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  1. I remember playing Fahrenheit and enjoying it to a certain degree until I ran into giant fleas. Just turned of the console and never played the game ever again.
  2. There are still plenty of people playing the game online. The base game trophies can be done easily alone however it would be a waste of time because if you're boosting the DLC trophies in a group you'll get journey trophies along even faster. I was part of a huge boosting session of 30 people or so. And the start was a bit chaotic but once everyone knew what to do it becomes a much faster process. I think it took me about one week doing all the multiplayer trophies. I also recommend to read a guide on the journey trophies if you're going after them because you can screw up pretty fast in the middle of a journey and that would turn couple of hours of work into nothing. Did 100% RDR but Last of Us multiplayer trophies are much easier compared to Red Dead and certainly less glitchy. I still wake up in the middle of a night covered in sweat because of the Kingpin and Po Po Poker face trophies.
  3. I bought a PSTV for the sole reason to play this game and it was much more worth it than I thought. Not only did I had the chance to play this game but Persona 2 and 1 as well. P2 is fantastic 1 not so much though. The PSTV is a great alternative as it's cheaper and you can play on big TV which I prefer by far than playing on small screen. However not all games that can be played on VITA can be played on PSTV.
  4. Call me crazy but I found Uncharted 4 to be very overrated. Especially the first hours are a real bore because you have to sit through countless cutscenes talking about struggles, emotions and what not. It becomes a much better game half way through but that's still half of the game being boring cutscenes. Lost Legacy did it much better and felt like a huge improvement in that regard.
  5. That would've been a nice month if I didn't own both of those games already...
  6. Jak 2 has to be the worst game I've played in a long time. Incredibly tedious and boring to play. Crappy mission designs with way to much filler, running from A to B almost the entire game and ulikeable characters, except for Dexter. Unfortunatly Dexter alone can't save this trash of a game.
  7. I got the plat. Thanks a lot totallycrushed. Saved me a lot of time a nerves. I will always remember you when seeing the DS plat, lol.
  8. I know you've mentioned it in the FAQ already but is there any possibility you could change the location to 1-4 just this once. I've messed up somewhere and my world tendency didn't reach "pure white" so I'm stuck missing half of the events. I'm at SL 130 too but the only boss that is left is the last one. I wish I've stumbled upon your post earlier.
  9. Talking about douchebags but then charging people 5 bucks for help. Can't help myself but point out the irony in this one.
  10. I really started to detest the series after I started playing this one. I went in blind except for knowing it's somewhat similar to Sly and Ratchet and Clank which I liked. The first game was alright and I found the characters to be very well made and interesting. But this one is making me rage almost in every mission and I genuinly feel sick playing it. Right now I muted the game altogether and have some of my music playing in the background to avoid going insane. It's just maddening how they managed to fuck up everything in this game except for Daxter perhaps. The driving and gunfights are aboslutely horrible. The story just plain sucks, the characters are all unlikable except for Daxter again and the missions design is collection of most detested mechanics in the gaming industry. That is time limited driving from one point to another and time limited escort missions where waves of policemen from GTA are ramming into you non stop. I always try to play a game properly to see what it has to offer but this time I'm using every available glitch out there to shorten the playtime.
  11. I just want to pass by and say thanks to BrandonSmithy again for helping me with all item related trophies. Saved me a lot of time and nerves. Dude's awesome.
  12. All done.
  13. PSN: DonGurke93 System: PS3, PS4, PSTV(lel) Blank Friend Requests: Doesn't bother me at all so go ahead. I'm more of a casual trophy hunter but I'd like to see some people on my friendlist to compete with. Also if we have a game in common and you need some help I'll help.