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  1. Same here, i think it's happened after last update, some kind of glitch.
  2. Ye i found it funny too , but there is only 60 seconds in the minute so it kinda unluck timing, well first 30 seconds was spend for waiting the plat and connecting to the internet i believe. About twitch, SMB was 5 years ago and last trophy was earned at vita, i can record something if it'll be the only way, but i hope that things will not goes this far, and I don't wanna hide smb, it was done legit and i was first in my country who made it.Also you can check my profile , there are some hardcore games. Like this for example It's same difficulty as SMB run in my opinion.
  3. How to be restored?Don't wanna hide anything.
  4. ZzdNk Reason: This guy get his meat boy plat trophy 1 min after the last trophy and this is not possible to happen Super Meat Boy I ended last no death run and get platinum on psvita, it can be laggy because i switch back and forth from ps4 to vita(played at work back then ),looks like i do not sync my vita with last progress on ps4 and after i get last trophy platinum does not pop until i connect vita to the psn, what i gotta do?I don't believe that i am first person who got that issue.
  5. Not the perfect one, but i hope it will help someone. Chapters timecodes included. https://youtu.be/1FwKj69h6gU
  6. 4
  7. Here you go, all gnomes from DLC