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  1. the story mode trophy is listed as obtainable, there are people with the trophy and i'm trying to ask them for help but no one replies
  2. Been trying to finish the story of this damn game but i can't for the life of me trigger the FREEM hideout final quests, i've done dozens of kobal missions still nothing, replayed the game from scratch with different seeds MULTIPLE TIMES and still nothing, please can somebody tell me what the hell i'm doing wrong.
  3. Watch out guys some trophies have become bugged and one looks even unachievable.
  4. The 4 secret area trophies seem to be glitched, when i went in the "home" secret area i got the one for into the woods, then i got the one for oasis when i reached into the woods secret area and the one for rock bottom in the oasis secret area. Now, i would've expected to unlock the one for home in the rock bottom area but nothing happened, i'm currently trying to figure out how to pop it let me know if someone else had the issue and how/if they were able to solve it. EDIT: it IS the latest patch's fault (1.02) i was able to download the game in version 1.00 using this metod: Trophy popped immediately. I'll post a video on my YT channel (tinc62) to show the trophies being glitched on patch 1.02 to warn people and show why my timestamps are messed up.