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  1. What a shame. Look how they massacred my boy.
  2. German dude here who plays less lately because of work but I would appreciate some invites and maybe someone to play RDR2 with. My PSN is TheLastLion93
  3. Completed 5 different Persona games so far. Persona 5, Persona 4 Golden, Persona 3,4 and 5 Dancing which puts me in Golden is Unbreakable list.
  4. Those jumps are so fucking random I can't even. Sometimes you can jump 3km wide and land without a scratch, most of the time of course you don't. Sometimes you slip on a stone and fall of the bike after a 2m jump. Did anyone from the dev team tried any of those challenges and thought it was good idea. It's just so annoying to have a perfect run and then the fucker falls from the bike for no apparent reason. Most challenges are fun but it really feels like some weren't even tested before rolling them out for the public.
  5. Looking for some people to play RDR2 online and boost some trophies naturally, although it's not going to happen in the near future but still. Currently working on Arkham Knight and Phantom Pain to plat but would still appreciate to meet some new people. My PSN ID: TheLastTiger93
  6. I always cringe when people start taking threads like this personal because they liked the game. Asking when the games starts to become less dull is a legit question. I remember playing Witcher 3 on release and finding the introduction to be very dull but once past that the game opened up and I've completed it couple of times since then. Maybe stop being emotional would be the first step to understand that.
  7. I guess I'm one of those white knights so here we go. Nowhere did he say the game is easy, he said it's dull. You can ramp up the difficulty in most games, but it doesn't mean it will cure it from being boring. Besides some of us don't like sitting through 10 hours of gameplay spoiling half of the story to see if the game is worth it or not. Most of the time Ubi games start to suck after you invested couple of hours and the repetition kicks in. I'd be happy if I had a magic glass ball where I could predict if the game sucks ass and is not worth my time.
  8. When you've been playing Fallout since F1 and see people defending this abomination because it has base building and is online. Hurts mah heart!
  9. I was sort of in the same boat as you OP except my main platform was PC. My first JRPG was Persona 5 and as someone who absolutely detests anime and turn based games I was blown away by it. It took me 100 hours to complete and 200 in total to plat the game and I enjoyed all of that time. I've played couple of other JRPGs like Ni no Kuni 1 and 2 and Nier Gestalt after that but I have to say Ni no Kuni is very shallow. Nier on the other hand while was enjoyable can't really hold up with the Persona Franchise.
  10. Interesting, didn't know that. I was automatically assuming they didn't count towards Zoologist trophy because I always had 100% on them without studying.
  11. There is no "Study" option on legendary animals. You can track, kill and skin them.
  12. An Andalusian. And I will ride it from Soviet Union to Costa Rica.
  13. Hey everyone, so I'm fighting my way through the whole MGS franchise at the moment and I had a lot of fun. (started with MGS1 and now I'm at Peace Walker) However since Peace Walker takes lots of time to plat and RDR2 is at the door I asked myself if I shouldn't just go straight to MGS5 for both online trophies so I would have them out of the way and wouldn't have to worry about server closure later on. I was thinking of going straight for the Deterrence trophy as soon as possible and then play the game later on from scratch. From my understanding it's easier to earn resources with game being at 1.00 which I have so my questions is what do I have to aim for in the game to get the trophy as soon as possible. Missions, equipment etc. And how much time would it take me to get there (minus the 24 hours requirement).
  14. The Last of Us Remastered is the only game which has online trophies that I've platinumed without boosting. I genuinly dislike playing multiplayer on the PS. Unfortunately most of the singleplayer games have multiplayer nowadays so you have to go through the hassle to arrange boosting sessions if you want to get them done as quickly as possible. In fact the reason why I ended up on this site is because I was looking for people to boost online trophies.
  15. Thanks for the info, now I have a better picture on what I have to do. Once I'm done with MGS1 I'll go straight to MP of Peace Walker.