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  1. It's such a great game that flopped so hard it made me sad, so glad if it's true!
  2. RE2 did not need DLC yet it got some stuff for free, thing is RE3 is definitelly not worthy of it's pricetag when compared to other capcom titles like Monster Hunter World, DMC V or even RE2. They knew that and sacrificed Resistance in order to keep people from complaining, because hey, you're ALSO paying for resistance, when honestly, majority of players don't give a shit about. I'm not surprised, but calling it finished considering how short it is and that there's literally nothing to do besides playing it again it's just sad.
  3. I actually LOVE what they did, they got me EXCITED to see what happens next. I wouldn't be feeling ANYTHING otherwise and the original game will always be there.
  4. I was happy until I saw that the survivor isn't James. Pyramid Head shouldn't be there unless James is. Gosh, Konami keeps on not giving a single shit.
  5. Hopefully not because I'm not ready too boost that garbage.
  6. I would because my family played way too many FPS I don't give a shit about in my account.
  7. I changed my name to Seth_Loyce as soon as the option was available, am I fucked?
  8. I'm being absolutely unable to unlock Blade of Justice. I got Triple Threat easily on Lara's nightmare though.
  9. Gravity Rush and Uncharted GA, ended up loving GR, but Uncharted was mediocre at best.
  10. I definitelly recomend it, had lots of fun with it and it reminded me of NieR from the very beginning.
  11. There are 5 endings, but I must spoil some shit in order to explain them. The other two endings must be done on NG+ (And one's quite tricky, but not much) In case I explained myself horribly, I have videos for the Joke, Bad and Early ending, they should help: Hope that helps, and sorry If my english went terribly wrong.
  12. Is this game still suposed to come out in our platform..?