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  1. I'm having a really hard time with the 4 kings (ps3) on NG+, I'm level 120ish, could anyone help me out possibly? I'll try to help out in any way I can!
  2. Can I please participate in this Season? Season V Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth (PS4) (22% Current) - 100% The Wolf Among Us (PS3) (1% Current) - 100% Alien: Isolation (PS4) (1% Current) - 100% The Walking Dead (PS4) (84% Current) - 100% Might add more later, depends on how these titles go.
  3. Psn is JaeDunn, looking for more people to party chat with!
  4. My PSN is JaeDunn, looking for more people to game and party chat with
  5. I thought you couldn't drop covenant items? I tried to drop some proofs for my buddy but it didn't work. EDIT: Nevermind, saw your disclaimer, my bad