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  1. I really dont like the ps5 tbh. Since I got my ps5 ive used my ps3 more. My ps4 is still my main console and my ps5 is currently just collecting dust, it only really gets used when I need to auto-pop a list, or if im self boosting a trophy.
  2. No problem I found that accidentally myself tbf
  3. Press down on the D-Pad
  4. Im still battling with them over my refund, I just want the refund so I can go buy them seperately also. To find them, just type in the name of the dlc instead of the game name.
  5. Has anyone actually managed to buy the anniversary edition yet? The game is out in 5 days yet I cant find it on the store anywhere.
  6. Not offline offline, you have to be connected to the games servers like hitman, but you can play it all solo with AI.
  7. What is and isnt permitted isnt for us to decide though. The rules are clear and posted for us all to see. It is our responsability to make sure we follow them.
  8. The requirements to unlock the trophy cannot be earned within legitimate means though, it is impossible to earn the trophy without the assistance of CFW be it directly or indirectly. If you earn a trophy via shareplay, you (or someone else via shareplay) still has to fullfill the requirements of the trophy to get it to unlock. And if that trophy is unobtainable then even via shareplay it will still be unobtainable. In the case of RLTW, it is unobtainable. However through the use of CFW (which is cheating and not allowed) it is obtainable, even though it still should still be unobtainable. See the difference?
  9. Did the exact same thing with SR4 2 nights ago. its what inspired the topic tbh. I had 14 hours to afk for, so just stood on a roof and idled overnight.
  10. Thanks for the reply, at least im not the only one in this situation. Hopefully we can get it sorted.
  11. I bought the season pass earlier but havnt seen an option to install the DLC anywhere. It says the content can be accessed in game or via the store, but neither works. Clicking on them on the store just tells me I cannot purchase them (because I already own them) and in game it only shows 1 DLC pack which is just cosmetics, not the story packs. Any ideas?
  12. Haha, im not alone in this then! Welcome to the club
  13. Like the title says, I want to hear your tales of games completed or trophies earned whilst actually sleeping and what you did to acheive them. For me Ive earned the platinum trophy for Rocket League, and all 3 versions of Minecraft, whilst sleeping. Minecraft is pretty obvious, I just had the 100 days trophy left so blocked myself in and left the console on overnight, woke up to a shiny new plat In the case of Rocket League, it was back when the trophy requirement was for obtaining all items in the game and you earned an item after every game played, so I just rubber banded my controler and selotaped down the trigger then entered online matchmaking and went to bed, so all night I was loading into games and just driving round in circles. Again I woke up in the morning to a shiny new plat! (and I scored 1 goal that night somehow xD) Hopefully I should have Saints Row 4 to add to this list in the morning too if the 40 hour trophy pops for me tonight
  14. Ive probably already spent about 3 hours trying them, its the stupidly long ones that kill me. I struggled with the bamboo strikes on Ghosts of Tsushima, never mind a 50 button long combo
  15. Mortal Kombat 11, Because all I need for the plat is the tutorial trophy and I cant do it 😭