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  1. I can confirm he's right. I had 3 other accounts ready & a second controller to quickly get that trophy done. You don't even need to do the mission with 4 players, as long as 4 players are there when you turn in the quest it still counts. Again, just my experience.
  2. Yeah, seems odd that the scaling difference doesn't seem to get mentioned on the Handsome Collection when looking around. I was initially gonna give up on using the mutator another 8 times with negative effects but then I found out the scaling doesn't go past level 50. So to easily run through it now you gotta spend an extra 10-12 hours grinding to level 70 and gathering max level equipment to tank everything, which is possible without having to do much in UVHM with this:
  3. Well getting all the cat collectables on NG+ unlocks an extra accessory which brought me to 34 after buying everything but I had 100% before getting the cat pin so it didn't count. Seems you're missing something. Did you also buy all 4 weapon books from that shop outside where you right Abobo?
  4. They don't have to be all level 30. What seems to take up the most percentage after completing the game is getting every move for all 4 characters & buying all food items & accessories. Didn't know the secret shop doesn't count though.
  5. I'm able to confirm that the second player doesn't have to be alive.
  6. Ahh, I guess that was what caused the confusion. Thank you for that detail.
  7. Does the faster ultimate charge help for the whole grand prix? I've heard some say that you apparently lose the buff after the first race.
  8. Yeah, anyone have some advice for dealing with bad teammates on the Grand Prix events? With the normal races you can just solo it on Expert & easily pass but grand prix expects you to finish 1st overall as a team. There's not much I can do when I'm maintaining 1st for 80% of the race, chucking back at least 2/3's of my items & yet my teammates suddenly fall behind halfway into the third lap & never catch up. There's only so much I can do to carry bad AI.
  9. Shouldn't really be expected for a single trophy though. Made me think of that Team Sonic trophy in Transformed when I saw it. Either way, I won't know if it'll be a hassle till I play the game.
  10. Is that confirmed to work for this game?
  11. I really hope I don't have to buy a 3rd controller just for one trophy because that's ridiculous.