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  1. I changed my name to Seth_Loyce as soon as the option was available, am I fucked?
  2. I'm being absolutely unable to unlock Blade of Justice. I got Triple Threat easily on Lara's nightmare though.
  3. Gravity Rush and Uncharted GA, ended up loving GR, but Uncharted was mediocre at best.
  4. I definitelly recomend it, had lots of fun with it and it reminded me of NieR from the very beginning.
  5. There are 5 endings, but I must spoil some shit in order to explain them. The other two endings must be done on NG+ (And one's quite tricky, but not much) In case I explained myself horribly, I have videos for the Joke, Bad and Early ending, they should help: Hope that helps, and sorry If my english went terribly wrong.
  6. Is this game still suposed to come out in our platform..?