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  1. Anything yet? Anyone have anything more on information for the plat?
  2. I think the races are updated weekly now, yeah. I'm just missing a few now. Trying to grind out standing points for the vent kids. It's just taking me for ever D;
  3. Are the races even updating anymore. I swear it's been 3 days and it's been the same races available. that and they seem to have stopped updating the map all together :c
  4. okay, okay, no need to get nasty. I'm just not a good reader so, you know, I don't read much.
  5. lol we could all just be bots honestly x D But we have every right to come to the defense of a friend. This is a case after all. I just won't think they're cheaters, ya know.
  6. So, I haven't played the game but, just from looking at the 3 disputed trophies, Impossible Boy - says "Beat Cotton Alley dark world without dying" switch satisfies The Real End - "You completed the Dark World..." and if these are the last things to complete to get 1OO% it would satisfy I'm A Golden God! - "got a 1OO%" and then the plat right after. But without playing the game, doesn't seem far fetched I just don't know how the levels link or whatever But as far as the order in which the popped, I've had games that pop them out of order when they're all popped together. Kinda like when you auto sync Shape Sounds on a different system after get that first plat or 1OO%.
  7. I like your attitude No but in all seriousness, It's super hard. Got any tips for making it easier?
  8. R.I.P
  9. thanks! go to know.
  10. Did they disappear afterwards?
  11. Basically it's a matter of coordinating everyone to get on at the same time. Once you get online with the game, that's it. you'll be erased from the servers after. So let's agree on a time, accept them friend requests and everyone be ready. Once we start, that's it. A single shot at it.
  12. It's only broken for PC users
  13. same, I'm definitely considering giving @DSRage $1O as well. I mean, this has to be the most infamous trophy ever. You'll be doing us a huge service.
  14. Same. It would be killer. D; Like them reach master rank 30 I think I'd rather not.
  15. The Chimera Prologue Quest already Dropped. It's kinda short. Activate it by touching the Lotus Helmet again in you Quarters You get a sword from Balas which I think will be important to have for a future quest where the Lotus returns. I'm trying to craft it now. I need a few more things..