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  1. Any ideas on where to get the Ice Ribbon on arrange mode? On normal mode it should come with unlocking Rom/Ram but the event never appeared for me because they start unlocked. I assume I need the Ice Ribbon for "character specific quests" to complete the colosseum trophy as I have done all the other battles available.
  2. I hadn't noticed that one as I hadn't gotten an Iron Golem yet but yep, last achievers were also prior to the latest update so that one is probably bugged too.
  3. Self spawned food should work, that's what most guides/information I could find online said anyway. The main thing making me think it's bugged is the lack of any achievers in the last 2 weeks. The trophy was getting regular achievers prior to that. EDIT: The latest update also seems to coincide with when the last users accomplished the trophy, really seems like this is most likely bugged and also obscure enough at this point that it could be a long time before it's fixed.
  4. I am currently trying to get the om nom nom trophy, however with little success. I have been spawning food for roughly 2 hours in one level. I am aware this trophy has had bugs in the past however from what I have read it was accomplishable through eating 200 times in one level. Looking at the achievers history nobody has earnt this trophy in over 2 weeks, leading me to believe that the trophy is bugged further than it previously was.
  5. Crash 4 has a much higher achievement rating for good reason imo. There is only a small few levels that I considered particularly difficult once I completed it, and the sole reason for their difficulty basically came from the length rather then anything in the actual level once you are familiar with the game. Time trials were also pretty lenient in my opinion, with most of them just requiring you to finish the level on a half decent run.
  6. Crash 4 is difficult yes, but it certainly is not Wolf II level of difficult.
  7. I would be pretty upset, even though I trophy hunt for my own enjoyment I worked pretty hard to reach the rank I'm at on the leaderboards and I would hate to lose that. None of the other sites feel as good as here so I don't know if I would move, I wouldn't make a new account though as I have far too much attachment to this one.
  8. Wolfenstein II (twice, both in English and German) and Fall Guys prior to any patches/abusable bugs. Wolfenstein II is pretty self explanatory but I consider it far more of an achievement then any of the grindy plats I have, even though it only took me about a week each time! It's such an enjoyable challenge that feels amazing when you get it. Similarly Fall Guys at launch was an insane achievement that I almost gave up on due to disconnects/team games but managed to pull through at the end. I even managed to unlock the trophy again a day later by accident playing on my partner at the times account to get her some wins. Unfortunately I don't think this is worth very much any more with the various bugs that have come out and the changes (that I haven't looked into much) that as I understand it makes it easier. One day I might get around to finishing Trackmania Turbo, I think I would consider that up there with Wolfenstein II.
  9. I actually think these are bugged right now. I reset for a good number of hours as well and had basically the same results as you, as well as somebody else that I saw posting on reddit. I am pretty sure that the latest patch messed it up and made these impossible/far rarer to obtain.
  10. The update fixing the trophy is out. so long as you have 100% all you have to do is go to side stories and select the test VM option
  11. If there are no preset classes then does that mean you just have to complete each level once on each difficulty? That would mean there's considerably less grinding at least. Any idea of how many levels there are in the game as well?
  12. I'm very curious to know peoples thoughts on this trophy list? Looking at percentages on the Asia list it looks like it might be easier then normal, possibly 100% story completion does not require a run through on all difficulties with all classes akin to EDF 5? Apart from the 100% story trophy and collect all weapons the list looks relatively simple and I'm sure the vast majority of those trophies will come through standard play. Personally I really want to play this (I didn't think it was coming out so soon!) but I'm unsure whether I want to commit if it's going to end up being a massive grind for 100% story when I still have EDF 5 in my backlog and a dozen other grindy games (thanks Genshin).
  13. Dev console is in and doesn't seem to disable trophies yes.
  14. To anyone wondering the ps5 upgrade is available. Or at least it is on the Aus ps store. Unsure if there is any save transfer option however, though I think given the first game there may not be. The game also supposedly has the same dev console functionality however unsure if that will disable trophies in this version. EDIT: Can't find any sort of save transfer so assuming there is none.
  15. this was the one worry that I had when I noticed act 2 starts a basically new “cycle”, I assume act 3 does the same thing? Hopefully there isn’t collectables locked behind previous acts, especially considering if you are decent at the game you can get through act 1 pretty quickly.