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  1. For the PS3 version, finishing the game on nightmare could be a pain sometimes due to the slow save/load mechanism. Does anyone know if this was fixed in this version? I'm thinking about platting this game again on PS4 but I'll pass if save/load is still slow.
  2. Although the classic Doom games for PS4 (1 & 2) have harder trophies comparing to the PS3 release, like beating the game in under 2 hours and beating every level on nightmare in co-op. Doom 3 trophy list seems to be exactly the same though.
  3. Other than the great recommendations given by Kristycism, I may also add Gauntlet: Slayer Edition. I have played this game with my wife and I think it's really fun.
  4. I'm not 100% sure but I think the game saves it right away... I say it because this has happened to me too: I've saved Anette and then I died. When I went to her cell again she wasn't there anymore (there were some breakable lamps instead).
  5. It's from the same creator, and it's a spiritual successor to the Clock Tower series.
  6. This title was announced some years ago, but at this time I thought a Vita release was not going to happen anymore. And suddenly Playism says the Vita release is going to be available on January 31st, 2019. I don't know if it's a good game or not, but I'll keep an eye on it. Official website: Trailer:
  7. I think 2018 was the least productive year for me since I started hunting trophies (since I got me a PS3 back in 2013). One of the reasons is because it's been hard for me to get enough time to play and we all know getting a platinum is not a quick task. But the other reason is that I spent too much time trying to get the platinum for Doom 3 BFG edition. Bronze Trophies: from 1354 to 1487 (+133) Silver Trophies: from 415 to 455 (+40) Gold Trophies: from 141 to 151 (+10) Platinum Trophies: from 35 to 38 (+3) PSN Level: from 16 to 17 (+1) Best game I played That was definitely Doom 3 BFG Edition. Took me a lot of effort and hours but I enjoyed every moment (even the hard parts) and I still miss playing it. Worst game I played I feel the worst game I played this year was Sly 2, for the PS Vita. I was enjoying it in the beginning but from the middle to the end I found myself forcing me to finish it. Got the fun back while playing the final missions though.
  8. Yeah agree. Recently I got the platinum for Doom 3 BFG Edition and although it's not exactly unachievable, took me a huge investment on hours to get, but I felt very proud in the end. I can see this game will give me a similar feeling if I ever get the platinum trophy. Definitely worth the money. About the speed run trophy... It requires finishing the Cronus mission in under 3 hours. I was not sure about how long this Cronus mission would be, but it seems pretty big from this page.
  9. I'm a big fan of the Descent series and I've been expecting this game for some time now. I went through the trophy list and it seems to have a bit of everything: online trophies, difficulty specific trophies, collectibles trophies, specific tasks trophies and even a speed run trophy. Looks pretty exciting as it will retain the player for several hours of pure fun, but also looks like the platinum will take a lot of effort to obtain.
  10. Impressive... I see in this case Kishnabe's explanation applies perfectly: we can see that each one of the entries is labeled with the region or belongs to a different platform. But with Timespinners this doesn't happen, the title is not labeled with the region and both entries are related to PS4/Vita platforms.
  11. I notice this happens with quite a lot titles actually. Timespinner has two different trophy entries: and Why does this happen? Does anyone know?
  12. Thanks everyone for your answers. I've finished all of the three campaigns on nightmare (just finished Lost Mission) and here are my comments: Doom 3 - very doable. There are indeed a lot of tough parts where you need to plan accordingly beforehand, but comparing to the other campaigns it's more lengthy than hard. I took around 9 hours to get to the end. Resurrection of Evil - for me, it was the hardest of the three campaigns. Not having the soul cube sucks but at least on nightmare the artefact starts with all features (including invincibility). The revenants will give you a hard time though. Took me around 5 hours to finish. Lost Mission - after completing the other campaigns, this one was a breeze to me. Some specific tough parts that are very manageable. Took me less than 3 hours. Ordering from easier to harder: Lost Mission < Main campaign < Resurrection of Evil
  13. Wisest advice ever for pretty much any online game.
  14. I agree... If they only port the game as it currently is to the PS4 then I think it won't be very well received because it didn't age well. They would need to remake the whole thing to adapt and update graphics and gameplay (just like it was done with the Crash trilogy recently released).
  15. I love this franchise and I'd definitely would be interested in a remaster/remake... I played Enter the Gecko in my old PS1 back in the nineties, and it was the closest game to Mario 64 that I could find available to the PS1 at that time. Some years ago I had the chance to play Deep Cover Gecko in my Vita and I equally enjoyed.