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  1. Strange Things happens today.

    start my Computer to ckeck some mails and look for new games and see that my ex have send me a friend request in facebbok… On his profile page he seems very happy and actually in love with someone but why he send me then this fr.. strange but you know what… i delete it... it`s not worth to a man who barely ruin my Health my good mod and my happiness to enjoy all the good Things we have in live... and yes I am playing ff a lot but also normal games =)

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    2. Silently


      Aww, sorry to hear that.. but time to move on and have fun with ur life.. ^_^v be safe and take a good care.. 

      Also good luck on ff game..👍

    3. Chirithy


      Always yes.

      And now I am startet also to learn French.... what the hell is riding me.. so i can unterstand what French Players write About Germans hehe….

    4. Silently


      Cool, good luck on that.. ^_^v

  2. Hi Fluffy-sister its been a while. How are you? 

  3. A come back cat fellow or new? Nevermind will take your nice befriendship meow and welcome!

    1. Fuwafuwa-no-Neko


      You will always be my number one cat fellow, Shirokane84 ^^



    2. Fuwafuwa-no-Neko


      Bildergebnis für cute anime kitsune

      Wish you a nice Monday cat fellow!



    3. Chirithy
  4. Back to gaming; good Vibration and some Music and new peoples!



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    2. Chirithy


      Yes and I also have enough good virbrations to Play  Wonderful PS 4 new Retro look art games ands so.

      Do you know that we have finally Val Hal A on PS 4 Store?

    3. Honor_Hand


      Hey fluffy-sister, welcome back. It's been a while since I last heard about you. Hope you' re doing great. :) 

    4. Chirithy


      Yes; i do fluffy bro. Just realize Maybe I quit before the new add on because of egoiszic and toxic community Players -.-.

      But never theless i think to return to normal gaming and make new Friends on psn =)

  5. Hm; yes I continue FF XIV but will Transfer on a NA Server if the EU Servers are back cause want to Focus on Play the game with out the Drama Things. and also will be Train my english skills.


  6. Build up my Playstation 4 game Collection and have fun at gaming! And oh yes; if it works to move from EU Server to NA in FF XIV... i love my whm!
  7. Ah da schau ich rein und erblicke einen videospielenden Panda aus Stuttgart =)

    Wünsch dir noch einen schönen Tag!

    1. YesImAPwnda


      Danke für die nette Nachricht :)

      Ich wünsche dir ebenfalls einen schönen Tag! ^-^

    2. Chirithy


      Danke lieber Panda =)

      Tja bewölkt; windig und einfach nicht schön aber einfach das beste draus machen!

  8. So; after come back to normal gaming… my Question is if i should Restart Kingdom Hearts 3 of Tales of Vesperia(cause i Forget many important things of Story) or i may Play a game with more Action(and yeah after this Long time I Need Action) Devil May Cry 5?

    1. starcrunch061


      If you need action, play action. RPGs aren't going anywhere, and they tend to age pretty well. Action games, however, really start to feel old over time.

  9. Atfer months back to normal gaming!

    Sure the time in Final Fantasy XIV was great and enjoyable… have a lot of fun with my Guild an so but...not only just miss so many great games even the Thing what me more worrierd is the first nice and then nasty and bad clima with Beginners. Yes I am now Level 65 with my White mage and it still fun but I can´t afford every day like "und täglich grüsst das Murmeltier" Thing.

    And also often the toxic clima beetween randoms and also not randoms; i mean this is just a game who should make a good time and fun but it hurts to see that People just look on the item Level and don´t enjoy the game itself.

    Even my two last new games Tales Of Vesperia and Kingdom Hearts III just are waiting in the Collection to be played further...

    And i mean if just my instincts or why in the heck are our discord(Guild) so empty totday so  not normal... but that not worry me is the perfect time to quit.

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    2. PooPooblasterAOK


      Every server will have their own toxic people, even more if you play dungeons thru queue since its not just people from your server. But yeah playing a healer can be quite demanding and usually get blamed when party wipes and such. Its a rough job, for tough skin.

    3. MidnightDragon


      Welcome back

    4. Chirithy


      thanks ^-^

      (Hughs all)



  10. Oh my apologize if I worry you a lot.

    Just had a time Need for myself at the last weeks; months cause lost my happiness and so... yeah you never think that another normal human being can ruin you a lot that you hate everythign what you love… and yea i hatet also to communicate with other People... even in real or due the net… but now it´s getting better.

    Cause when you hate everything and every day you avoid all he good Things like... People who are good for you; nature; your pets… favourite Things etc.. what  is left behind you?... Nothing.. See I am again getting  slighty the old happy Chiri sis =)

    Thanks you a lot for cheer me up.

    1. douchebro


      its alright to take some time off to figure things out in your life. sometimes things don't go the way we wanted to so we simply have to move on.

      anyway good to have you back, sis :]

  11. Maybe end of the month this will be in my Shopping cart -- (still playing ffXIV but also return to normal gaming)
  12. feels really unusual not to see you regular status updates like we used to. hope all is well at your end :]

  13. Maybe he can be my second husband among my first ^x^
  14. purr; purr for Miss Shiki =)

  15. (Maybe he own two big Screens in his Apartment with two PS 4 Pro and on one he Plays Tales of Vesperia Difinitve Edition and on the other the Resident Evil 2 Remake)