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  1. Hi sir,

    I would love to see many of your works as well.


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    2. BlackSnake1435


      I already did it and posted in the Artwork thread. Yes, normaly i'm self though in almost everything I do except my studies.

      I love videogames as well, but I will be departing to Germany in a few days and I don't know if i'm going to take my PS4 with me :/

    3. skateak


      @BG_painter Here is the link to their art 


      @BlackSnake1435I would take it with you if I were you. Even if you don't plan on playing it. Better to have it and not play it then want to play and but not have it.

    4. BG_painter


      if you are going to stay a long time in germany might be a good idea to take it with you.