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  1. I came here after grinding the last online trophies for killzone mercenary. I always wanted to play this game too and I remembered there were online trophies for it, glad to know there is only one trophy and it seems very easy to obtain. I'll buy this game today.
  2. I think you can earn it in one day if you get enough money. The only thing is that the bar is high now. From the reports you should aim for something between 250~300K.
  3. You know, I'm not very good at FPSs but this grinding did some benefits to me and my gaming style. I improved my headshot aiming a lot, learned to react faster when surrounded by enemies and also grinded other important trophies like 10K kills, 1K headshots anf 1M VKs. So although exchanging sleeping hours to grind the first mission and not having the trophy popping for some days did cause some stress, in the end it was a good thing. So I encourage everyone to try hard to get this trophy while there is still time and wish the best of luck. It will be worth if you have the resources (time and patience) to do it.
  4. Only problem with Justice for All is that it might not give as much money as you could earn in other missions, but yes the other missions are more difficult to me too. I was consistently earning ~17k for each run on justice for all. I learned to always get stealth bonuses in the security center (before using the bomb to destroy the doors) and all the way from the rappel to the place you rescue admiral.
  5. I was only grinding Justice for All mission, Demolition contract like people here suggested, so I was using a specific loadout to this mission (there might be better options however): STA-52SE assault rifle, has a big clip and a silencer for stealth bonuses. I think this is the same weapon you are using M80 rocket launcher that I used to destroy the first dropship and get a triple kill (required for demolition contract on first mission. But there are other places in the mission to get a triple kill, like just after rescuing the admiral) Sky fury to destroy the tank in the final part of the mission (required for demolition contract) Combat armor (though other people suggested to use the armor that increases your money per kill, which I don't know the name) M194 frag to get more multiple kills and increase my earnings The amount of money you need to earn to get an ace is increasing every day because there are a lot of people trying to get this trophy. Although other people in the past didn't need to get more than 50~60k, I think currently if you don't earn around 250~300k in a day then you won't be able to get an ace.
  6. OK, trophy finally popped this morning 😊 oh boy it was a tough journey
  7. OK I just finished playing, earned roughly 300k today and got to position 6 in the leaderboards. Gotta get some sleep now, then I'll log into the game in the morning. No way I'm not getting the trophy this time. Even got 1000 headshots and 1M vks trophies today.
  8. Too bad for me, I don't think I can get more than 200k a day. Today I think I've played 5 or 6 contracts (around 100k) but that's all I can get today, no more time available. I'll keep playing as much as I can till servers closure but at this point I've lost all hope.
  9. Yeah I'm still trying to figure out why the servers insist on not giving me an ace card. Maybe I'm not being too efficient on each run, but I've learned how to finish the contract quickly while still getting most bonuses (stealth, double/triple/multiple kills, headshots, etc). I rarely die. Would it be because I didn't finish the game yet? Or would it be because I don't play all contracts at once, I play them over the day as the time allows me to do so? I just wanted to get all online trophies and this is the last one that it's left for me.
  10. Congratz, I'm happy for you. But I'm annoyed with the game because I don't understand why this trophy didn't pop for me yet. Yesterday I started the day with a King because I was already playing justice for all demolition on veteran over the last few days. Yesterday I did it 13 times, I earned around 200k (same as you) and my position in the leaderboards was 36. And yet I logged into the game this morning and my card didn't change, it's still a King. I confess I'm getting a bit frustrated.
  11. Same as me, I managed to earn roughly 120k from last night to now and my rank dropped from 8 to 7 too. But I'm guessing there might be a delay, the servers will take some time to acknowledge our earnings. We just need to keep playing to increase our earnings even more, the card should be awarded soon.
  12. Figures, currently I don't have the time to play 9 contracts within 24 hours. There's nothing left for me other than play as much as I can until the servers close on August 12th and hope for the best.
  13. Yeah I think you're right. I had given up due to the lack of time to play enough matches to earn that money and this new method got me excited, but your message brought me back to reality.
  14. OK, so I just need to earn around 50K each day by playing justice for all repeatedly and the trophy should pop in the 3rd day? How many times did you folks play the mission to earn 50K in average?
  15. I thought about this too. Anyways I won't have time to play today unfortunately, so I might get a lower card next morning. Tomorrow I can only play at night, so I might have time to complete justice for all 3 or 4 times. Let's see how it goes.