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  1. If you wanna do a role-play run go ahead, the games not to long anyway and it's setup pretty well for just killing quest givers etc. -1 Is actually the lowest you can go in a stat though which I think equates to -5 or 4 in each of the associated skills, this is however offset pretty much by the extra point you get to put into Charm/Temp/Perception (my extra point went into Perception, Charm and Temp are better for the supernova run so you want them at +2 regardless). IMO strength is a pretty much useless stat apart from the carry weight increase (which is pretty minor but helps a tiny bit at the start). I did the same and avoided flaws on my first playthrough though I think there's a few you can grab that you probably wouldn't have been offered, such as drug addiction, eating addiction and I assume there's one for alcoholism. During the supernova playthrough you will probably be offered eating addiction, which admittedly makes you have to eat about 2x as much but food really isn't an issue anyway. I haven't and probably won't be offered anything else before the end of the run but if you manage to get any of the extra elemental damage flaws they are worth taking. Post run you could also pretty easily force agoraphobia (fall damage) by jumping off landing platforms.
  2. Just do your run for dumb character and supernova in the same run, it hardly impacts anything and even gives you a number of options to proceed through certain dialogs faster/with lower skill checks. Currently running through supernova and am at the later end of Monarch within roughly 5 hours with everything setup to hit the end as soon as I finish here. From what I've seen it's recommend to go with Phineas for the ending as that gives an easy path through the final mission in the form of speech checks. Though during the run you definitely want to play both sides for the big xp chunks. For the actual run I started with -1 Int, +1 Dex, +2 Per, +2 Charm and +2 Temp. Levelling up at the beginning you want to get long guns to 20 (for TTD effects) and stealth skills to 40 at least (general usefulness and pickpocketing) after that dump everything into Speech skills and tech skills then focus on Persuasion to 100 and Science to 90 (ending skillchecks). You might want to put any leftover skillpoints into Intimidation (100 skillcheck for the end, can be boosted with companions though afaik) and Sneak for anything else. Side with Reed and convince the deserters to move back to town but keep Reed as mayor (I removed him as mayor but I need to do the ludwig was right trophy on this run), Complete all other quests before leaving Edgewater though. Complete everything on Groundbreaker (no combat here and lots of xp) and Buy Udoms seal (8k bits) back for him and get the navkey for Byzantium. Also worth mentioning to grab the defective moonman hat in the backroom behind moonman for a +1 Temp. Go to Byzantium and do the board stuff there (cartographer etc) and plant the fake signal on Phineas lab. Also worth completing the actor, sprats and retirement (just sneak otherwise this ones dangerous) quests for extra xp. Sophia gives you the navkey for Monarch eventually. You can completely skip Rosewater though you should probably get the module to turn SAM on there (helps with the Intimidate check), I did the other missions there though because they are fast and not very hard. On Monarch you have to complete both Sanjar and the Ionoclasts questlines, you could probably just kill them but that's dangerous. Apart from that just sprint your way to the radio area and deal with that. leave Monarch (no need to finish the feud there) and follow Phineas questline to the end. The final few missions can be cleared entirely using speech checks and stealth. Doing it this way the only real fighting is at the beginning and during certain parts of Monarch though none of it's particularly hard.
  3. Can already see this being really helpful. thanks for the addon and looking forward to what you might add in the future. My suggestion would be, if possible have the backlog page show the amount of trophies/points to be earnt remaining instead of the total amount for the game/s in question (assuming you have started the game of course).
  4. Oh my, I thought that all the spin-offs were vita only. Hopefully a fan translation comes out at some point for the Love Chu Chu games though. Anyway put me down for Gigalomaniac for now. Currently have the plats for S;G, S;G0 and C;C. Own a copy of C;H but waiting on a translation. Will buy Renri No Darling, Phenogram and C;H Love Chu Chu but wait till after I have played C;H and will wait on Phenogram till I get S;G Elite eventually.
  5. It's in the original games, but no at this point I would say there is no chance of it being fixed officially.
  6. The soulsborne games were only ever hard to learn but not particularly to master. Once you started to get used to the game play style and get used to how to deal with most situations the games actually became pretty easy so long as you weren't putting restrictions on yourself and way of play. This is why most people view their first Soulsborne game as the hardest in the series when in reality it is basically just which one you had to learn first (I started on DS1 and found the others to be reasonably simple, I never really faced a challenge that I would consider incredibly hard to beat. Though I would probably say the closest I got to DS1 learning difficulty was some of the BB chalice dungeons). I assume Sekiro is going to be very much the same, a steep learning curve for the first few hours (to the first boss or so) and then a steady path through the rest of the game as you start just naturally getting noticeably better.
  7. As I mentioned your only chance is to drift in a NA memory mission and hope you can break the lock with a large wave or something else. Spend some time drifting and spamming the brace buttons and the front firing cannon buttons and hope that something causes them to work.
  8. Unfortunately even if you hit the fast travel zones in memories (it can happen) it would just take you out of the memory. Thinking on it a bit more there is a single possibility you could try: Load into a North Atlantic mission that takes place after you become a Templar (so pretty much every mission after the assassin portion, this is because I don't think you're meant to be able to claim the Templar outfit before becoming a Templar) and that starts you on your ship (pretty much all of them). Allow your ship to drift until you come across one of the large waves I mentioned in the OP, follow the steps there and hope that you can manage to gain control through bracing. If you manage to do it remember not to pause the game at any point (the map probably shouldn't be opened either though I can't confirm if that will relock the game. With control of your ship sail (unfortunately without map assist so it might be pretty difficult) to the HMS Miranda and make your way to the door that you get the Templar armor from. Hopefully the cutscene should play out when you get close enough and this should hopefully unlock the game properly. I can't guarantee this will work and there's a good chance that it won't because you're doing this in a memory but it could be worth a try. Even if this doesn't work you can sill use the wave method in a memory to get most trophies bar the legendary ships in North Atlantic.
  9. For waves it was roughly 1-2 hours for the successful brace attempts, for the fast travel zone I left it running overnight and came back to it in the morning to find it in the fast travel zone. I hadn't even considered that would be a solution till I saw it and my first thought was that most of the time I had left it drifting would have been wasted by the fast travel interface. You could potentially drift into the legendary ship battles and I would assume controls would work during them but you wold have to drift to all 4 and my assumption is controls will lock when you return to North Atlantic so your much more likely to hit the fast travel zones.
  10. I recently came into contact with this essentially game breaking glitch, there is no solution online and after much personal testing I have found the solution. What is the glitch? When you acquire the Templars outfit on the HMS Miranda and fast travel away quickly the game locks up and prevents you from doing anything but loading memories. This essentially causes much of the game to be impossible to complete. It is my belief that the glitch is actually caused by the cutscene and not the outfit as most seem to think (removing the outfit does not fix the glitch). How to avoid? If you want to avoid it in the first place then make sure to either leave the outfit as your very last thing or to not fast travel for a few minutes after obtaining the outfit. I have the glitch, what can I do? Depending on what you still require to do in the game it can vary, if you just require things in River Valley and New York then you could consider using previous story missions to get those out of the way, however you wont be able to fast travel and this will probably slow you down considerably. I would consider attempting to fix the glitch even if you don't need the North Atlantic anymore. If you need Anything in the North Atlantic then you will need to fix the glitch, any story mission located there will be locked so they cannot be used. How do I fix the glitch? There's 2 potential options here that I have found, neither is particularly hard or easy but they are both very luck based. Allow your ship to drift in the North Atlantic until a large wave comes, the type that does damage unless you brace. If your ship is angled well then you should be able to brace and after coming out of the brace you should be able to control your ship and use your guns. Just in case try to spam your guns while bracing. I only managed to get this to work once with a wave and another time it randomly allowed me to brace while next to land, though I suspect there was a wave I couldn't see. Once you have control do not pause the game, or enter your ship to change outfits the outfit isn't actually what has caused the glitch, and changing it won't stop it from happening (if you enter the cabin and change outfits when you come back out it will relock) similarly pausing the game locks it again. What you should do is go to the map and fast travel anywhere in River Valley or New York (I went to River Valley can't actually testify for New York). Once there read the next part. Allow your ship to drift in the North Atlantic until you hit a fast travel zone and fast travel to River Valley or New York (I went to River Valley can't actually testify for New York). This is the method I ended up using successfully as I relocked the game both times I used the wave method because I didn't think to fast travel immediately (I thought the outfit was the issue). I just left the game idle overnight and when I came back it was on the fast travel options screen. Once there read the next part. Once you have managed to make it to either River Valley or New York you are pretty much safe, change out of the Templar outfit (unsure if required but just in case) and then make a back up save (again just in case) then fast travel to the HMS Miranda viewpoint. Once you have loaded in the game will play through the cutscene as if you have just unlocked the Templar outfit. Congratulations your game is fixed. Just in case take your time before leaving, I personally rode my ship to one of the towns before I did anything. What doesn't do anything to help fix? Docking into any location will just get you stuck at the wheel Harpooning will make you playthrough the minigame with no hud and resume you drifting after you complete Removing the Templar outfit while still in the North Atlantic if you managed to get unstuck, this will cause you to freeze once you leave the cabin once you exit Fast Traveling anywhere in the North Atlantic from the North Atlantic, untested but all information leads to this freezing the game, it might work if you go to the HMS Miranda but no guarantees. Trying anything in memories, nothing done there will help you. Interestingly however when you load one of the memories a glitchy version of the Templar outfit cutscene plays, this is what gave me the idea of doing anything I could to return to the location that you obtain the outfit and made it clearer that the cutscene is the issue not the outfit. Drifting into a Legendary Battle, again untested but it would probably just have you do the legendary battle and then spit you back out into a frozen North Atlantic.
  11. I got this bug in my playthrough and have managed to find a solution after a lot of testing, there's a few things you can do depending on the trophies you require but if you require anything in the North Atlantic you will have to completely fix the glitch which isn't simple but is possible. If you require anything in the other regions then loading a mission in those regions will allow you to work around most if not all of them (though without fast travel). If you want to fix the bug completely you have two options: Allow your ship to drift in the North Atlantic until a large wave comes, the type that does damage unless you brace. If your ship is angled well then you should be able to brace and after coming out of the brace you should be able to control your ship and use your guns. Just in case try to spam your guns while bracing. I only managed to get this to work once with a wave and another time it randomly allowed me to brace while next to land, though I suspect there was a wave I couldn't see. Once you have control do not pause the game, or enter your ship to change outfits the outfit isn't actually what has caused the glitch, and changing it won't stop it from happening (if you enter the cabin and change outfits when you come back out it will relock) similarly pausing the game locks it again. What you should do is go to the map and fast travel anywhere in River Valley or New York (I went to River Valley can't actually testify for New York). Once there go to point 3. Allow your ship to drift in the North Atlantic until you hit a fast travel zone and fast travel to River Valley or New York (I went to River Valley can't actually testify for New York). This is the method I ended up using successfully as I relocked the game both times I used the wave method because I didn't think to fast travel immediately (I thought the outfit was the issue). I just left the game idle overnight and when I came back it was on the fast travel options screen. Once you have managed to make it to either River Valley or New York you are pretty much safe, change out of the templar outfit (unsure if required but just in case) and then make a back up save (again just in case) then fast travel to the HMS Miranda viewpoint. Once you have loaded in the game will play through the cutscene as if you have just unlocked the templar outfit. Congratulations your game is fixed. Just in case take your time before leaving, I personally rode my ship to one of the towns before I did anything. If you want to prevent the glitch entirely then either leave the outfit for the last thing you do in the game or don't fast travel immediately after grabbing it. From my testing it's more the cutscene that causes the glitch then it is the outfit.
  12. No but you will probably miss a fair few references without the previous games, in terms of story it's completely standalone however.
  13. Alright so here's my write up for Mein Leben. I'll be using Kreeper V's video as reference for most of the strategies with some more advice/alt strats throughout. Kreepers video is a great guide and very informative for many parts of the run and is definitely worth watching, though there are a fair amount of points where safer strats can be applied. Generally Kreeper tries to go fast but few of the sections require such speed and trying to replicate the speed can lead to easy (and deadly) screw ups. Heres Kreeper V's video for reference. So to start some general tips and comments: Personally I ran with dual Machinpistole, I however never honestly tried out the Pistol so I can't say which is better, Machinpistole was just what I found comfortable and rolled with. My upgrade order throughout the run was: Machinpistole (Suppressor), Machinpistole (Nailgun), Sturmgewehr (Marksmans Scope), Sturmgewehr (Armor Pierce), Laserkraftwerk (Supercharge), Machinpistole (Drum Mag), Stockhammer (Ricochet), Stockhammer (Rotor), Laserkraftwerk (Battery Upgrade), Sturmgewehr (Jungle Mag), Stockhammer (Extended Mag). This order can be altered and changed and is not particularly something set in stone however you must have Supercharge for Laserkraftwerk before placing the nuke in Rosswell, as well as making sure that you have Stockhammer upgrades for the final bosses (though there's enough extra upgrade kits that this really should not be an issue, just remember to upgrade it). Pay attention while you playthrough the game to corners/entrances to new zones etc. If you mess up a zone your first priority is either to run like hell and hope you make it to the next zone (not always possible, always comes with risks) or to attempt to retreat to a safe spot and take your time (still risky but this is usually a lot safer so long as you know somewhere relatively safe). Knowing the layout of the level is important and knowing where you can safely retreat to will 100% save your life on occasion. You are going to mess up sections. I cannot stress that enough. Nothing will ever go 100% right and you need to be prepared for what happens when it goes horribly wrong. Sometimes during Kreepers video he handles heavies by first slashing their fuel tanks and then shooting the oil and exploding them, instantly killing them. THIS DOES NOT WORK. I do not know why but for whatever reason this never ever worked, at least not for myself. Every single time I attempted this the outcome was a back explosion however the heavy survived. As a result of this you have to shoot them after the explosion, this completely changed how I tackled the first section of Venus and made other sections ever so slightly riskier. If you do shoot them after the explosion it can count as a stealth kill still however I only ever managed to have that happen once and it just isn't worth taking the risk in most cases. Take it slow if your nervous or unsure of doing a certain strategy. It can be very risky speeding through a section while low on health or without having practiced the section, and so many times it just isn't necessary to rush through. To put it simply if you get caught midway through a section and your not 100% sure what to do you are dead. But if you took your time moving slowly and took out as many enemies as you could as you moved forward a lot of the times you will be able to retreat to safety and deal with enemies as they come at you. Personally I had trouble in Manhattan early on because Kreeper rushes through some of the segments very quickly and unless you practice them it can be easy to get caught out and mess it up. After a few run throughs you will probably feel more comfortable taking the faster routes but I do recommend considering a slower approach your first few times through certain locations. Throwing axes seems amazing and would be amazing. If they worked 100% of the time. About 1/10 times they will glitch in some way, you will "throw" it without actually throwing it (you still lose the axe) this also usually causes a sound and alerts enemies. It sucks when this happens and can completely mess you up if it happens at a bad time. The only way to not have to worry about this is to try and minimise the amount of times your rely on them or be prepared for it to glitch and to throw another. Other issues such as not throwing but instead doing the melee attack when to close to the wall (this happens 100% with the first commander in Venus and is super frustrating) this also causes a sound and will mess you up. They also aren't always 1 hit kills, some of the enemies (heavily armored) will take 2 depending on where you hit them (I think heavily armored rad suit enemies will always take 2 but I can't say for sure). Just be smart about when/where you use one but don't rely on them too heavily. You will die. It will suck. Most of the time you wont have been able to do anything to prevent it. I have died near the very end because I got stuck on awkward geometry and had to restart the game. Just stick to it, you get better and better the more you play and more and more efficient. Eventually you will blitz through the beginning like it is nothing. By the end of my runs I had the entire game memorised, I hope you have good memory because otherwise you will be spending a lot of time referencing the guide. Alright, that's a lot of tips. Let's get started with more indepth section by section: Evas hammer, there isn't much to say about this section apart from the fact that it sucks. I hate this section simply because it's so different from the rest of the game being in the wheelchair and because dying here sucks, a lot. Use Kreepers strats for pretty much all the zones in this starting section. Be careful not to park your wheelchair out to far in the very first doorway because sometimes the first 3 enemies will absolutely light you up if you are too far out. Around 6:53 in Kreepers video he gets shot by the guy in the upper catwalk. Pay attention here and be on the look out in case this guy runs over to that same spot (it's the guy from the right side of the upper catwalk who runs across, not the one from the center) if you do have the same problem immediately back up, go through the electro trap gap where you killed the previous soldier and down to you right. Lean out so that you can shoot back into the room and shoot the gas canister down below the enemies. This should always manage to kill the guy on the upper floor if he has moved to this position. After that just move back and deal with the room normally. At 8:55 going down the conveyor belt there is a canister you can shoot down at the bottom that if timed right should kill both of the soldiers as they run over. Sometimes they just randomly wont die so you still have to be ready to shoot them down but 9/10 times they will die Ausmerzer, this section is really simple. There really isn't anything you should do differently then Kreepers strats, though in the room at 12:53 with the two commanders I generally wait about 10 seconds for the soldiers to walk down and away from the commanders before axing the second commander. If you don't wait then the soldiers will probably notice the commander and go onto alert which can just be annoying. As an extension to this I wait for the solider to be positioned pretty much right under the vent Kreeper drops down from before stealth killing him. After killing him you can just turn around and shoot down the final two guys. Section F, Another relatively simple section however there's some small things to look out for. In the first rooms at 21:12 once you reach the two nazis talking to each other the one on the left will sometimes be turned around. As far as I could tell there was absolutely no reason behind this but it was frustrating the first few times it happened and I wasn't expecting it. Just lean out and try to check if he is facing you or not before you sneak up behind him. Usually you will be able to tell whether he is or not but sometimes he will sorta do one of their "huh" lines as if he spotted you if he is facing your direction without actually getting alerted till your too close. If he is facing you just shoot him and the other guy then wait at the bottom of the stairs, one of the guys from upstairs will come running down and you can take him out easily. After that just go up the stairs and keep walking along, the last two enemies will pretty much just run ou into the middle of the hallway and be easy to shoot. If he isn't looking and you and you can continue to stealth through the section just make sure not to get to close to them as it will turn into a melee takedown instead of an axe throw which might end up with you getting shot a lot by the other guy. At 22:53 instead of axing the commander just sneak up behind and takedown this never failed me and I didn't have to worry about axe glitches/missing. Sometimes (only happened once in 20 runs) there will be a guy walking towards where you are around 23:07 if this happens and you get spotted just sprint on through and up the ladder and you should be fine. At 23:32 I never had the other guys notice me the way they did in Kreepers video but essentially just do it the same. Of note the second guy in the white shirt if your stealthing doesn't seem to be takedownable because of the stairs so just throwing axe him and don't bother trying to takedown him. 24:00 Kreepers strat is solid. Just be aware that sometimes enemies will run along the left upper catwalk (not standing near the laser turret but moving up further) and can shoot you, they are probably the most dangerous because they consistently hit you, but apart from that just take out enemies as they come. The laser turret pretty much wont touch you at all if your standing correctly. Intermission, as another user here mentioned there's a glitch to get an extra upgrade kit after the drone. I personally just run right up to the pipes, turn around and crouch and you can instantly grab it. The armor kit in the ammo depot respawns between missions so make sure to always grab that if you ever need armor. Manhattan, as I mentioned earlier I had trouble in the first few parts of Manhattan on my first few runs. This was due to having trouble executing Kreepers strat fast enough and accurately enough. To note going into this section I would have both suppressor and nailgun on the Machinpistole. At 29:45 Kreeper runs up the hill and immediately kills the guy on the other side of the log. This speed is not necessary and is riskier. Instead walk up the hill and wait for the enemy he kills at 29:53 to walk off and then walk back. He will stop pretty much in the middle of the gap in the wall where you can shoot him (should only take 4 shots with Nailgun). Immediately after killing him sneak across the log and look to your left. The second enemy (Kreeper 30:00) will either be walking towards you or away into the next room (this only happens maybe 1/5 times, if this happens just continue as if you killed him), if he is walking towards you shoot him immediately until he is dead and move up to the doorway sticking to the left side. If done correctly you should be able to lean out and look into the next room and see the commander and another enemy walking out into the center of the room where you can easily shoot and kill them (commander first) after killing them just continue sneaking up to the next zone. Also to note I never managed to have the second commander where Kreeper kills him at 30:45, but once your on the fire escape you can just keep walking to the next section anyway. Before you walk into the room at 30:58 prepare your laserkraftwerk, walk into the room and look down where the drone is flying around, slightly towards the left of where the drone starts is a little broken down bed, I usually aim for the head of that bed as the drone will glide right over that spot allowing you to shoot and kill it instantly. Essentially you want to kill the drone before it flies outside of the building and before dropping down yourself. If you do happen to miss the drone then just wait and eventually it will come back into site (though on the outside of the building) where you can shoot it down. If you kill it outside the building just sprint through the next zone and don't worry about the two enemies at 31:35. If however you managed to kill the drone successfully you can continue to sneak down and drop down into the building following the same path as Kreeper, the enemies will not be on alert and you can sneak around the right side of the car at 31:23 and kill both enemies from behind and proceed to run to the next zone. At 34:53 after killing the second enemy turn left and continue through a hole in the wall on your right. This skips the rest of that building. At around 36:00 I generally would wait till the robot had passed and then continue a building over to your left (past the dumpster with 100 armor) and grab the heavy weapon, running to crouch right infront of the window Kreeper is shooting through at 36:06 (on the inside of the building not the outside) and shooting the robot with that. So long as you are crouched you will take no damage. After that just run immediately up to the spot Kreeper ends up at 37:51, if you were fast enough you will be able to shoot at the enemies which causes them to all run out into the open. Just wait awhile for the dog/commander. Penthouse, Kreepers strat is solid here. Though personally I usually stand on the crates behind the upgrade kit. Just make sure you kill the drone fast and head down the stairs when the first helicopter comes by (usually all the enemy bodies will glitch out so it's pretty clear). Watch out for grenades or any guys potentially hiding in the safe spot. Usually while running towards the spot I will throw a grenade towards the right to make the enemies pause for a second and give me time to get there and to shoot them down. Though this doesn't always help. For the 3rd heavy if it doesn't show up pretty much immediately after you kill the second chances are its coming from the left, usually you will be able to hear it make a noise similar to the noise they make when they charge forwards if its on the left side. Section F Revisit, I use the skip. Intermission, go and grab the upgrade kit from the killing rooms. Roswell, Follow Kreepers strat until 56:08, then DO NOT RUN. This really frustrated me but this is an example of Kreeper doing something needlessly risky that got me killed multiple times because I panicked and missed the jump. Crouch down to the spot Kreeper jumps down from paying attention the the noises the robot makes (it is meant to go to sleep but sometimes it'll stand in place activated, you should be able to tell what it's doing by sound). If the robot is asleep, good, shoot the other enemy walking back and forwards here and then takedown the robot. If the robot is awake then use some intuition and either shoot it down and then the enemy or just attempt the jump. If you managed to take out the robot and the soldier then you should be safe to climb up on the railing that Kreeper does at 56:12 (I like to walk into the corner and climb up, not run along the rail as he does). If you miss the jump don't panic, crouch and make your way immediately back and try again. You shouldn't get caught however usually you have limited time before someone finds a body and the enemies go on alert. If you happened to miss it twice then you will probably get detected but you can generally get one more attempt in sprinting back up. On the train in the final carriage at 59:18 you can just kill the two robots downstairs and then head to the front of the train instead of dealing with the scientist and 2 enemies behind you. The last two enemies will be facing away and can be takedowned. For the elevator I vary from Kreepers strat. Kill the enemy at 1:01:51, then continue forward to the next room and kill the next enemy. Then head back following Kreepers path to the spot he is at 1:02:13, instead of waiting here jump onto the railing and then onto the blueish pipes you can see on your left, walk down them slightly and you should see a red wheel. Jump and stand on top of this and wait for the elevator. Once it arrives stand up and hop over the railing immediately infront of you and make your way to the switch. From here just follow Kreeper. To note I did get spotted by the heavy on the elevator somehow twice while hiding, if this happens run immediately towards the back left side (facing the switch) and kill the heavy, a robot and another heavy using the Sturmgewehrs and then cleanup the rest of the enemies once you reach the top. At 1:05:47 I waited a guard cycle before moving on, this just meant I was always able to take out the guard Kreeper kills at 1:05:53 without risking getting caught. It can be annoying to try and take out the second robot and the final two guys completely stealth and generally taking out one will alert the other (the robot seems to wake up 9/10 times as soon as you kill one of the last two guys) so just be careful. In the room at 1:09:49 the heavy will 50% of the time just randomly know exactly where you are so I didn't bother trying to stealth this properly. What I would do is stealth down and take out the first robot, then take out the other robot from a distance and take cover in the center of the room (immediately in front of where Kreeper is at 1:06:55) and just take out the heavy from afar. This doesn't cause any issues moving forward and there's armor in the room for if you take damage from the heavy. Courthouse, not much to say here apart from the fact that this section is pretty much just skill based. Follow Kreepers strat with one minor alteration (to do with the dog, mentioned soon), keep an eye out for grenades and just kill any enemy you can that gets to spots that are dangerous to you. While dual wielding it's difficulty to shoot through the gap on the right of the ammo crate if not impossible, if you 2h the machinpistole however you can shoot through that gap. This is useful for taking down the second heavy or for killing enemies that are standing back in between the cameras you can see through this gap. The dog. A lot of people have convoluted methods for dealing with this guy, a lot of people call him a run killer. If you follow this then he is 100% a non issue. After you kill the heavies crouch down behind your boxes and look out just slightly to the left of the boxes. Make sure you are in dual wield mode and fully reloaded. Wait maybe 2 seconds (if your nervous don't wait) and just start shooting at the air about dog height. The dog will literally run into your stream of bullets and kill itself. After it's dead just turn around and continue as of 1:17:49. Sometimes the first robot doesn't come up the stairs, just pay attention to how many robots you kill and if you don't kill 3 then just walk slightly out of your room once its safe till you hear an explosion then head back in. The robot will now be running up to you. With the 3 final heavies only the first 2 will actually come towards you, usually I kill them and then run around the upper floor (not heading into the courtroom itself but going up and down the slopes) to the opposite room and looking into the courtroom from here. The last heavy will be facing away from you on the opposite side of the room. He turns around fast so try to blow him up first. Bunker, nothing to change with how Kreeper does things and very little to comment on. Just be careful and make sure your following what he does correctly. In the final rooms with the two commanders be careful as I have had a run where the downstairs commander walked all the way up stairs, noticed me and instantly fired his grenade pistol killing me instantly. New Orleans 1, grab the kit Kreeper mentions at 1:41:07 and then shoot the heavies pack with your stealth guns till it explodes/he dies (if you remember I mentioned the oil explosion isn't an instant kill like Kreeper shows), and just run up to the balcony. Sometimes you might take a small amount of damage and that's fine, I just recommend you go with the second strat for the next section if you do. Do as Kreeper does and kill the Panzerhund however you have two options: Continue as Kreeper does and use his strat (I have had it where an enemy was camping the safe spot stairs and I took damage trying to get to them, it wasn't a death but it's enough to scare the crap out of you) this is faster but riskier. Use my alternate strat. Stay on the balcony, 2 hand the sturmgewehrs and snipe out any enemies that come into sight. If anyone starts shooting at you or you take damage just turn around and head back into the wall, grab some health/armor and return to the balcony. Usually heading back inside will de agro the enemies and they will go back into search mode/walk out into the open and you can abuse this to kill, go back inside when they hide, come back out and kill and repeat. This method is 100% safe though slow (it takes maybe 10 minutes to kill everyone). Regardless what you do just follow Kreeper through the next few sections. At 1:51:49 I just use the hole in the ground there as a safe spot and take the enemies down from here. Just be careful because there's no armor in the downstairs rooms. The heavies only spawn when you walk out onto the street so you are able to heal/armor up in the upper rooms beforehand if need be. Again just be safe and take out the heavies quickly (I use the laserkraftwerk fully charged before I spawn them in to ko the first one). Panzerhund, again as another user has mentioned this method works perfectly: I use the Panzer all the way down to the bottom and till the entrance to the sewers. When you have full armor this is easy as hell. New Orleans 3, I hate the zone at 2:02:11 because it pretty much never goes the same way. Just play it by ear and try to stealth as much guys as you can. I was using the pipe you enter the zone as a safe spot for the heavies however this backfired on me when one of the heavies walked around behind and above the entrance trapping me in it with no way out without getting obliterated so I can't 100% recommend it for your own safety. Again l33sar54 with a helpful tip, though I actually found you can skip the last 4 enemies using the Battle Walker to climb up to the last floor, I wouldn't recommend trying that without practice first however. Venus 1, follow Kreepers strats for the first room, be careful of the commander at 2:10:47 as your axe will dink the wall just as Kreepers does. For the second room as the oil strat DOES NOT WORK there's two alternatives I found: This was a weird one that I found but I honestly don't recommend doing it unless you really want to do the area similarly to how Kreeper does it. Before you enter the room make sure you only have one throwing axe (throw excess at the ground in the room prior) then walk up behind the heavy (not too close, you don't want to cut his tank) and throw your axe at his butt. Immediately after throwing walk into the heavy and spam the melee attack until he dies. For whatever reason because the first throw staggers him nobody gets alerted when you melee him to death so if done successfully you will have successfully killed the heavy without anyone being alerted. The problem with this? Sometimes it just doesn't work and you either don't stagger the heavy or don't kill him fast enough. The reason you throw your axes away is so that you don't accidentally chuck them at the ground after killing him and alerting everyone. You can go and get them back after. Anyway after doing this you would just go and throwing axe the guy sitting down and then takedown the standing one and progress as normal. Go all out and just kill everything guns blazing. Stealth kill computer guy and either do the oil strat to weaken the heavy/maybe kill those other two guys and then just backup to the doorway where you entered the room and kill anything that moves. This is honestly pretty easy and fairly low risk so long as your leaning and not being stupid. You have to deal with I believe 2 heavies (might be 3), 2 robots, a dog and a dozen normal enemies before you can move up to the center rooms where 2 more heavies will be waiting (just walk up till your out of the first room and retreat back to where you came from and the heavies will move out, they wont move until you go forward though so you can't just wait in the safe spot forever). Anyway you pretty much just keep moving forward and taking out anything in the way and you should be fine. Once you reach the scientist rooms just enter, take one out and then backup to where Kreeper is stood at 2:15:44 and kill the 2 robots and half dozen scientists. Venus 2, As you see in Kreepers vids it's pretty easy for parts to go wrong here so be prepared for when they do. When heading through the doors at 2:18:38 stick to the left side as I have had the heavy see me straight away when I entered because I was too far to the right. 2:22:35, take out the robots and then take out the heavy after he passes your doorway on his second rotation. Take out the drones and the last robot that appear. I do it this way so that in the off case I had to retreat in the next zone I didn't have them behind me (this never actually happened but as you see it happened to Kreeper where he had to retreat). This is pretty much no risk as there is a lot of health/armor around. For the next area just do what Kreeper explains you would do in stealth (stick to the right, take out the guy over the gap, then up the stairs, take out the next guy and the commander and leg it. You don't need to kill robo dog just run past it). 2:33:00, you have to put some shots into the heavy after blowing up the oil for this to work. I have messed up this section before but you are able to run back to the room you came from and kill the enemies from there. Because of this I kill the robot on my way up (this is safe and easy). Conveyor belt 2.0. As you might know there is a bug where one of the enemies doesn't path properly and you can't shoot him. He will appear on your left if you look at Kreepers vid at 2:36:24. Now if you have full health and shield you should be fine but if this happens to me (and most of the times it did) I would throw a grenade at the wall behind him, usually it bounces off and misses (I actually killed him once though) but it still should cause him to stop for a few seconds and give you more of a chance. Take the next section slow, there's no need to rush. I've died here because i set the alarm and got stuck in a room with the robo-dog. It's not nice. There is also no armor and little health in the entire section. It sucks especially after unlucky damage to conveyor. At 2:38:07 idk why Kreepers guys were acting weird but what should happen is there's only one guy who paths back and forwards on the far bridge. You can take him out easy and then take everyone else out as they aren't looking at you. Final room you can do as Kreeper does or you can equip a shotgun, walk completely straight jump over the counters and up to the globe and shoot it when you are literally touching it and drop straight down. Nobody will notice you till you shoot if done correctly. Intermission, Get the ramshackles and upgrade them, they are a god send and the armor regen makes the final so much easier. Ausmerzer, here we are the very end. Nervous? Don't be. Most of the final level isn't that hard and at this point is nothing you shouldn't be ready for. Have confidence in your skills and know that you got this. I just want to point out at the start of the level if you don't move enemies come from behind you and they will shoot you. I almost got killed because I didn't move and was swapping weapons. Crouch after pushing the button at 2:45:45 and shoot down that drone asap before you move to the spot Kreeper uses. Be super attentive for the grenades, I died straight away my first time because a grenade was thrown while the drone blew up and I thought it was just a piece of the drone and lost 100/100 health armor instantly. There is 5 guys in this room so just keep count as you kill them. 2:55:10, sometimes I would take damage to the heavy if I was standing however I never took damage while crouched. So, crouch. After killing the guy at 2:56:12 I like to turn around and take the long way around the room to circle around behind the final guy so I don't screw up like Kreeper does. He should never turn around so this is completely safe. 2:58:47, Don't go to the boxes Kreeper goes to and just stick back on the stairs and watch the dog, if it comes running then back up SLOWLY so that you don't run over the edge to fast and run off and die. That can happen and it sucks. Anyway take it out as Kreeper does and then wait however long for the commander to come out (I had to wait like 5 minutes), take him out and then just take everything else out using the stairs as cover. The final, watch Kreepers vid thoroughly before you start. Remember, You Got This. Make sure you're at full health/armor and make sure your Stockhammer is fully upgraded. Make sure your Laserkraftwerk has full ammo. With Ramshackles this fight isn't too difficult as there are plenty of armor drops throughout and the regen will keep you topped up. The most important thing is to make sure you kill the first 6 heavies quickly and make your way down into the H. In the H area there is a total of 75 armor you can pick up and 3 shotgun ammo crates close to the front right entrance. The shotguns have surprisingly long range especially in the H section so don't worry about shooting enemies from distances, most of the time they will go down with 2 shots (2 bursts from each gun). Just keep running around and be alert of any enemies coming down. I'm pretty sure there is a limit to how many enemies will spawn but I can't say with 100% certainty. Once you feel you have killed enough go topside and take down the robots. Make sure you don't miss your shots and just keep moving. If you need health/armor here is whats up for grabs: Armor 130 bottom right Armor 40 and Health 120 top right Armor 50 top left Armor 50 and Health 120 bottom left Once you have killed the robots kill any stragglers from a distance, don't run right up to them and get yourself killed. I almost did that myself. BJ will talk once everything is dead. Congratulations, you did it. Go and finish off Frau Engel in probably one of the most satisfying victories you will ever feel. This ended up being pretty damned long but I hope it can help some people out. Just remember, all of the guides and my own advice above is only advice. You're probably going to find some things just don't work for you and that's fine. You need to be ready to make your own way through parts but you will get there in the end. Just gotta stick to it and not give up.
  14. I managed to finish, I've never had such a sense of euphoria and stress release after beating a game anything I could say would be an understatement for how much of an achievement completing this feels like. Sure it might not take as long as some other games (I've maybe clocked 75 hours or so, I took my first playthrough very slowly on death incarnate without guides and practicing my own ways through encounters.) but in terms of skill it's up there near the top. I'll probably do a write up for some of my own tips and findings throughout the game a bit later. To anyone else attempting this, keep trying you will get better and you will get faster and faster, by the end my runs were down to roughly 4-5 hours if I had no breaks.
  15. Managed to make it back through to New Orleans - Lakeview but died in the section with the two heavies. They randomly got alerted while dealing with the other soldiers and I tried backing up to the pipe you enter from, which usually works however the laser heavy decided to walk around above and behind me and stay there leaving me with the only option of running out of the pipe. Of course while trying to get out the debris makes it hard to run straight out and I bounced around to get killed by the heavy shooting me from behind. Unfortunate but at least something caused by my own error. Generally it takes me roughly 3 hours to get to Venus and so far I can pretty consistently get through there. The main places I seem to be dying apart from random alerts or other bullshit is penthouse (I've had a few runs now where either the drone refuses to go to somewhere I can shoot it until the point where I have to run down from the upgrade corner, or for some reason enemies don't even come up the stairs and just camp the room downstairs I use) and courthouse (mostly fair deaths, sometimes you just get hit by stray bullets/heavy explosions etc). Honestly harder then anything is trawling through the first hour (reach penthouse in an hour and courtroom in about 1:30 - 2 hrs) or so to get past the starting sections where I never die anymore.