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  1. I'm not sure you quite understand the definition of winning. It is coming first...
  2. Read you question? DO YOU NEED 1st PLACE TO WIN? Obviously?
  3. Firefly pendant, the symbolic power behind the resistance (fireflies) is very intriguing for me. Heavily can see it mirrored to Hong Kong currently. Not something that I could abuse to earn money or whatever, just a cool meaningful cosmetic.
  4. It was a beta, the mini map is back. Glad to see you did your research
  5. my bad
  6. Darkest Dungeon, Enter the Gundegon and Risk of Rain; also its roguelike not lite.
  7. Very cool of you
  8. Opinions on the game? Worth a purchase?
  9. This is very passive aggressive and isn’t exactly promoting new members get involved with the community if they get replies like that when they ask questions they’re curious about. The moderation is fine, overly moderated forums lead to less activity, boring threads and no actual discussion. We wouldn’t be able to discuss this right now if we had a crackdown mod team that filtered every single thread to death; I fully disagree with having more mods and stricter mods. I know you’re not suggesting stricter moderation that but that’s what would occur with an increase of moderators. This in turn is why I think it’s unnecessary criticism. I understand the view point but I don’t like this stance, answering the question and moving on is much more beneficial for all parties. The only reason I think people comment with negative connotations like you mention is because people will give them likes for a ‘funny’ or ‘witty’ response like some of the replies above you.
  10. You talk about burying the thread yet you’re the one making an issue here, causing people to talk on it and in turn not burying it. He got his answer and yet you feel the need to complain and moreover have a go about the staff team and the amount of forum moderation. You're not trying to bury the thread, you’re attempting to cause problems and in turn being rude to new members and to the staff.
  11. Nice attitude to new members. Really wouldn't want to see someone with this attitude as a mod so I'm happy with the current team.
  12. Like this
  13. Props to you for defending this dude; he hasn't acted rudely in this thread as @Sir_Bee suggests. A lot of people on this site seem absolutely insane; glad that there's someone around who's a little more relaxed.
  14. Stop being so condescending, it's a trophy and you sound like a complete cretin. Quit your bullshit high and mighty facade; I pity how seriously you take this.
  15. Time based trophies are dead