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  1. RE: Revelations 2 TLOU2 or RE3 Remake
  2. No way, there is not chance against someone you can't even kill.
  3. Ok, i got it, however, I didn't read any comment other than the first one
  4. Why exactly??, as far as I'm concerned i'm allowed to describe my first impressions of the game in the forums, after finishing the game, then I would give my review.
  5. I've been playing for less than two ours and I already hate that bitch of Abby, perhaps because I played as Joel in the first entry and was very much connected to the character. Let's see how it keeps going because from what I've heard, the story might be the weakest point of the game.
  6. NFS Rivals Any trilogy
  7. 8/10, its kinda good looking, although I don't know who he is.
  8. On a beach, although i'm not very fond of water. The magic flute or La traviata
  9. I'll be receiving the game perhaps tomorrow, and i'm astonished of seeing how mixed the review of this game are. Well, i'm talking about the players review because right now I would take any website or game magazine seriosly, for example, in the IGN review there are a lot of users making fun of IGN giving a 10 out of 10 to every game without any reason to do it. The same applies to gamespot, where users claim that the website has been giving an 8/10 to almost every game since 2014 "and also, the users reviews there are terribly bad, as it is in metacritic". Gameplay seems to be great, but let's see how the story develops for itself. Of course, I would base my review in contrast with the first one, because I they should put on the table a product at least as good as the previous one, not necessarily always better, but that's all. I haven't read to many about the criticism towards this game, other than the inclusion of LGBT characters just as a compromise to them?. Well, if that's true, that would be a reason for me to not rank the game with a 10, because if they are gonna give a character a specific identity, they should at least make sure to develop its personality and evything around him in proper way, because videogames don't have any comprise with any agenda, just to make games. Ok, i'm crossing my fingers to like this games as I start to play it and enjoy it as much as I can, I'm not expecting a let down.
  10. Pac-man Championship edition 2
  11. The last of us II (I hope so, because I'll be getting the game next week)
  12. Taxi is insane expensive while travelling, so gotta go with rented car. Ceiling fan or air conditioner
  13. Horizon Zero Down Third-person shooter.
  14. No, unfortunately
  15. In a game, a good Gameplay is more important, a great story without gameplay is a movie. Best to accompany a meal: An appetizer or a dessert.
  16. Devil May Cry 4
  17. The witcher 3, awesome game.
  18. I have a lot to choose from, but gotta go with Resident Evil HD stealth games
  19. Ok, I must admit that I haven't watched too many trailer neither read a lot of information concerning this release after it was put off. My expectations are great, even though I was listening to some rumors that were kinda let down for me at the moment.
  20. No, because I have a dog and I wouldn't like to have any other one instead. Have you ever accidentally broken something and got away with it?
  21. 8/10 . Even if i'm I haven't watched any of the Walking dead movies, it looks good and i'd like to.
  22. No, I still remember how Ellie killed David, and I wouldn't like to end up like him.
  23. Attack helicopter. Space related things don't get me that much. Paella or risotto.
  24. Any kind of anime game, which I'm not very familiarized to.