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  1. Cool new avy hertz ghost

    1. Hertz


      Want to know what underneath here? :awesome: 

    2. Fluffy


      Always, you onow me brouh :)

  2. Good morning meow

    1. Kaiwan


      Good morning Fluffy ^^

      Have a great Monday and a nice week ahead

  3. Nice new avy

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    2. Aurvandils_ta


      Yeah, I like it too. ^_^


    3. Fluffy


      The game is fluffsome and also bought shiness amd witcher 3 at sale in the psn store. At the end of august pillars of the eternity and a new gaming headphone and psn plus .

    4. Hertz


      Dat new Lu Lingqi model doe... Can't wait... Too bad her OP Cross Pikes are gone :( 

  4. Greetings from Official-ME- my friend, wishes you a nice day (^_^ )




    Had an amazing vacation in Austria, many beautiful mountains ⛰🏔🗻

    Many German speakin people and so, it was very interesting. Today I crossed 3 countries! Germany, the Netherlands, and finally Belgium \^o^/ 🇩🇪🇱🇺🇧🇪


    You know what they say…








    So when is your new laptop going to arrive? You can always borrow mine (^_^ )




    P.S. Oh and nice new avy my friend 👤





    (^_^ )

  5. Meow, wish all fluffkins a nice Friday night and weekend

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    2. AlchemistWer
    3. Ichiban-Hybrid


      Hey fluffy! Where have you been? We havent chat for a while.. :(

    4. Official-ME-


      Meow (^_^ )

  6. A meowtastic morning to all meowskis


    1. Aurvandils_ta
    2. Official-ME-


      MEow (^_^ ) 

  7. My apilogies if your nekofluff is not so active at forums cause Fluffy waits for laptop saleslike a solid machine for so 300 Euros, just need it for a little forumwork, music, streaming and photoshoo for cute avies. Miss you all dear fellows *hugh*

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Aurvandils_ta


      The last Day´s I watched in my Office and so on...but I have no one for Fluffy. -_-


      If you want a new one, I would choose this here.

    3. Fluffy


      Thats seem cool

    4. Aurvandils_ta


      Well, cool enough for that Money. If a used one is OK too, you have more choosable Thinks or could save more Money?! :blink:

  8. It`s 11:40 am, Fluffy is so sleepy
  9. A wonderful fluffy hopefully Wednesday to all fellows


  10. Wish all my fellows a nice Sunday meow

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    2. Dav9834


      You too Fluffy ^^

    3. ee28max


      Same to you too :D 

    4. Fluffy


      Thank you all. It`s a typical fluffyday with sleeping and games

  11. Welcome to the site and board. Enjoy your stay and play! Meow.
  12. Attention! Sorry if Fluffy will be a little inactive here but my computer crashed at  sunday during an update. And  now just online while gaming. My computer will go on repair odyssey.

    1. XShadowNebula01


      Well, that's not fun at all .-. Hope it gets fixed very soon, Fluffy. I've been there too and it took like 2 weeks to get it back :l

    2. MossyOakRcn42


      Hope it gets fixed quite fast, Fluffy! Hopefully this cute gif about computer issues cheers you up!


    3. Fluffy


      Oh yes. Maybe I will buy a nice tablet for writing, stream and board uses while the time without laptop. And this cute catbug gif, maybe catbug wil be

      My next choice for avy. Thx for cheering up. 

  13. wish you a nice saturday morning ;)

    still so hot here; that fluffy can't sleep so decide to gaming a little.

  14. Bildergebnis für neko  gif

    wish a nice saturday ;)

    1. Sigma999


      I wish a superb weekend to you , Fluffy ;)