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  1. It's all back to normal now. Thanks a ton for your guidance! 😀
  2. It does not matter that much to be honest. I mean, if it ever becomes possible, then I am willing to give it a shot. As of now, however, I hid the game but it is all to no avail (it still refuses to display my worldwide and country positions).
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I am working on it as we speak. It is done. I am just wondering though - isn't there any way for me to reach out to Sony and have them removed? I mean, the reason for me getting the GTA V PS4 Version's Platinum was solely to defuse some people who thought I was a deliberate modder, despite the fact that 31 of the games are legit. It kind of smears dirt over one's name, but your opinion is still appreciated.
  4. Latif-Boss-1972 Grand Theft Auto V I am aware that the trophies earned for this game are not legitimate, but I can explain how it all happened. Given that I was playing online during the time that was full of cheaters, a modder in the game made me earn the trophies without me even asking for them in the first place. If you look at the list, some trophies had been earned before the others appeared via the modder. For your further notice, I got the platinum of this game on PS4 because a) since there was no way for me to remove the illegitimate trophies, I had to balance them out with the ones I earned myself b) I am a die-hard GTA Online fan. Trust me - had there been a way to get rid of the PS3 version's trophies, I would have done it long time ago. Hopefully this helps.