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  1. The last of us
  2. Platinum - Earn all Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception™ Remastered Trophies
  3. Going for all of the uncharted games. Done with 1&3.
  4. Conquering the mountains Unlock all codex Entries in Avanti Savoia!
  5. 1358 and going up, unfortunately. Too many games, too little time
  6. Battlefield 1, trying to go for the platinum
  7. Gonna try to get the battlefield 1 plat. Just started on the campaign, have done all the mp trophies.
  8. Grew up with the Nes so why not pick this up and play thoose games again
  9. Putting in the effort Complete 10 challenges in the campaign
  10. Tuck me in Score a goal with a one hand tuck in any mode
  11. CoD Modern warfare Remasterd
  12. Platinum Trophy Collect all other trophies to unlock
  13. The City of The Angels Reach 100% game complete
  14. HollywoodLand Find and inspect all gold film reels.