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  1. I like Saturdays, its my gaming day as I barely have any anymore :(

    2. NightRusticDawn


      That is what you get for having a family and a job, scrub!



      lol 😂

    3. Wuthg21


      Saturdays are the days which i mostly work all year round :(

  2. Link the Reddit posts.
  3. Oh now it's "multiple rediit posts" ? Link them or you are lying Again.
  4. I'm not going to tell you "I told you so" [email protected] This is not a dispute thread, flags can be lifted. It's not "highly buggy" it's bugged and requires physical disc. There was evidence this was the case for the last 7 months. There have been videos and screenshots of it since febuary. No mention of main account, Can't prove you played the game as much as you have. No proof of that reddit link being a thing. No proof to show it's unobtainable with the physical version. You have fallen short on EVERY claim you've made. You are branded a liar sir, man up to it and don't pull the victim card. Of course people will call you our for being a fucking liar.
  5. Nice going for insults to prove your point. people have responded to you many times and you blabber on about nonsense and twist around the same answer over and over again I think he meant that is done trying to explain it to you as you cant understand it nothing you said about trophy screenshots is relevant for the trophy. its fucking silly that you claim to have proof of a reddit post and you are to lazy to link it and ask others to give you the info. you must fail school much.
  6. Well put as always Night! I did sign the Petition to help the little man
  7. Why should someone get more then x amounts of flags then others. If someone hacks and gets removed from the leaderboard why should that person have more priviledge to be back on it then someone else. For me that means if someone is able to have multiple email accounts and PSN accounts they don't get to abide to the sites rules, or follow it less then someone that cant have more PSN accounts. It would also be interesting if possible to see how many of the people that have been removed from the leaderboard comes back just to get flagged over and over again.
  8. Need to start using PSNP a bit more... I only use this place for tracking..Seems to be tons of nice people here.

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      Do you have your profile set to public?

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      Maybe ask for help in the forum. 

    4. NinisSuto


      Thanks I'll head there after my cake being eaten!

  9. Alt accounts should be linked so even if you make 5 new accounts to cheat the system you will still have the Same position on the board so if you cheat enough times that's it forever. Also this site is way to easy going on hackers and cheaters, what about the youtubers that hack and cheat for trophies? They say often they hate the mods anyway so why not remove them, Carlohas comes to mind. If he hacks over and over again, IP block him. I'm a bit extreme with my opinions I guess but I don't think you can have a leaderboard and let cheaters just make alt accounts. Or better yet, you don't deserve to be on it.