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  1. Did you try the single sword like I had recommended?
  2. @DrHambone -- how are your attempts going?
  3. Steins;Gate 0. I love Steins;Gate.
  4. IIRC, 550-600 is a good spot to aim for. That is easily attainable. Like I said, low-rank machine gun on Commander difficulty should do it. Make sure your Autobot is of a lower level as well. Queer. Use a single sword and do three heavy attacks. That's the quickest way to yield a vehicle attack to knock DEVASTATOR into a building. I implore you to upload your attemps so that I may view them. Also, I'm one of the world's best TRANSFORMERS: Devastation players. Not saying that with arrogance, but I have the world record for fastest time to Platinum by over 24 hours. So it's a good thing you chose to ask me about questions relating to these trophies, as I have platinum-ed it four times and earned all of the Steam achievements, lol.
  5. You just use a low-level machine gun and go for headshots. For the no-damage boss trophies, your best weapons and an attack booster before an ultimate attack. Sideswipe in particular is a good choice.
  6. I suppose Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection.
  7. Better by what metric? Transformers: Devastation has the best combat engine this gen.
  8. My first name is Wesley and Sigma comes from MegaMan.
  9. Rather a boring list, but meh. It may be tolerable when not playing on the PS3.
  10. Not really the same thing -- and you can still play it.
  11. Because it was still being sold when the servers were down.