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  1. haha soccer
  2. If you're gonna flat out lie on your dispute what's the point? You obviously have MW2 along with both ACs on PS3 because you have to have a list to report.
  3. his time stamps have been discussed, the staff have seen it and the flag hasn't been lifted. i suggest you actually read the thread before jumping down my throat. people here are asking for video proof, what does he have to prove, he time stamps are fine. think you need to take a look at yourself being so negative to a person you don't know and a thread you clearly haven't taken time to read. also staff remove posts for derailing/making jokes all the time; yet it's ok for them to do so?
  4. the threads been completely derailed (by staff too) and no one cares. this site is shocking to be honest and a lot of the staff are terrible hyprocrites. the mantra of guilty until proven innocent is the psnp way
  5. If you run into a building from below you will gain score like you're running normally. This can be done on any building or structure in the game! I made a vid to explain:
  6. People use certain trophies to show information for multiple trophies. For instance , the video and text around that trophy links to multiple trophies but if you'd got that in a casual play through what then?
  7. There's always been a bunch of crazies on this site who have hugely inflated egos and can't correctly communicate without rude and aggressive language; a few of whom are staff members (no names named). I just purely use the site to track and use the guides, which are great and are usually created by excellent members of the community. It's a shame the forums on this site have become a policed state but eh.
  8. Brilliant, thanks very much for all your help man; appreciate it!
  9. This looks awesome! What trophies did it get you?
  10. actually sick idea, thanks
  11. Does anyone know any videos/guides of like a model city walk through that will get all the trophies. Would be very helpful to me as I don't really get this game lol
  12. you got ur plat before 2 trophies
  13. just keep trying, i had the same issue but eventually got through
  14. 2 dailies, both group B cars; so all in for that trophy today guys! Good luck on the stages!
  15. Modded lobbies can give spec ops trophies