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  1. Have to be either Nioh or Blooborne but I’d go Nioh since its quite a time sink
  2. Its mentioned in the patch notes progress for trophies was reset with the update
  3. Yeah ima have to grab that uncharted lost legacy platinum, been waiting for a good price drop on that, looks like a nice fun easy plat
  4. Is anyone experiencing a problem where the chainsaw blaster won't aim? Like I hold down l2 but it just spazzes out and resets the aim. I'm at the part where you protect the bus and its almost impossible since I can't aim for longer than half a seconds before it resets. I'm using a ps4 controller, plugged in and wireless, and it didn't help. Is this effecting anyone else?
  5. Just started the time trials in this game & I'm stuck on the very first one mountain caves. I make it to the end and pull both the big handles to unlock the door but when I go back to the platform on the ground, it doesn't open. It plays the same little animation as if the door was still blocked. But its not. Is this an issue anyone else has had?
  6. I just had a back & fourth with a bot on my 2nd account I've only had for 3 days. I've never had a scam message on my main acc I've had for 3 years, are the scams region based? USA vs AUS?
  7. Cool, only 2 years after it was released. Wonder if it'll get a new list like the witcher 3
  8. I 100% this game in April then promptly deleted it because it was nearly 80gb. Do I still get my dlc items & the runes even though I deleted the game?
  9. My favourite handheld game is one of the first games I ever bought; GTA Liberty City Stories on the PSP
  10. You have many cool platinums, almost too many to choose from. I'd take Arkham City though because I really can't be bothered doing all the challenges again
  11. Nice collection you got there. Hard to choose but I'd go with cod classic
  12. I'll definitely look into that then
  13. OK, thanks for the info. That's a bit of a shame though. I was really looking forward to this game
  14. Is this game on the Australian psn store yet? I just checked & I can't see it. Is this just me?