look at the PS5, let's see which new improvements the console actually brings compared to PS4.
  19. God of War
  20. Platinum # 46 Tomb Raider Underworld Enjoy: 7.5/10 Difficulty: 6/10 Ok, with this game i finished the Tomb Raider trigoly that I never had the opportunity to touch on the PS2. This one was just a good game, but somehow, legends and anniversary where better games. I started in the tomb raider series much later than many of you, I started with the definitive edition launched on 2013 for PS4, and even though I enjoyed playing ,many of the classic ones, I must admit, I actually like the new tomb raider entries way more. Concerning Underworld, I saw new mechanics were introduced to the game, and the story was also enjoyable, but I didn't like the controls at all, I just felt that they were not working properly and at times I couldn't jump in the right direction for example. With all that said, if anyone is still considering to get this trilogy for ps3, I definetely recommend it, but if you started with the newest tomb raider entries, don't expect them to be like that, its not an open world game.
  21. No, no game has ever made me cry so far. Its actually difficult for me to cry during an scene, not matter if it is a game, a movie, a book, ect.. I guess many cry while seeing a dog dying, and even though this makes me angry, it doesn't make me cry. I have cried whit some stories from the internet, though.
  22. The witcher III
  23. Devil May Cry 4
  24. Vanille is kinda cute and not someone I would consider to fight.
  25. Ninja Gaiden Black