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  1. Ah thanks, was dreading going up to 50 missions.
  2. I thought it was 34 from having a quick look at a game pressure guide but now I'm seeing the numbers 40,42 and 50 on steam forums. Does anyone know?
  3. After being locked out because of the glitched license plate, I found myself wanting to play it again the next day anyway. Played it through the next few days, backed up save after each area 100% and made sure to not get any collectibles near death. Finally got the platinum in and it was easy. Game did crash for the first time after getting a landmark but luckily didn't break anything.
  4. Straight after the tutorial mission you can equip it when you go to the grotto.
  5. Sapphire Bay at the lighthouse. I died just after getting it and it didn’t count, but doesn’t show anymore to collect.
  6. Is that 1.03 because collectible was still glitched on that for reference.
  7. Easy platinum and can be done that quick. I recommend uploading a save every hour though at least. My collectible has glitched after I died, so I can’t pick it up anymore but it didn’t register as collected.
  8. At least you can get into the raid. Every single time I get the Delta 3 error so I can't even join a raid.
  9. I wouldn’t bother with infinite machine gun but would get the infinite handgun. Do the handgun and AR with Carlos at the hospital. Magnum/GL/Shotgun with Jill at the underground fuse area or the next area. Then you should get enough points for the infinite launcher which you can then farm the hospital end section for kills with the rocket. I’d recommend the second bit of the fight where they spawn 10 or so zombies in front of you. Kill those and then just aim at the door frame and hold the trigger. Should get about 120 kills before they stop spawning.
  10. You do not need to get everything in one play through. I missed a weapon part, 2 documents and 7 dolls. I got the trophies and records for getting the missing stuff. All documents will be there to pickup and your files in the inventory will reset but you only need to get the ones you are missing. Charlie dolls do not respawn so if you have already destroyed the doll then you will not see it.
  11. I found the best place for Jill is the first main area in the underground section. Make a save on normal play through, reload the save after and run through the area collecting any ammo needed. Make another save then go out and get killed to change save to assisted. Save for the last time. Then run through and shotgun everything or magnum. Should get you around 13 kills in about 3-4 mins. Kill everything but the hunter.
  12. At Ashina Stairway if you use the video posted as an example, you can get around 8k/minute. Don’t drop attack the first guy, just drop down and backstab after. The two guys going up the stairs, backstab one and smoke ninjitsu him then backstab the other, then go back to the shrine after that. 42 secs a cycle for 5.7k xp. Antechamber I was getting around 9k/minute with sugar so maybe it comes or around even.