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  1. Gojill The Meow sticker #4556513

    good morning meow...

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    2. SarDarniTron


      Good morning sweet sleepy Fluffy, Babu, Meow, CaTooOoOOOOooOO 😻

    3. Meowski


      It´s now 18.52 and i am full of a big Fresh Family Pizza from stoneoven.

    4. SarDarniTron
  2. hey John how´s is going life ^^

    Long time not writing together!

    Hope that all Thing is okay there at your place and it´s not too hot  August month… here we had four and half week just sun Burning down without any rain an last Weekend rain Comes back...

    Besides a Wonderful profile banner; Maybe you should also use a noctis Avatar?

    1. Johnathan994


      Nah Leon is my fave so for now I am going with Leon avatars... have any to recommend :D
      Oh I love the heat so this summer has been a blast :D 

    2. Meowski
  3. Maybe Needs a nice and warm Cup of lovely noodles cause of hunger?!
  4. Suiting avy Miss Izul; meowski aprooved!

    And the banner too!

    Wish you a nice Day/Evening/Night!

    1. Izul


      Thank you! I wish you a great weekend, enjoy :highfive:

  5. Babu changes Name too Meowski!

    And now all cute cat Things will fit on me forever… meow!




    Gojill The Meow 3 sticker #11283174

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    2. Meowski
    3. The High Ground

      The High Ground

      Are you memeing me master kitty? 🤔

    4. Meowski


      I c a an not spea ke eng lishi.

      me i ming?

      purr; meow?!

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    2. Meowski


      Here too in the nights.. outsiede is now 18 C.

      And the days begin to be Shorter and the nights longer...

    3. ShonenCat


      Hang in there, sis ^^ Soon the sweet cool winds of winter will come!

    4. Sigma999


      In here it's been more managing these past week barely passng 30ºC ,m ore like 25 , 27ºC but around 2 weeks ago it was like more than 40ºC cause of a warm air pressure coming from the Atlantic hitting right on the edge of Europe where i live and also countries like Sweden, Germany, France , Netherlands and the UK were way hotter than usual like 30ª C to 40º C .

      Hang in there , @Meowski :) .That hotness will pass really soon .


  6. Dankeschön nun habe ich endlich was für jede Situation ;)


  7. Darling ^_^

    hope you have a Wonderful day/ evening!



      Thank you. You have a great day for me too!

  8. Welcome to the site! Hope you will enjoy your time here with nice users from around the world and have also a great experience at talk About games etc..
  9. I was alsways thinking from witch jrpgs/aniime your avie was.

    Besides good morning !

    1. ruffedgz


      To be honest, never watched this anime but she is in this anime here:


      Her name is Shiki Ryougi and I just liked the render :P

    2. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      You should watch it. 

      Kara no Kyoukai is definitely the best anime movie series, and separately they also belong to the top class anime movies.

    3. Meowski


      Ah thank you for the site resource of the anime.

      It really Looks like intresting Maybe if I will have my "no gaming" Phase ;)

  10. SInce I am finished wiith my firsrt playrough at Yakuza 6 on Sunday last week; now I am on the road to complete all collectible Awards like Adventure, battle; substories, minigames and clan creator and then begin a new game on the legend mode!

    Yeah I bought the game last week on last week Monday and finishes on Sunday.....


    Aaaaaan i wish all of my lovely fellows and others a nice Tuesday... sorry for not greeting s last week… i was busy with the game  and it was to hot here….38 C....rawmeow….


    Tags: Anime, Pixiv Id 5242187, Ryuu ga Gotoku, Tachibana Tetsu, Dojima Daigo, Sagawa Tsukasa, Akiyama Shun, Mine Yoshitaka, Goda Ryuji, Oda Jun, Kiryuu Kazuma, Makimura Makoto, Sawamura Haruka, Like A Dragon


    Can´t waiting for Yakuza Kiwami 2... and of corse also for Divinity Original Sin 2...

    (i really love japanese games….. also west rpgs… and Retro...)


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    2. Honor_Hand


      @Babu Aye! Drinking pure water is good for your health. I need to get into that mindset as well because I mostly drink flavored drinks and whatnot 😓


      @Condemned09 Same to you. Cool Chibiterasu avatar btw ;) 

    3. Meowski


      yeah mostly when I have Long gaming sesssions to complete a game I often drink icecold redbull… just two Little cans but thats enough… i am no on my month with pure water… just water and Nothing else.

    4. Condemned09
  11. are you going to meow meow Chars?

    welcome to the meow meow!

    1. SteelFreaxx


      Mew that's right!


    2. Meowski


      Eh but you haven´t got any fleas ore more worse and discusting lifeforms on you?

      Good; then you are Always welcome at my  soft bed.

      Yes I now have four semi devil bastards(cats; three Girls one Boy all from the same litter rescuedand adopted) and the Always lay along my bed if I use it alone. they also sleeps in bed cause the bed is their proberity and I am just a slave to my Wonderful cats ^x^

    3. SteelFreaxx


      Yay! This new bed is furry warm and comfy 😻

  12. "It´s going bang boom bang in your head"
  13. --

    Yakuzaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Tiiiiiime!!

    1. SarDarniTron


      Open Gangnam style🎶

    2. Meowski


      I am not really a Action games Player but I like the Yakuza series cause this is at the Moment the only game for me from a japanese devolper which is not to look like more western like other games..


  14. nice avy shiki san ;)

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    2. Saionji


      Podobny obraz
      Forgive me @Shiki oni-chan 😢
    3. Meowski


      Oh yes but why?

      Fluffy also likes cute grils ^.^

      Bildergebnis für nekomimi gif

    4. Shiki


      @Saionji Come here 395628394043277313.png?v=1

      @Kaiwan Look, saionji has become a trap :P