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  1. Never mind, trophy popped up during the conversation with David while checking dead bodies on the ground, just before facing the infected.
  2. OMG I was searching through the internet and found this reddit post that shows this conversation with Marlene that I missed. This should be it, I'll give it a try as soon as I finish my Survivor+ run. Come to think of it, I remember seeing this conversation prompt during my first run (Normal difficulty), but somehow I've missed.
  3. I'm in my Survivor+ run just past the science building, I have 36/37 conversations and I thought that was my problem. But I tried a different firefly emblem from my Survivor run and the trophy didn't pop up. I tried all the 3 of them. I think I messed up, I have no idea what is the conversation I am missing. I'll finish my Survivor+ run and will start to think about all the conversations I might have missed to try to get them through chapter select. If the trophy glitched on me, I'll give up, nothing else I can do.
  4. I checked the thread and I'm pretty sure I got the conversations shown in the videos. But I'll go through them again just in case.
  5. 2) Oh good to know, thank you. I'm still planning to open all of them though just to be sure I can upgrade all weapons. 3) Just checked, I have 36 unlocked conversations (the guide I followed seems to have all 37 ones, I'll need to check them carefully again).
  6. OK I've just finished my Survivor run, couple of things: 1) Scavenger trophy popped up before I got the remaining collectables (unlocked when I picked up a Firefly Pendant right before the tunnel in Salt Lake City). 2) Shiv door trophy didn't unlock. I guess I will need to open every shiv door during my Survivor+ run (which I would do anyways because of the upgrade trophies that I still need to get). 3) I want to talk about it (optional conversations trophy) didn't unlock too, even after engaging into all optional conversations listed in this guide (Portuguese only). I guess I need to figure out which one I missed.
  7. Great, thank you! Figures. I've finished the game on Normal before starting my Survivor run with no guide (because I wanted to finish the game once without worrying about trophies) and the chapter select indeed shows the collectables I got during my Normal run, even though I'm playing on Survivor.
  8. Hello all, I'm finishing my run on Survivor and I've just finished the winter season. I've been following a guide and I was doing fine until I found a shiv door when I was controlling Joel. I didn't have enough parts to craft a shiv, so I went on because I will need to do a Survivor+ run anyways. Couple of questions: 1) Do I need to open all shiv doors to get the Scavenger trophy on my current run? 2) If answer to previous question is yes, then I'll only have a chance to get the Scavenger trophy during the Survivor+ run. Do I need to get all other collectables again? Or only the shiv doors will be enough to unlock the trophy? Thanks
  9. I love truck simulators and I play them since the old 18 Wheels of Steel series, so I'm definitely playing this game. Yeah the trophy list looks easy, so this probably means I'll keep playing this game long time after achieving the platinum. About Bus Simulator, well never played but I'm willing to give it a try.
  10. For the PS3 version, finishing the game on nightmare could be a pain sometimes due to the slow save/load mechanism. Does anyone know if this was fixed in this version? I'm thinking about platting this game again on PS4 but I'll pass if save/load is still slow.
  11. Although the classic Doom games for PS4 (1 & 2) have harder trophies comparing to the PS3 release, like beating the game in under 2 hours and beating every level on nightmare in co-op. Doom 3 trophy list seems to be exactly the same though.
  12. Other than the great recommendations given by Kristycism, I may also add Gauntlet: Slayer Edition. I have played this game with my wife and I think it's really fun.
  13. I'm not 100% sure but I think the game saves it right away... I say it because this has happened to me too: I've saved Anette and then I died. When I went to her cell again she wasn't there anymore (there were some breakable lamps instead).
  14. It's from the same creator, and it's a spiritual successor to the Clock Tower series.
  15. This title was announced some years ago, but at this time I thought a Vita release was not going to happen anymore. And suddenly Playism says the Vita release is going to be available on January 31st, 2019. I don't know if it's a good game or not, but I'll keep an eye on it. Official website: http://www.night-cry.com/ Trailer: