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  1. After easter I will try out this twitch streaming thing and getting back to regular gaming and enjoy the video games of my big collection with other people online. Whish you all happy holidays and maybe we met see each other in my streams and enjoy the games together!

    1. Honor_Hand


      Happy holidays, Chirithy. ^_^

    2. Chirithy


      Thank you my nice fellow; you and your family also! And many cute bunnies and warm days!

  2. Wuhuu; the next month will be great for me! New seasons of "the Way of the Househusband" and Agreretsuko will come out. And I also found a new intresting Anime series for me on crunchyroll:  Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation. And I also found some new titles for my game libary;  The Caligula Effect: Overdose and The Caligula Effect 2. Also I will take a look in this Anime. Caligula - Opening | Paradigm Box - YouTube. Maybe I will also look a little in the new Add on of Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker; but after the stress desaster at raiding i prefer single player and go back to normal gaming.

  3. This is that point; why i didn`t use any social media; just Youtube; this Site and Discord. Cause i like to watch; when new games come out and like to chatting with people with the same interests. And about twitter; facebook; instagram.. who need this crap anyway... sorry but if i want go socialize me; i prefer to talk with nice people or go out and meet new friends. SOcial Media´in this form today destroy people from begin a very young age... and yes I am born in the wrong year 1984... i would prefer in the late 60/70is... when the human interactions were more i the real world.
  4. *spook around your profile =)*

    *buhoo; buhoo*

  5. "ghostly aprooved and welcome as 189er fellow follower =)"

  6. Cause i had not so much money in the past; i decide to buy a XBOX360( around three hundred Euros in the basic version)in 2006 instad a PS3(around sixhunderd Euros that time). And since back then i also had a new XBOX360 slim in black after 2010 my basic version of the console dying the red ring of death. At 2014 then I bought me a XBOX One; but literally i had all the time only three games for it; Witcher III(with add ons); Boy and his Blob and a retro indie rpg. Then when I saw Gravity Rush at the Media Markt in 2016 January; i decide to bought me a Playstation 4 at April and so I switched from Microsoft to Sony and never regret it.
  7. Welcome to this nice and cozy community with friendly people and funny night owls! Hope you will enjoy your time here and make some new friends! Like I´ll always said; another day; another chance to make new friends and gald!
  8. THx for follow me my dear fellow!

  9. Prinny Rangers - Imgur

    You have now you first follower; dood!

  10. Welcome; hope you will have fun with the nice community here! Sure Disgea is a wonderful franchise but Nippin Ichi have a bunch of more wonderful games titles like Disgea in their back.
  11. Good mornig Redgrave! Hope you have a nice and calm Monday. I see that you are now to finish Dead Island. I think; when i will completing Tales of Arise with the first and secomd playtrough; i need a lil action like Nioh 1 and 2 or Sekiro/ Ghost

  12. Good morning lil catbro!

  13. Good morning sephiroth; hopfe you will have an wondeful and calm Monday working day!!

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    2. Chirithy


      Oh yes; a lil tired because of this weather; maybe i will go today early to bed on night.

    3. sephirothdude


      What time is your normal bedtime ?

    4. Chirithy


      Eight or Nine pm.

  14. Since i get more and more free time next months; i decide to try again this whole streaming thing on my Playstation 4 and play my favourite games. I`d mean i really like to play FF14; but since the story get even more and more in  a unlogic ways and the  raid community is so toxic; i decide to go back to normal gaming and have fun with the people of different gaming communities and intrests.


    I think; that while I am playing now Tales of Arise for the first time trough; i will start streaming it; when i will go for the new game plus mode and the after this title; i will start with tales of vesperia definitive edition and go forward or tho be not boring by one game franchice; i will also play a little different games after completation a big game like Tales of Arise.