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  1. Thanks for the info, now I have a better picture on what I have to do. Once I'm done with MGS1 I'll go straight to MP of Peace Walker.
  2. Sounds good. How much time would it approximately take to do them all?
  3. Basically I got the MGS The Legacy Collection recently and from all the games included only Peace Walker has online trophies. I'm planning on playing and platinum the MGS games in order they were released so this one would be somewhere at the bottom. I looked at the trophy guide but it doesn't really specify how the multiplayer works so my question is whether I can start the game and do the online trophies first so I wouldn't have to worry about servers closing and making the plat unobtainable. Then come back and play the game properly after I was done with the previous ones.
  4. Not going to touch it unless the game has a battle royale mode.
  5. I'm at the annoying part where I have to grind to get all of the weapon upgrades. I do have the DLC and decided to play the game normally instead of speed running it on my first playthrough. Completed about 95% of all the side quests and I can assure that all but 2 of them reward you with money only, 2 of side quests in part 2 reward you with weapons. In fact most of the side quests will require you to give some random NPC materials so you'll be wasting them instead of getting rewarded. The ones in part 2 however help a lot towards the "Man of Means" trophy where you have to get 1.000.000 coins since most of them reward you with 20k at least. I'd say the DLC helps a lot with farming. So far I had about 10 runs and was able to get shit ton of Rusted Clumps, 4 Eagle Eggs, Pyre, Meteorite, Fluorite , Amber, Moldavite, Titanium Alloy and Gold Ores. The Eagle Eggs are the hardest to come by if playing without DLC. My strategy after every cours through the DLC is searching the village for Giant Eggs and then traveling to Seafront for Black Pearls then traveling back to the village. Edit.: All of the items mentioned are found in boxes after the third Door on the third level.
  6. Found a video of a guy gathering most of the rumors surrounding the game and so far most of them hint that it will be a survival online RPG with base building elements which makes sense if you keep the trailer in mind. To be fair I wasn't thrilled when I saw the announcement trailer after what they did with F4 but if the rumors turn out to be true then Bethesda can shove it. I liked them back then when they released Skyrim and F3 (New Vegas doesn't count because it was made by Oblivion) but after that they fell from grace with Skyrim "Speical" Edition ports for every device that has a screen and Creation Club. The video I was talking about:
  7. I'm very much looking forward to it. If I remember correctly there are 2 other authors working, or were working on the script so the game might turn out to be the best one from Quantic Dream. I enjoyed Heavy Rain and even Beyond Two Souls. Suprisingly I felt like BTS was even more memorable than HR. Still, I wouldn't preorder and probably won't be buying it until most of the reviews are in. There still is a chance it could be something different from what I am expecting. I kind of was following the game from 2012 when it even wasn't a game but a simple tech demo. I thought it was fantastic.
  8. You have to create an account using your PS4, atleast that's how I did. It will ask you for your adress at some point. Just google a place from that country and put it in. Another way to play games from other regions is retail copies. I have Persona 4 from EU and an US retail copy sitting on my desk. Haven't played it yet, but it will display trophies from 2 different regions.
  9. I'd say in a rather particular order: 1) Persona 4 2) Persona 5 3) Last of Us 4) God of War 3 5) God of War 2
  10. Where did you get that from?
  11. I wish they would do something with Persona 3 instead. I'd rather see it on PS4 in some form with trophy support. To think of it there was a rumor almost a year back with P3 being a PS2 classic on PS4. I still hope to open up the PS store one day and see it sitting right there.
  12. I've read the article you provided and it left me a with a sour taste at the end. The writer tries to glorify how much more immersive the new camera angle is but I would argue the sole fact that you have Kratos taking up half of the screen ruins the immersion. There is no character creation in GoW (yet) so you can't customize yourself nor is it first person so the immersion isn't there for me. What I think the writer is correct about is the fact that the camera from previous games provided "spectacle" and the nature of "godlike adventures". It's missing in this one. There is also the the practical usage of the camera which was my original complaint in my first post. While in combat the camera feels very limited especially when you fight fast enemies who leap from one angle of the battlefield to another. It wasn't an issue in the previous games because most of the time you could see almost everything what was going on. I'm at a point where I'm doing collectibles and I couldn't agree more with you. I've seen couple of people arguing the game is much better than any Ubi game when it comes to busy work. But the sheer amount of collectibles in this one is simply tedious and says otherwise. Haven't tried Muspelheim and Nilfleheim but those could've been accessed through the main menu just as the Challenges or Temple of Zeus from Ghost of Sparta. For me the open world takes much more than it gives. The only enjoyable part of all the busy work I've done so far was doing favours for the dwarves. I thought those were fun. I think the game still sucks but I would probably word myself a bit different when talking about the developers. From my point of view the issue is where the focus was pointed at, and that was graphics, presentation, and technical achievement rather than gameplay and level design.
  13. Lol, I find it precious how much you care about me and how you passive aggressively try end the thread for the second time now. Do you seriously think I wouldn't know what the general reception would be? There are still plenty of people who are agreeing with me and that's fine. So why should I waste my time on couple of offended people, like yourself, who call me a troll because I wrote something negative about their favourite "11/10 masterpiece game, amIrite?". I've been playing this game more and I've noticed more things that are absolutely lackluster and boring. So speak for yourself. The boss variety is actually very terrible compared to most other GoW games. There are about 4 "unique" fights, 2 of them involve fighting the same guy. 1 of them is okay. Another one where you fight the pair (not going to name them) reuses the basic shield enemy and Traveler guy moveset with some additions. This is pathetic. In fact the game reuses a lot. I stopped counting how many of those giants with poles I have been fighting. You backtrack about 3 or 4 times the same area even though you could teleport and spare 15 minutes running around. What kind of horribible game design is that? It's like the game tries to stretch itself making everything cumbersome when there is no need to.
  14. Pretty much this. I bought the game because I liked the previous games not because it has easy trophies. Trophies are a little bonus for me, even if the game is not good atleast I can try and go for the bonus and get my money worth for something. It does feel a bit less like I wasted my money and didn't get anything from it.
  15. Does it work for you both ways or do you disregard only things that contradict your opinion? There is a picture in the "God of War reveiw thread" with some quotes from reviews claiming God of War is "Game of Generation" and it's a "Triumphant Reinvention" and how it's "Best God of War game". Are those reviews null and void too because those are some heavy clickbait?