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  1. Sure, cool thing you found a thing that worked out for you :-)
  2. I'm not sure what you mean. A settings tab in game? As far as I remember, I don't had to use in game menues at all. As for step 2. as soon as you changed the date and confirmed with X you can double tap the ps button to go back to the game immediately without having to back out with circle and re-enter the time settings again, as the next double tap should bring you back directly to the time settings. I'm not sure either wether this makes a difference for the glitch, but even if not you'll end up saving quite a bit of time :-)
  3. I only transcended once and got to 3600. How many AS do you have?
  4. Dude, I'm simply not in this forum so often :-) Besides, the whole topic of this thread is not too far off of cheating, so yeah, we are (kind of) and you want to be to ;-) To answer your question: I followed the exact steps above and it worked just fine, even on current version. Do you quit and restart the game when changing date? I did this at first and I doesn't work. The game has to be running at all times while doing this. Does that help? Since you mentioned that the double tap (step 8) doesn't work for you, I figured that this might be the issue, because the double tap function to quickly change between the game you are currently running and the last point in the menu you visited is actually a feature of the ps4 itself that has nothing to do with the glitch specifically. Guess you just have to play it for hours on end in order to reach 3600 so quickly. I can't tell really, as I played this game legit for around 2 years. But I wanted to be done with it before the PS5 comes out, so I settled for just finishing it this way. Got to zone 3000ish legitimately. But yeah, it takes a lot of time and it doesn't really change. There are some "milestones" so to say that will boost you're progress by a couple of dozens or even hundreds of levels occasionally though
  5. Can confirm this still works as of August 2020. The thing with the mercs and double level glitch too :-)
  6. Heyho! I just followed this guide: Worked for me.
  7. Congrats to the plat! And thanks for the hint, I'll definitely try that :-)
  8. Thanks a lot! I'll give it a shot :-) And sorry for bothering, got to keep my eyes open
  9. Those info you mentioned, where exactly can I find it? Sorry to ask, I googled quite a bit now but couldn't find anything close to a guide. I'm just starting the game. I'll probably do the first walkthrough blind for fun, but after that I'd like to keep the playthroughs to a minimum I have to admit :-)
  10. I'm in for the fun! Top 3 Games Path of Exile - 153h Borderlands - The handsome Collection - 133h Grand Kingdom - 106h Time 1894h clocked in on 242 days. Longest streak was 16h. Trophies 1080 bronze 644 silver 340 gold 55 platinum 88 games played, mosty RPGs. Action hero
  11. I am currently playing tier 6 to 7, but I'll gladly join in when I've reached the end of the Atlas!
  12. Thank you! I also got some help from @Ghostblayd (thanks again!) - I'll probably give it a second go :-)
  13. Still glitched, and apparently not related to cross play. Played all of it on PS4, still no trophy
  14. Yup, found some guys that did a coop run. Took us 5 minutes or so :-) Grats to you as well!
  15. I'm still looking for someone to team up, I'm pretty sure we won't have that much trouble when we tag team him. If you're interetested, just hit me up on psn :-)