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  1. I know right. I really hate how every creature gets a level up (like it wasnt hard enough the way they was). I'm about to go to Jotunheim and I have a feeling that I will fight those ice dudes a lot, I f*** hate them they're so annoying (more than nightmares). annoying annoying.
  2. It didn't work :c I wanted to hit level 100 and now I'll be stuck in level 97 like forever :c funny how 30 millions and 22 levels up ins't enough
  3. I meant, I don't know if I can actually post a video Ok I'm home, time to try this thing again.
  4. https://imgur.com/a/wyF1p this was only a quick match and look how much I got. can I post a video from my phone?
  5. If it doens't work, I will try the risky way, unpluging the ps4 while the game is saving.
  6. I always backup my save data after every session, till yesterday, I was playing normally and then my ps4 turned off due to some issues I have with cables, and of course my player save data got corrupted. After turn my ps4 on I couldnt play any games so I had to delete my user, everything was ok again. I upload my save and started the game thinking I've lost that new Green Lantern and Bane gear I got the day before, but no, everything was there and a few mother boxes too (but the motherboxes dissapear so I'm guessing NRS have your game data on their servers), after that I set the AI in a multiverse event and notice that I'm getting lots of profile xp and credits, Didnt know what happend till hours later, the bonus for connect a special move was popping like crazy, 10,000 credits and profile xp after connect a special move. So if someone wants to try, save all your data before injustice's: 1- save all of your injustice's data (there are 3, game data, multiverse data and player save data) 2- play the game and get some gear 3- delete only your player save data (without doing another backup) 4- upload only your player save data (but do not run the game) 5- delete your user 6- first upload all of your Injustice's data and run the game. 7- start a fight and try connecting special moves. Let's hope It had anything to do with the reason that I couln't run any games after the ps4 turned off.
  7. yeah, could it be great for character level, 1 match and the character could have reach level 30 easily. The AI was playing for me and always earned between 100,000-200,000, when I started playing I got +800,000 profile xp and credits every fight. Should I tell u how it happened now so u can try?
  8. sadly, only profile level.
  9. I found a glitch, I'm so proud of myself :3. I went from level 75 to 97 in 10 hours, and got like 30 millions of credit. I bought only 100 gold motherboxes and spent the rest on the legendary multiverse, then I had an idiotic moment and quit the game, the glitch was gone :c. Can I upload photos? I'll post here tomorrow how i did it. Gonna try the glitch again when I get home.
  10. I just got the Cat Call ability. Days ago Grayson staff :3 sweet. Play the random ability event every day, It'll drop sooner or later.
  11. lmao