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  1. Thanks a bunch! So I guess Gladiator is generelly best in slot for DPS? Is Artifact Set completion important? I actually try to lvl my talents, but the RNG on the required boss items is extremely annyoing. I'm going 12 weeks now with Andrius giving me the required item only once. Also, sorry to ask so much here - I'm sure there are a ton of guides explaining all this, but I enjoy it quite a lot more when talking to you guys, and I do like the idea of creating sort of a 'knowledge hub' in this thread
  2. Wth how is he doing almost 50k damage with one hit?? 😳 I am worlds away from that! Okay, seeing that other characters are a huge part of the deal: Is it worth it to invest all my saved up primos in wishes, or should I rather spend them for something else? Don't really want to use it for resin replenishment
  3. Thanks! I actually have Bennett already, but I thought he also is a rather weak character?
  4. Yeah, but since I have to do higher domains in order to get the legendary artis, just swooping into the water domain close to Andrius, doing the easiest stage with lvl 10ish water slimes and zap everything with Lisa was still faster^^ Thanks again, artifacts sure seem like the way to go! Finally, would you guys suggest that I build up two new parties, ditching the starter party completely, or should I be fine with just raising a second one and keeping the starter party? That is kind of unnerving tbh. Which Parties are you using? Yeah, I know - will pray to RNGesus every day from now on
  5. Thanks! I'll keep an eye out for Zhongli and look into the guides Have to admit that I'm somewhat hesitating to give this game a proper go, but I guess I can at least give it a chance. Before hitting ascendancy 5 with my weapons and characters, I used most of the resin for the bosses that would give me the necessary upgrade materials. After that, I spent quite a few sessions with just doing a lvl 5 to 10 domain for easy and fast AR EXP. Told you - the laziest way possible I saved up roundabout 20k primos, not sure what you mean with materials. Okay, that's a starting point! Thanks, will spent my resin in a usefull way from now on, going for artifacts. I did floor 5 with my main party split in two, so only 2 characters for each path. I figured that this method wouldn't get me very far, but that was before spiral abyss trophies were a thing.
  6. Hi guys, I began playing Genshin Impact back in December. I'm AR48 now, pretty much going the laziest way possible: I always sticked to the first 4 characters so I don't waste lvl up materials, didn't spend a single penny on anything, just doing the daily commissions and not caring about artifacts or better characters. I was fine with this taking some time, as I still love the world and just enjoy being in there for a few minutes each day, and I still got closer to the 100% slowly, but steadily. However, with the recent update I'm now afraid that I got myself unknowingly into a somewhat problematic situation. I can barely make it beyond Spiral Abyss Floor 6 with my current setup. Seeing that there are 6 more floors to come plus getting all the stars, I'm afraid I basically have to start all over again after 4 months of playing. But I still have hope: Is there a foolproof way of getting through the Abyss with any character setup? I'd really hate to start putting money into it to get the characters I need to begin with, and then leveling them up again all the way to lvl 80.
  7. Hi guys, my game keeps crashing after the Daisen Volcano Boss fight against Yamatanoorochi. Did anybody else encounter that problem? Played the mission 3 times now and starting to worry that the save file somehow got corrupted or something. Edit: 4th time was the charm for some reason. Still, if anyone experiences a similiar thing, let me know. Maybe we can figure out the reason
  8. Ok, wow - gotta keep my hands off of this, then. Thanks again!
  9. Nope, the rest is offline only
  10. Yeah, if you self-boost, then yes. There is no local multiplayer.
  11. Ok good thing I asked^^ Thanks for the heads-up! If it wasn't for the bugs, would it be a good game? Is it worth keeping an eye on it to see if the Devs fix these issues or would Mordheim still be the better game?
  12. Time I'd estimate 350 to 400 hours (for 100%, plat is faster). Difficulty depends on if you are using backup saves. With them I'd say 6 to 7ish, without them rather 8 to 9.
  13. I'm thinking about giving this a shot and I'm curious - how does Necromunda compare to Mordheim? Which aspects of the gameplay are different, how long approx till platinum, and hiw difficult is the game? If one of the 100 owners of the game want to share some insight, that'd be great
  14. Hey there fellow Mordheimers! I'm about to hit the plat in this game and I thought it would be nice to share some info about the trophies without writing a full-fledged guide (which I unfortunately don't have time to). So here we go 🙂 Trophies stack over warbands A lot of the trophies are pretty straight forward, e.g. killing 50 impressive warriors or gathering 25.000 Wyrdstone weight in total. All of them stick across all your warbands - apparently even if you delete them (thanks @Mellenthin for the hint!). Many of them will come naturally as you play through the campaigns, and even the daring ones like selling Wyrdstone for a total of 100.000 gold or search 1.000 loot points will be quite close to being completed after you've finished all campaigns of the 4 initial warbands. Since you can't really boost the rest but rather have to just play the game legit, you might as well get the DLCs done and start a new campaign with Witch Hunters or Undead 🙂 Spend 1 Year with the same warband One year in Mordheim is 400 days. With upgraded negotiator veteran skill and without missing out on a demanded wyrdstone delivery, you can skip roughly 80-100 days. So once you can make it to day 300 with the wyrdstone you saved, you should be in the clear. 500 warriors falling out of action during battle This is a bit of a hassle, because you can not simply abandon a mission, rather your warriors have to actually be put out of action during a legit battle. You will likely get some deaths (I'd estimate 50 to 150, depending on if you are using backup saves or not), but 500 is just a lot. The fastest way to farm this is as follows: Start a new Skaven Warband at Rank 5 Buy a leader and 9 henchmen Start a Skirmish Exhibition match (doesn't spend in game time, doesn't have any consequences like permanent injuries or xp) Settings: Opponent - Normal I Opponent Warband - Sisters I Rout Threshold - 0% I Map - Marketplace I Gameplay - Mode 2 I Deployment - Buyer Beware I Auto-Deployment - On Now start the match and suicide your units by repeatedly running through the poison puddles. Spare your leader and only kill the henchmen for one extra death per run. Since you are playing Skaven against Sisters, your units will be on turn rather early. Nets you 8 deaths per run, each run taking about 4 minutes. Completing 100 Wyrdstone deliveries For this trophy it doesn't matter to which faction and how much you deliver. You can simply send one Wyrdstone to each of the factions, skip a day, immediately send one Wyrdstone again, rinse and repeat. Unlock 100 recipes As soon as you have some Veteran Ranks, invest them in the Librarian Contact. Actually not only for the trophy, but also because good formulas can immensely enhance your build. I ended up getting this skill for every single one of my warbands right at the beginning. All the multiplayer trophies Just start a Skirmish Exhibition Map, and as soon as the match starts immediately abandon. While this doesn't count for the kills, it does for the wins and therefore for the tropies. Alternatively you can farm online wins + warriors out of action at the same time by doing the above method in a multiplayer match. Last but not least I would highly suggest using backup saves. Even when you decide to take every injury and death the game throws at you (which can be a lot), unfortunately the game sometimes just bugs on you. That way you can lose warriors or a whole match without doing a mistake at all. One example: I got hit by a melee unit that was way out of reach (as in multiple movement bubbles), but it still somehow connected and killed one of my heroes. Same thing happened in my favour against the manticore, so those things can be nice too. But receiving a permanent injury that basically destroys one of your main characters because of some random bs is way worse than the good that may come from those bugs. Also, even if everything runs smoothly, RNGesus might still be in a very bad mood and obliterate your whole warband. Mordheim fully allows you to recover from that, but it takes a ton of time. Personally, I only played through everything without using backup saves once, sort of to proof to myself that I CAN do it. Imo it's not worth it every time, as it forces you to play more of what you already did instead of enjoying the progression of your warband. At least that was my experience. And that's it for the time being 🙂 Maybe that will help someone in the distant future, when one brave souls dares to go for the platinum in Mordheim again 😉 So if you are reading this and still thinking about wether or not to go for the plat - do it, the game really is great! Why not start today? Because: It's a good day to die... or maybe live a little longer? Cheers
  15. Sure, cool thing you found a thing that worked out for you :-)