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  1. Brilliant, thanks very much for all your help man; appreciate it!
  2. This looks awesome! What trophies did it get you?
  3. actually sick idea, thanks
  4. Does anyone know any videos/guides of like a model city walk through that will get all the trophies. Would be very helpful to me as I don't really get this game lol
  5. you got ur plat before 2 trophies
  6. just keep trying, i had the same issue but eventually got through
  7. 2 dailies, both group B cars; so all in for that trophy today guys! Good luck on the stages!
  8. Modded lobbies can give spec ops trophies
  9. they might, i have had experience with getting the discount before
  10. contact support
  11. Just play the last mission again, it will pop
  12. Mate don't even bother. People on this site are actually insane when it comes to any discussion around this and their sacred leaderboards; anything to do with common sense is thrown out the window. Take for instance the dispute you just posted in, the repliers can't even comprehend that he's stating the report reason and instead splurt out things like 'You admitted you cheated.' Save your time and move away from this cancerous site.
  13. Firstly Merry Christmas Zoutjes! My favourite platinum from this year would have to be Heavy Rain Remastered. A game I got originally on the PS3 near release that I thoroughly enjoyed but never got the plat, to revisit and love all over again with the excellent story, interesting gameplay and split second decisions it's one of my favourite games of all time. Happy holidays!
  14. Use gaming sessions:
  15. Ah thank you