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    Nothing more; nothing less; just gaming and have fun!
    japanese/ west role Play games obsessed and loving it.... woof
    Also hunting Trohies but they came when they came no need rushing ;)
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  1. Amber ^_^

    Wish you a nice evening at all!

  2. Bildergebnis für persona 5 morgana gif

    Extra Portion Morgana for you on Thursday!


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    2. Koromaru


      Na we don´t have any stores here just a Media Markt in the Shopping mall(built in 2013).


    3. Izul


      Ahh too bad. Yeah we have a Media Markt here too, but I don't think I've ever seen any Collector's Editions here :hmm:

    4. Koromaru


      Sure... but not often.

      For years I bougth there the BRavely Second(3DS JRPG) Collecotr Edition there for so um hundred Euros... they may have sometimes Collectors but  mostly one or two of them... and often there are also going People there buy them and the sell it more expensive on eBay or Amazon.

  3. 10/10 Nonary Games Avatar.
  4. Nice new avy temmi browie!

    1. BG_painter


      perfect 4 trophy hunters 😎

    2. Temmie


      Thanks sis and @BG_painter! :D 


      I love it lots.  Now that @ERGOPROXY-DECAY put the gif idea in my head, I'm kinda excited because I never made a gif before lol



      I'm excited to see the finish product too.😊

  5. Na....even Koro is from home of the Rubik Cube..lol -- Have you ever been jealous of somebody else?!
  6. Bildergebnis für shiro - hozuki no reitetsu gif

    A nice Thursday to all nice fellows on the whole psnp site woof!

    1. Temmie




      Woof woof :D 

  7. "Hey Raidou; you look so damn sexy today!"
  8. temmie ;)

    wish you a wonderful thurstday!

    1. Temmie




      I'm still stuck in Wednesday, but the week has been going alright.  Getting some real progress in some work projects.  Feels great! :D 


      I hope you are doing well!

  9. thanks for following me 😀

    1. Koromaru


      Koro always Kind to nice People and follows...;)

    2. Kale


      thanks really

    3. Temmie


      @Kale is pretty legit from the bit I've seen.  Temmie approves. *temmieflakes*

  10. Koro wish all of the lovely fellows in the Followers and beyond a nice and calm Wednesday.


    Maybe Koro finally make a lil "road the platinum" but with a few of games; cause sometime you all know when you are to tired or to sleepy to Play and finish games.


    Bildergebnis für sadaharu gif

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    2. Condemned09


      Same to you Fluffy :) 

    3. ee28max


      Same to you too ☺


    4. LightningCharm


      Wishing you the same, Fluffy Koro. ^-^