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  1. does it count if my sniper #1 fell off the ledge after i hit him a few times? i went back to revisit the area and he wasn't there any longer, or his turret. I can backtrack to an earlier save prior to little johnny boss fight but I'd rather move forward if i can. I just worry the trophy might be bugged if he fell off and the game didn't count him as me killing him.
  2. I started revisiting Fallout 3 for ps3 this month. Be sure to press L2 + R2 + Square right after it says "loading trophies" and keep holding until you see logo and press start both disappear. This clears game cache. Also helps to delete ALL other save games and game data from ps3 besides Fallout 3 if you are still having trouble.
  3. It's my last trophy for platinum. I did not get full armor set to drop both times fighting Black Cerberus. I have head, body, legs, weapon. No arms. I cannot seem to locate enemies on the map either that are Black Cereberus. It's always MG Cerebrus or Chrystalis. Can someone tell me where they spawn? It's my last trophy!
  4. I can't get the lover boy trophy to unlock. 3 times now replaying the chapter to forgive Madison.... FML