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  1. No. I've only seen railways all over Europe, where you have to count almost every coin to even think on throwing them out. Have you ever stepped on lego?
  2. Arrested for nor taking gun control seriously!
  3. Colombia, please! Swiss or italian meringue
  4. Platinum #45 The Last of Us - Part II Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoy: 8.5/10 Finally, I got this platinum. As a person who loved the first one for the ps3 and then remastered for ps4, I must say, I enjoyed this game a lot and it was a very nice attemp from Naughty Dogs, however, despite of been a great game, is not close to be a masterpiece as it was the first one. In terms of playabilily, this game its just amazing and there are many improvements here, such as including the dodge system and adding more skills, I guess. The graphic appartment shows a hughe improvement as well, but as it is for myself, this is one of the things I pay the least attention at while rating a game. The story, its perhaps the weakest part in the game, I don't want to go into datails to avoid spams, but the charcater of Abby just doesn't work as a protagonist for me, and from the very beginning the game makes you hate her (in most of cases, from what i've seen) as well as her friends and after that you have to play around 10 hours as her. The ending doesn't convice me that much, but it gives you the next message :nothing good results from revenge. With all that said, I definetely recommend it, because even if I agree that the first one is better, it is not nearly as bad as the critics "haters" claim.
  5. The last of us II
  6. Arrest for judging other person's skills.
  7. It seems like you don't have any specific preference for any kind of games, considering how many different titles you play and most of them are AAA. According to the completion rata, I see you try too many games, "perhaps from friends" but focus mostly in those you liked the most, without caring that much about the effect of non platined games on your profile.
  8. Zeus always rocks. Spanish from Spain or latinamerican spanish
  9. Ok, here is my first attemp of drawing with colours. I chose Triss Merigold as my next model for this.
  10. 8/10 It is a cute manga and I love that, but her breasts are too oversized for my taste.
  11. I didn't want to face her at first. But after seeing how she didn't kill Abby, I think she wouldn't mind letting me alive. So, yes.
  12. Perhaps the Last of Us 2 is gonna be nominated to GOTY, but the probabilities of it winning at not that high.
  13. Hard for me, honestly, I think I still need to wait for the rest of the year. Resident EVil 3 and The last of us II were the games I was expecting the most for this year. Even though I enjoyed every single minute of both of them, something tells me that none of them are gonna be the GOTY this year. I haven't played FFVII remake, but perhaps so far it could be. Or maybe later "Cyberpunkt"
  14. 1. My number one was always Jill Valentine, she had everything for me I wanted from a video game character, and it's not just beeing pretty, because there are lots of pretty female characters who actually didn't have the same impact on me. Just a female agente fighting zombies and any kind of creatures. 2. Lara Croft. Even if didn't get into the Tomb Raider series from the very beginning, there is something on here that I like, perhaps because it is the first thing that comes to my mind whenever I think on adventure games. 3. Ezio Auditore da Firenze. Even before playing ACII I was kinda fond of italian renaissance, and having such a great character in one of my most beloved epoches and places, was just amazing. He was so great an memorable, that I think on him whenever AC comes to my mind. No wonder Ubisoft did a remaster of all his entries. 4. Ellie/Joel - I loved the last of Us when I first started playing it. This was exactly one of those games whose characters have a very well developed personallity, which contributes to a great story-telling. I still remember Joel, how cold he was and how much he cared about Ellie. As it is for Ellie, I also remember how good was playing with her (also in TLOF2) and listening to her swearing any 2 minutes 5. Gerald of Rivia. I only played the withcer 3, but I definetely liked the whole story and since it was everything towards witchers, then there is none else I could relate with this awesome games. I don't know why, but somehow a feel empaty with cold characters.
  15. Had never heard about Battenberg Cake, it seems interesting, gotta go with it. Black forest cake or Tres leches cake
  16. Ritter Sport. The ones with chocolate and caramel mousse inside are the best. Salted caramel or dulce de leche
  17. 8/10, it looks good and I like manga, even if i'm not an amine expert.
  18. Among those that you have and I don't, I think Persona 5 would be the one i'd like to have the most.
  19. Bayonetta, I always wanted to play that one.
  20. Gas. Diesel is terrible for the air. Museum or amusement park
  21. 1. God of War II 2. Dead or Alive 5: Last Round 3. GTA: San Andreas 4: Tekken 7 5: Need for Speed Rivals 6: Dead or Alive 6 7: God of War - 2018 8: Burnout Paradise (but Remaster) 9: Tomb Raider (But the PS4 version) 10: Resident Evil 5 (Also, ps4 version)
  22. Witcher 3 (i'm about to get 100%) - 9,5/10 The last of us 2 - 8/10 Assassin's Creed III - 7/10 Tomb Raider Underworld - 7,5/10
  23. Luxury sedan Florence or Rome (If you haven't visit them, think on AC)
  24. RE8, I'm personally not interested in a RE4 Remake. Doberman or Rottweiler
  25. SWAT, An axe or a machete