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  1. Curious as to how many people are needed to start an online battle, is it 1 v 1? Would like to play this for single player but the MP grind seems huge. If it's 1 v 1 though I should be able to theoretically self boost with a second ps4.
  2. I bought one recently to play a couple games (Ratchet and clank and Jak & Daxter collections, as well as crossbuys and maybe some JRPGs down the line) and enjoyed it enough to justify the cost to me. Find I have a bit more disposable income these days so I didn't mind spending roughly 250$ AU. It was a bit of a pain to buy though, you can't buy them in physical locations here anywhere but EB Games who I didn't really want to trust, not that I have reason to distrust just didn't want to get a bad one. EB also had pretty much no stock of memory cards and you don't get one with the refurbished purchases. I ended up watching Ebay for a week or two and settling on one that came with the original box, there were a few Jap sellers that sold 2002 models with the nicer colours for pretty good prices (100-150$ AU) however feedback on their pages made me nervous so I passed on them. The one I did buy unfortunately came with a broken right analog stick and had some drift issues in the left stick which sucked, fortunately I managed to arrange a refund with the seller. After searching Ebay again I managed to find another one that was basically the same price as the first and also came with the box, this one luckily has had no issues so far and I'm really happy with it to this point. As to those worried about buying one with CFW I might be wrong but that shouldn't be a problem should it? AFAIK if you do a full factory reset it should get rid of the CFW. If that doesn't work I'm sure there is another method though possibly not as simple. I would just not connect your account to it till you have made sure to remove the CFW.
  3. I've heard about this before so it's a known issue at least. I believe it may also sometimes happen with other boss related trophies but I'm unsure on that. Afaik it just randomly happens when you kill an enemy and it is quite rare and not reproducible, at least not knowingly anyway. I wouldn't worry much though as your screenshot should be evidence enough. Here's an old topic about it
  4. This might be fixed, I was able to start downloading the Jak And Daxter Trilogy (Vita) SIEE games and dlc are also now showing up in my download list.
  5. The question was for digital only games, even for those where a code is provided (which is very few games) it wouldn't be able to be downloaded. I pretty much always buy physical but having recently bought a Vita most games are very expensive/rare physically, it's not really reasonable to expect people to buy something twice because the digital store is broken.
  6. Subscriptions are empty, though I feel like this is unrelated and just an issue with the desktop store. Pretty sure it has shown up as empty for me a few times. Subscriptions show up normally in PS Account settings (PS4). Similarly I've had an issue before where I canceled through one of the interfaces (unsure if it was web or PS interface) and it never actually canceled it and charged me in the next cycle even though it removed it from the menu.
  7. I literally just purchased the Jak trilogy on Vita 5 minutes ago.. Damnit. Problem is also there for the Ratchet Trilogy it appears, fortunately I played and completed that in the last week. Edit: And yes the desktop store now acts like I never bought the game but I still got charged. Thanks Sony.
  8. I don't think any one platinum has broken me, I'm still here anyway. Usually going into a platinum hunt I know whether I'm actually going for the platinum or just for fun (games like Super Meat Boy or various Warriors titles) so I don't bother myself much with the ridiculous skill or unnecessary grinds if I'm not feeling them. I've completed various large grinds (a couple jrpgs and the likes with 100+hr avgs) and those are usually fine until right near the end when you're getting ready to move on. I've also had a couple of near platinum failures, Harry Potter 5, Infamous 1 and recently Chocobo Mystery Dungeon. The first 2 I got close to the plat with Infamous being 1 collectible remaining and Harry Potter being a small number of collectibles remaining before my old PS3 wiped it's HD for what I believe was the 2nd or 3rd time (I've had to play through FFXIII 3 times in it's entirety because of this lol) and deleted my saves. Chocobo Mystery Dungeon I appear to have hit a glitch with the final trophy which is essentially a combination of 3 previous collectible trophies not popping after completion of the previous 3, and I will admit this one sucked pretty hard for a day or so before I moved on being that it's a 75hr+ platinum that I will have to do again to get to that point. I eventually went back and completed Infamous and made it my 50th platinum as homage to not letting a game defeat me and will probably one day go back and complete Harry Potter 5 though that one doesn't bother me too much, I don't remember the game being super outstanding. I will without a doubt complete Chocobo Mystery Dungeon again at some point though, just not for awhile. I've beaten a game breaking glitch in Assassin's Creed Rogue, which when I researched it had actually plagued quite a lot of people and had no findable solution at the time. I spent a good few hours breaking down the glitch, what caused it and managed to find 2 different solutions to 100% fix the glitch through a lot of trial and error. This glitch probably came pretty close to breaking me momentarily but it was incredibly satisfying to beat it in the end. Closest I've been to truly struggling with a platinum would have been Wolfenstein 2 with Mein Leben, it can be hard as hell and very unforgiving but I always knew I would manage it in the end so I pushed through. And no matter how hard it is throughout I can guarantee when you finish it's one of the most exhilarating feelings you will probably feel in any game. Honestly looking back I feel like I am a bit of a masochist, always feels great to get back at the games that challenge you or screw you over in various ways. Hell I went back and finished Mein Leben again on the German version of Wolf 2 to experience the challenge and thrill of it a second time because most other games just don't compare. I do think it's super important to be able to recognize when a game isn't worth it however. A lot of players get too caught up in completion percentages and the likes and push themselves far too hard to grind out some bullshit or try to beat something far too difficult for themselves.
  9. The rule sounds more like it would relate to earning trophies out of order, e.g. earning a trophy for beating chapter 3 in a game without beating chapter 1-2 first. Anyway the key point here is that he's not using an external save, this is all ingame saves and you don't even have to use save backups. This is no different then fulfilling the requirements for a few trophies and then popping them in quick succession in any other game, which is possible in many if you cared enough. Only difference here is that it's possible with every trophy.
  10. Currently not too far from the platinum, longest trophy will be 100m Berri. Most of the trophies will be easily unlocked by playing through the main story, and any remainder by cleaning up in treasure log. Crew levels are much faster in this game and I had 16 maxed out by the end of main story (though played 2 player split screen). 100m Berri will be a bit of a grind though, only had 20m Berri by the end of the story and you average 1m for later story/treasure log missions. Generally these missions are 10-15 minutes long. I would estimate beating all story + treasure log (you don't have to finish all treasure log for anything else, decisive battles can be done in less then 3 or so battles per rank) would probably put you around 75-80m Berri.
  11. If you wanna do a role-play run go ahead, the games not to long anyway and it's setup pretty well for just killing quest givers etc. -1 Is actually the lowest you can go in a stat though which I think equates to -5 or 4 in each of the associated skills, this is however offset pretty much by the extra point you get to put into Charm/Temp/Perception (my extra point went into Perception, Charm and Temp are better for the supernova run so you want them at +2 regardless). IMO strength is a pretty much useless stat apart from the carry weight increase (which is pretty minor but helps a tiny bit at the start). I did the same and avoided flaws on my first playthrough though I think there's a few you can grab that you probably wouldn't have been offered, such as drug addiction, eating addiction and I assume there's one for alcoholism. During the supernova playthrough you will probably be offered eating addiction, which admittedly makes you have to eat about 2x as much but food really isn't an issue anyway. I haven't and probably won't be offered anything else before the end of the run but if you manage to get any of the extra elemental damage flaws they are worth taking. Post run you could also pretty easily force agoraphobia (fall damage) by jumping off landing platforms.
  12. Just do your run for dumb character and supernova in the same run, it hardly impacts anything and even gives you a number of options to proceed through certain dialogs faster/with lower skill checks. Currently running through supernova and am at the later end of Monarch within roughly 5 hours with everything setup to hit the end as soon as I finish here. From what I've seen it's recommend to go with Phineas for the ending as that gives an easy path through the final mission in the form of speech checks. Though during the run you definitely want to play both sides for the big xp chunks. For the actual run I started with -1 Int, +1 Dex, +2 Per, +2 Charm and +2 Temp. Levelling up at the beginning you want to get long guns to 20 (for TTD effects) and stealth skills to 40 at least (general usefulness and pickpocketing) after that dump everything into Speech skills and tech skills then focus on Persuasion to 100 and Science to 90 (ending skillchecks). You might want to put any leftover skillpoints into Intimidation (100 skillcheck for the end, can be boosted with companions though afaik) and Sneak for anything else. Side with Reed and convince the deserters to move back to town but keep Reed as mayor (I removed him as mayor but I need to do the ludwig was right trophy on this run), Complete all other quests before leaving Edgewater though. Complete everything on Groundbreaker (no combat here and lots of xp) and Buy Udoms seal (8k bits) back for him and get the navkey for Byzantium. Also worth mentioning to grab the defective moonman hat in the backroom behind moonman for a +1 Temp. Go to Byzantium and do the board stuff there (cartographer etc) and plant the fake signal on Phineas lab. Also worth completing the actor, sprats and retirement (just sneak otherwise this ones dangerous) quests for extra xp. Sophia gives you the navkey for Monarch eventually. You can completely skip Rosewater though you should probably get the module to turn SAM on there (helps with the Intimidate check), I did the other missions there though because they are fast and not very hard. On Monarch you have to complete both Sanjar and the Ionoclasts questlines, you could probably just kill them but that's dangerous. Apart from that just sprint your way to the radio area and deal with that. leave Monarch (no need to finish the feud there) and follow Phineas questline to the end. The final few missions can be cleared entirely using speech checks and stealth. Doing it this way the only real fighting is at the beginning and during certain parts of Monarch though none of it's particularly hard.
  13. Can already see this being really helpful. thanks for the addon and looking forward to what you might add in the future. My suggestion would be, if possible have the backlog page show the amount of trophies/points to be earnt remaining instead of the total amount for the game/s in question (assuming you have started the game of course).
  14. Oh my, I thought that all the spin-offs were vita only. Hopefully a fan translation comes out at some point for the Love Chu Chu games though. Anyway put me down for Gigalomaniac for now. Currently have the plats for S;G, S;G0 and C;C. Own a copy of C;H but waiting on a translation. Will buy Renri No Darling, Phenogram and C;H Love Chu Chu but wait till after I have played C;H and will wait on Phenogram till I get S;G Elite eventually.
  15. It's in the original games, but no at this point I would say there is no chance of it being fixed officially.