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  1. Good rainy Tuesday morning lovely fellows!

    Bildergebnis für mawaru penguindrum gif

    1. Honor_Hand


      I see penguins with underwear on their faces, I rep up that post. I'm a simple man. xD


      Have a good Tuesday over there! ^_^

    2. Aurvandils_ta


      The left is OK. We all do. :eyebrow: The other is a little Pervert. :P It‘s a rainy Tuesday here too...but that‘s the right Weather for fluffy Penguins, isn‘t it?! :awesome:

  2. rutsch rutsch...

    Bildergebnis für mawaru penguindrum gif


    1. Aurvandils_ta


      ??? Rutsch Rutsch am Strand? :blink: Maybe a Summer Pingu? Then have a nice Rutsch today. :awesome:

  3. Yeah; two of Chiri`s favourite Disney games coming for the Playstation 4.... that are very great News! Maybe one day they also will remaster all Mikey Mouse games of MD/SNES; then i will be the happiest in the world.
  4. sup Mister!



      Hello, hope you are doing well

    2. Chirithy


      Always Star; Always and if not; Chiri stands up again and go Forward!

  5. Wish  all my nice fellows a Wonderful rainy Monday!

    Summer is aso over; start to work and back to normal gaming.

    I decide to quit final Fantasy; not cause i love this games and have many fun; just many ignorant and Egoist People on the Server where I´ve been. 

    And gaming but no Chance to see end Content doesnt intresting me.

    So much free time for other games; anime etc and yeah social work… while i make a Little ff break i Train my social skilss and make some more productibe.

    Sbe be back!

    Bildergebnis für anime penguin

    1. Honor_Hand


      Nice Monday for you as well, fluffy penguin sister. ^^


      Better quit FF for a while if you're coming across people like those. Stuff like that can definitely ruin your experience with a game. Good luck training those social skills of yours. See ya around! :3 

    2. Aurvandils_ta


      Wish you a nice Week and better Weather. :) Und nicht so viel auf dem Bauch rutschen?! :huh:

  6. wussa hello und hellu!

  7. It’s been awhile Shiro how are you? 

  8. hey lil bro nyu

    1. ShonenCat


      Hi, big sis Shiro ^^

    2. Chirithy


      how are you?

    3. ShonenCat


      Good, but I’ve been better. The world is falling apart, media is being destroyed by the far left, nothing seems to be shaping up. I tend to indulge in games and anime from the 80s and 90s these days, consider it my comfort zone. Hope things have been alright with you, nice to see you making a return around here. Keep it real, sis 😄


  9. Willkommen Landesgrenzen Bewohner; hoffe Sie leben sich hier gut ein und haben Spass mit netten Leuten und tollen Spielen!
  10. Oh yes and still Keep going on the Lala side of game! -- And what is with…...
  11. 10/10 Ninja; Samurai Always a good choice for stylish Avatar!
  12. Hey big guy; how is going?

    1. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      pretty good penguin master shiro


      lots of gaming and keeping it real

  13. ello… pingu is back again to regular gaming and psno Forum steps.

    Hope you had a good time at all

  14. Wonderful and intresting interview midnightdragon chan!
  15. 10/10 have great Colours!