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  1. I thought about this so many times, and I came to an answer: I keep trophy hunting because I've always been a completionist even when a formal trophies/achievements system didn't exist for the platforms I've played. I went through all console generations since the Atari 2600 and I was never satisfied with only getting to the end of a game. I always wanted to discover every secret, kill every enemy, get every alternative ending the game had to offer, based on the progress feedback the game gave to me.
  2. I still need to get a chunk of marrowstone too, thought I would start with bladestone and leave the better for last. I have one friend who played all games in the series and he told me that DS2 is the longest one, despite being less hard. I just can't wait to put my hands on it and see things by myself.
  3. So far I only played Dark Souls before playing Demon's Souls and I must confess I have no interest whatsoever on playing any other RPG game that is not a soulsborne game. Can't wait to start playing DS2 after I finish this plat. Then I want to play BB, DS3 and Sekiro, in that order.
  4. Worked like a charm. I didn't have to grind much, I got a pure darkmoonstone in my 4th or 5th attempt. Now, on to that pure bladestone. I've already spent one hour today killing that 4-2 skeleton over and over and nothing so far. This will take a while, but it's way better than quitting to XMB and waiting for the game to reload.
  5. Thank you all. In the end I gave up quitting to XMB, decided to accept the drops and went back to the Nexus. By my counting I still had 3-4 lizard spawns left, so I felt lucky and decided to spend them, and I got a pure moonlightstone in the second attempt. Crazy I know, but well 😎 Now I'm going to try farming a pure darkmoonstone with the lizards in 4-3 world. I'll try to use the quit to XMB strategy again, and I will just be patient this time like you said. Yeah this is the last one I'll go for. I hope I get lucky and don't take too much time, but I know I can't rely on that.
  6. Hi all, I'm one more person in the run to get this awesome plat. I've been following the guide step by step and now it's time to farm the stones I still don't have. I started farming a pure moonlightstone from the crystal lizard in 3-3. I started from the Maneater archstone and went up the stairs to the lizard, killing all the enemies in the way. Then I did what the guide suggests: I killed the lizard, checked the drops and quit to XMB without pressing X again to confirm the drops. Problem is that I'm always getting 2 chunks of moonlightstone and I never get anything else, no matter how many times I do it. Does the game really randomize the drops at the moment the lizard is killed? Or the game decides what each enemy will drop at the moment you enter the world through the archstone? Thanks in advance for your answers.
  7. Hi, Some of you might know already, but Domovoi Rangers are pretty rare (I played countless tower runs and never found one), therefore farming Domovoi Ranger cards for the "Complete Card Collection" trophy might be a nightmare for most people. I always checked the cards available for trade at the card counter, and I was very happy when I found a Domovoi Ranger card for trade! So if you are having a hard time to farm this card, don't forget to check the card counter often for trades. You can check after every completed quest like I usually do.
  8. I'm absolutely amazed at how many games you folks can platinum in one year. I love playing and trophy hunting but it's been a challenge to get some time to play among everything else, work family kids and stuff. Keep up with the great work and happy new year everyone! Same here, game backlog is huge and I never gave too much priority to The Last of Us until the end of 2019. OMG what a game, I wish I had played it before.
  9. I was expecting someone would have created this post by now, but it seems no one did it yet so I decided to create it. Just like 2016, 2017 and 2018 versions, let's talk about how was our trophy hunting this year. Please check your stats and tell us: How was your bronze, silver, gold and platinum trophies progression this year? How much did your PSN level increase? What were the best and worst games you played in 2019 and why? (It doesn't need to have been released in 2019). I'll start. I did a little better compared to 2018, although I'm still struggling to find some time to play. Here it goes: Bronze Trophies: from 1487 to 1602 (+115) Silver Trophies: from 455 to 546 (+91) Gold Trophies: from 151 to 177 (+26) Platinum Trophies: from 38 to 44 (+6) PSN Level: from 17 to 18 (+1) Best game I played Dark Souls Remastered. Over the years, a lot of my friends have told me that I would love Dark Souls when I played it. After all these years I finally decided to give it a go, and I ended up playing a lot even after getting the platinum. Worst game I played The Crew 2. I always wanted to play this game, but when I finally did I ended up not enjoying it as much as I initially thought I would. Still a good game though. How about you?
  10. Never mind, trophy popped up during the conversation with David while checking dead bodies on the ground, just before facing the infected.
  11. OMG I was searching through the internet and found this reddit post that shows this conversation with Marlene that I missed. This should be it, I'll give it a try as soon as I finish my Survivor+ run. Come to think of it, I remember seeing this conversation prompt during my first run (Normal difficulty), but somehow I've missed.
  12. I'm in my Survivor+ run just past the science building, I have 36/37 conversations and I thought that was my problem. But I tried a different firefly emblem from my Survivor run and the trophy didn't pop up. I tried all the 3 of them. I think I messed up, I have no idea what is the conversation I am missing. I'll finish my Survivor+ run and will start to think about all the conversations I might have missed to try to get them through chapter select. If the trophy glitched on me, I'll give up, nothing else I can do.
  13. I checked the thread and I'm pretty sure I got the conversations shown in the videos. But I'll go through them again just in case.
  14. 2) Oh good to know, thank you. I'm still planning to open all of them though just to be sure I can upgrade all weapons. 3) Just checked, I have 36 unlocked conversations (the guide I followed seems to have all 37 ones, I'll need to check them carefully again).
  15. OK I've just finished my Survivor run, couple of things: 1) Scavenger trophy popped up before I got the remaining collectables (unlocked when I picked up a Firefly Pendant right before the tunnel in Salt Lake City). 2) Shiv door trophy didn't unlock. I guess I will need to open every shiv door during my Survivor+ run (which I would do anyways because of the upgrade trophies that I still need to get). 3) I want to talk about it (optional conversations trophy) didn't unlock too, even after engaging into all optional conversations listed in this guide (Portuguese only). I guess I need to figure out which one I missed.