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  1. #56 Finally decided to go back and get the plat for Dark Souls 3. First played this on release and got all but the really grindy trophies. It took me about ~40hrs to get the platinum. A good chunk of that time was spent grinding for covenant items, that was the one thing that almost stopped me again. I don't feel that the difficulty increases much between each playthrough but playing it til ng++ just to get some rings felt just like with DS2 a bit much. Overall still love the game just as i did when i first played it. Had a blast (except the grind)
  2. #53 By far the one plat that has taken me the longest time to get. I mean Dark souls 2, says it all. Different from the other souls/borne games. I kind of like it and dislike it at the same time. Playing through it all the way to NG++ is a complete waste, not much change from NG+ to ++.
  3. Master of Miracles - Learn all miracles The Dark Soul - Acquire all trophies
  4. Injustice or Super meat boy. Two really hard games that i suck at. Nicely done. I could never do it.
  5. Gran Turismo 6 UFC2
  6. #51 Raccoon City Native - Obtain all other Trophies
  7. Minimalist - Clear the game without opening the item box Raccoon City Native - Obtain all trophies
  8. Leon "S." Kennedy - Complete Leon´s story on "Standard" or "Hardcore" with an S rank Hardcore Rookie - Complete Leon´s story on "Hardcore" game mode
  9. Broken Umbrella - Witness the true ending Grim Reaper - Complete "The 4th survivor" extra mode
  10. Beyond: Two Souls
  11. #50 Resident Evil 7 Biosplattered - Unlock all trophies Loved it. First playthrough took me about 6hrs. Second one about 2hrs. And the final Madhouse run took me right around 4hrs. I'm sure i've could have done it in only 2 playthroughs but for the speedrun and no heal run i choose to play it on easy.
  12. Resident Evil 7 Biosplattered - Unlock all trophies Who's Your Daddy - Complete the game on Madhouse Absolutely loved the game, challenging but not unfair. I used the unlocks from previous playthroughs when i went through Madhouse. I'm sure that made it a lot easier. The circular saw is so overpowered. Used it throughout the entire playthrough.
  13. Resident Evil 7 Walk it Off - Complete the game using only 3 First Aid Meds or less Resource Manager - Complete the game without opening the Item Box more than 3 times Just Get Me Outta Here - Complete the game within 4 hours Getting close to the plat! Just started my "Madhouse" playthrough.
  14. Resident Evil 7 The Nightmare's Finally Over - Complete the game on Normal End of the Night - Get ending 1 Done with my first playthrough, loved it. Now the fun runs begin. "Madhouse" and "3 or less" heals.