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  1. I am currently playing tier 6 to 7, but I'll gladly join in when I've reached the end of the Atlas!
  2. Thank you! I also got some help from @Ghostblayd (thanks again!) - I'll probably give it a second go :-)
  3. Still glitched, and apparently not related to cross play. Played all of it on PS4, still no trophy
  4. Yup, found some guys that did a coop run. Took us 5 minutes or so :-) Grats to you as well!
  5. I'm still looking for someone to team up, I'm pretty sure we won't have that much trouble when we tag team him. If you're interetested, just hit me up on psn :-)
  6. When I bought the game a few days ago, I mistook it for a different game of the franchise. And now I'm in here, kind of enjoying the old school flair of the game, but honestly completely confused by everything. Anyone care to give a short beginner guide on the very basic things. I don't really understand how this game works.
  7. Hey guys, I have some trouble getting the Looter trophy. Played through the game multiple times, one time I was also following this walkthrough: Still, no Looter trophy. I'm really wondering if I'm doing something wrong, since the trophy isn't that rare at all. Did you have similiar experiences?
  8. Is anyone here up to joining forces for chaos 5? Haven't played the game since middle of june or so and I'm somewhat rusty ;-) Guess it wouldn't be that hard to slay a Chaos 5 with three or four players, but I don't manage to solo one.
  9. True - I want that plat though. Already spent all the time for playing through the game four times and grinding for a bit of gear, because I (still) don't know which character I want to use to slay a chaos 5 boss. Haven't done that yet, since I can't earn all trophies anyway. But I'm pretty sure I will come back for it.
  10. Best to not bother with Rathalos. And all the other monsters you can farm in the crown events. Focus on the Elder Dragons and Black Diablos when doing investigations! You'll net the crowns for the others with the events that heavily boost crown propability :-)
  11. I didn't experience a lot of bugs either. Sure, the occasional disappearing gear and other minor nuisances, but overall quite okay. You seem to be somewhat unlucky there. I completely agree with you regarding the end game content, though. For a game that is obviously trying to motivate you to play further than the story goes, there is just way too less variety
  12. Can someone confirm wether boss stats scale with party or not? I'm not completely sure, I mostly solo and only gave the multiplayer a few tries. I think about finding a squad for taking down c5. Anyone in? :-) Glitch would be a possibility as well, but it would be nice to do this the honest way :-) I actually used that set for c4. However, I focused on God Skills that enhance my attack and agressiveness. Maybe I'll respec and try again, thanks for the hint!
  13. Hey guys, how are you doing with this trophy? I'm struggling, honestly. The Great Khorne demon seems to be the easiest to me and I've beaten him up to Chaos 4, but since he one hits my Elessa on Chaos 5 and some of his attacks are pretty erratic, it seems I can't finish him. Also tried the Slanesh Boss, same there - too much damage and erratic attacks. What are your experiences so far?
  14. Please sign me up as Lord of Cinder :-) I'm only missing the original Dark Souls.
  15. Hey folks! Could it be that the trophy is glitched? I've done nothing but grinding kills for at least 5 hours now (mostly in Chapter 1-5) and I'm still lacking it. Seems to be almost impossible, since there should be at least 250 enemies in that level and I've done it a minimum of 50 times. This alone sums up to 12.500 kills, but I do think there are more enemies in that, plus I've replayed almost the entire first chapter plus S ranking all levels. Am I doing something wrong? Do ballista kills only count as one, no matter how much dead enemies they "produce"? Does the game online save if I continue to the next level after beating it, but not when I hit the replay button? Any help would be greatly appreciated here, since this is getting really annoying and frustrating as hell. I actually wrote the devs, but got no response yet. Edit: Nevermind, it finally unlocked. This grind is awfull, though