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  1. Haha, im not alone in this then! Welcome to the club
  2. Like the title says, I want to hear your tales of games completed or trophies earned whilst actually sleeping and what you did to acheive them. For me Ive earned the platinum trophy for Rocket League, and all 3 versions of Minecraft, whilst sleeping. Minecraft is pretty obvious, I just had the 100 days trophy left so blocked myself in and left the console on overnight, woke up to a shiny new plat In the case of Rocket League, it was back when the trophy requirement was for obtaining all items in the game and you earned an item after every game played, so I just rubber banded my controler and selotaped down the trigger then entered online matchmaking and went to bed, so all night I was loading into games and just driving round in circles. Again I woke up in the morning to a shiny new plat! (and I scored 1 goal that night somehow xD) Hopefully I should have Saints Row 4 to add to this list in the morning too if the 40 hour trophy pops for me tonight
  3. Ive probably already spent about 3 hours trying them, its the stupidly long ones that kill me. I struggled with the bamboo strikes on Ghosts of Tsushima, never mind a 50 button long combo
  4. Mortal Kombat 11, Because all I need for the plat is the tutorial trophy and I cant do it 😭
  5. 7/10 Decent list very respectable, only spotted one trash plat too so GJ. Congrats on reaching 100 plats!
  6. My Name is Mayo 2. Giving you a chance to correct your mistake
  7. As far as others opinions go, there are some absolute howlers in this list xD. But each to there own... For me: - CoD (All of them) Litrally just a shittier version of battlefield. and im not just saying that because im bad at CoD, im bad at both xD. - Halo. Played it once and hated it, never went back. - Any battle royal game. Just why? its like "hey lets take everything aweful and wrong with multiplayer, put it all into one genre and cram about 5000 people into the same lobby" Just no, kill it with fire. - My Name is Mayo. For such a simple game its had tons of players since launch despite doing nothing special, just super overated for what little the game offers
  8. Wait, its getting a PS5 version? How did I miss that news
  9. My main goal for the year was to earn more than 66 plats (Non trash-plats) in a year as that was my previous record and that 66 did include a decent amount of trash plats. Thats an average of 6 per month across the whole year. Currently sat on 56 for the year so far, so im still on target and I now actually only need to average 4 per month to acheive my target. As a secondary target I wanted to try and get back into the 800's on country rank after a 3 year absence from there. im sat at 901 currently 😭😂 Besides from that Ive just been trying to improve some of my stats overall. Got my Trophies per day up to 3.85, and got my overall completion rate up to the 75% mark. As a result of trying to reach my main goal ive ended up breaking a few of my long standing trophy records this year, so Im also going to try and break my record for most plats in one month too. I managed to equal my record of 12 in August but id like to beat it this year though im not sure its possible with the current backlog
  10. I did it 2 month back, its perfectly fine to use. Its within the game itself so your not doing anything wrong.
  11. I did used to have a few hidden trophies, these were a case of borrowing a game from a friend under the recommendation that it was very good and I would like it. That was not the case at all I recently decided I didnt like having the blue H next to my name anymore and realised it was stupid to have them hidden anyways, so im now H free
  12. Not exactly an easy way to do it, but I just went on my trophy log and selected just platinums. Then went through each month/year and counted them. Or atleast the months and years I knew were contenders. Nice trophy streak btw
  13. I use TrueTrophies to find that out. Great website for guides and walkthroughs too.
  14. I used Voldermort, you can skip the enitrety of the room with the turrets by flying round the outside of the walkway straight towards the exit door. Once you have figured out the level once you can breeze through the level with a flying character. You can also use Voldermort to extinguish the fires at the end of the level to save time over waiting for the elemental keystone to activate.