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  1. Strange Things happens today.

    start my Computer to ckeck some mails and look for new games and see that my ex have send me a friend request in facebbok… On his profile page he seems very happy and actually in love with someone but why he send me then this fr.. strange but you know what… i delete it... it`s not worth to a man who barely ruin my Health my good mod and my happiness to enjoy all the good Things we have in live... and yes I am playing ff a lot but also normal games =)

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    2. Silently


      Aww, sorry to hear that.. but time to move on and have fun with ur life.. ^_^v be safe and take a good care.. 

      Also good luck on ff game..👍

    3. Chirithy


      Always yes.

      And now I am startet also to learn French.... what the hell is riding me.. so i can unterstand what French Players write About Germans hehe….

    4. Silently


      Cool, good luck on that.. ^_^v