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    Camp Wannalottaplat with all of the nice fellows and friends
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    Just a fluffy; who likes videogames; Anime and Manga; collecting beanie boos from ty and other cool comics and stuff.
    And also a big fan of teeturtle and stuff from there... yeah super upper cute stuff!
    And also the "Pummelhorn"
    Nothing more; nothing less; just gaming and have fun!
    japanese/ west role Play games obsessed and loving it.... woof
    Also hunting Trohies but they came when they came no need rushing ;)
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  1. mah so heiss heute... ich zergehe v.v

    Wie ist das Wetter bei euch drüben?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Aurvandils_ta


      Nee. War Heute der Grillmeister und durfte bei gefühlten 40°C Bratwürste drehen. :P Das Fleisch ist durch...ich bin durch... xD Hätte auch lieber ein Nickerchen gehabt.

    3. The High Ground

      The High Ground

      I 100% agree with every statement said above me.

    4. Koromaru


      Haha Mister lovely Jedi just talk About grilling yummi meat in german ^^

  2. Hey Mister bad profile and notification Stalker Jedi... Maybe Koro should give you any ouchies with the stick?*chuggles'

    Wish you a warm and nice Friday and Weekend with a many fun at gaming or a Wonderful time with your Miss Jedi ^-^

    1. The High Ground

      The High Ground

      Alone this Jedi is 😊Ahahah 

      wow ouchies I don't want ouchies :P 


      i wish you a wonderful weekend too miss Koro :) hope you are having fun in your games 

  3. Bildergebnis für undertale napstablook

    Napstablock also was my favourite char in Undertale!

    Wish yoou a nice Friday evening at all!

    1. The High Ground
    2. Cassylvania


      Thank yOoOoOoOoOoOoOu!

    3. Koromaru


      Maybe I will make next Weekend a Nasptablock Plüshie ;)

  4. Na About a bug in DAI at the last Dragon at Empirise du Lion; that all Chars eath expet the Inquisitor and the inquisito  have a big graphic Spinning bug so you must  close the whole game and open it at new -.-"

    1. Dragon-Archon


      Ah ok, any idea what causes it?

    2. Koromaru


      Not at all; but it doesnt matter anymore; all ten Dragons are dead…. and I have now my Trophy...at Nightmare difficult mess all the Dragons and now I´ve done this Task...puh..

  5. I love your kitty paintings.

    They are like real kitties just wait to snuggle with.

    You are very talented!

    1. BG_painter


      Thank you so much :)
      I will resume paiting when i am back to USA. Right now I am visiting my parents in BR. ^_^

  6. Games are games; enjoy it Toggie Sensei!
  7. A happy Rainthursday to all my lovely fellows!




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    2. ee28max


      Have a great Thursday to you too ^_^ 

    3. PermaFox


      Happy Thursday to you, Koro!  And what a beautiful photo!

    4. shadow23498


      have a nice Thursday evening

  8. Rainy day; sleepy and gamy day!


    wish all of yiu a nice evening and night!

    1. Temmie


      The same to you!





  9. "Cuteness Overdose entered the room"
  10. Have a great Wednesday Fluffy sister :) 



  11. new Epic Name for an Epic Person!

    wish you a nice Wednesday big bro!

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    2. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      go for it koro :)


    3. Koromaru


      yeah; but when we have sunny weather i prever to enjoy the warm outside ;)

    4. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      you can do both, I just got back from a run and working for 8 hours.😎

  12. azeeee oni sama ^.^

    how is your june gaming going at all?!

    1. Aze


      Strolling strong like Mewlan.


      I'll either play Secret of Mana or go for a VN (Bad Apple Wars, I think) next. I haven't looked too close into either! 

      ...my cat puns are catastrophic. But I clawn't stop!


      I hope you're well?


      I'm not sure I'll get much more gaming done until Caturday. Here's hoping that you are doing better!


      Yay, ich darf großer Bruder sein! Aber geboren in 88 bin ich wohl nur kleine Schwester. Doof, weil man imouto zwar nicht nutzt... aber aber jetzt fühl ich mich doch tatsächlich ein bisschen jünger



    2. Koromaru


      how sweet thank you

    3. Aze




      Now that I think about it... that didn't come out quite right!


      We're both young; like spring kitten & puppy on the verge of real all-settled-in adulthood, ready for our prime time! 

  13. Hey wish you a nice day big guy!

    1. ddracarys


      Haha, I missed these. Thank you for the wishes, you have a nice day too! :highfive:

    2. Koromaru


      Always you know you Always can ping to say Koro hy ^.^

  14. WIsh all of my lovely fellows and other common users here a nice Tuesday!

    Quellbild anzeigen


    1. ShonenCat


      It'll be a fine Tuesday, the E3 hype train keeps on going, I will continue to bask in the glory of games xDUnawareFalseKitten-size_restricted.gif 

    2. Honor_Hand


      Thanks for the good wishes fluffy friend! Nice Tuesday for you as well. ^_^



    3. ee28max


      Those are all beautiful pets to have. Have nice Tuesday! :) 

  15. You have the best avatar again.

    1. Koromaru


      Always you know; i like cute and fluffy avies.. and the Name koro Comes from the idea of my big bro here.. when i meant to me that i should  wear here a koromaru from persona 3 Avatar ;)

    2. ShonenCat


      You both have amazing avatars ^^

    3. Koromaru


      Yeah and I think that is every time awesome when I spend a lil Surfing here and see our amazing avies ^^