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  1. if you mean Jack yes that is me yes lol and thank you!!
  2. I am very curious on how long this plat has taken you guys to get. For me, I finally got the plat today and it took me about 120 hours. I believe I started the equipment grind at around 60-70 hour mark.
  3. How did you get the Square Seal: Reversal? I've been trying using the crafting method for the past hour or so but I cannot get it. Im following that spreadsheet. EDIT: I finally got it, it was from the Bridled thing. Finally 45/45 seals. Just last of the dragons left good lord grant me some good rng
  4. it took me 30 yoshis before i finally got one with a seal. It was absolute hell
  5. I can confirm that you CAN purchase silver scraps for 1000 arena points! You can buy Sturdy Lumber too for 2000. This is HUGE! I had completely forgotten about the arena shop until someone let me know today.
  6. I've recently started the daunted equipment grind and I've gotta ask; what is the best way to get silver scrap? I need about 40 and I am rarely getting any. my best bet is the very first dungeon but I am getting 0-2 per run so was wondering if there is a faster method. Any other tips regarding equipment would be highly appreciated too! Final stretch of the plat. Thank you!
  7. Yeaaaah everyone is saying how bad those are lol but we will see. My goal was to get this plat done before RE4 comes out and so far I only need the equipment and wrapping up the dungeons and hitting lvl 99. And it helps how much I am actually enjoying this game. Outside of the stupid tuna that took me maybe 5 hours total the rest of the grind has been really fun I enjoyed the minigames, substories hell even the farming stuff was kinda chill. Not to mention the amazing main story. Really really awesome game!!
  8. I have FINALLY managed to get it!!! Here is how: So, from the top there are 3 'lanes' the top lane has a Marlin fish, the one below it has a tuna and the one below it a shark. So only catch fish in that lane. I just kept trying and trying for hours, catching a fish there then exiting if it is not the right size. Until finally I randomly got one without even using any bait. If anything I was watching a WingsofRedemption video so maybe that gave me luck (Big ups) But seriously it is just horrible. Worse than any minigame or anything on this game so far. Here's hoping the rest isnt so bad!
  9. I tried this method almost 10 times and I wasnt able to notice a difference in rarity. If you could share that clip I would seriously appreciate as it could help me because this is driving me nuts and I cant find much about it online either.
  10. I keep only finding silvers. IDK if I am insanely unlucky or doing something wrong. and yes I back out and go back in after catching a Tuna.
  11. I have caught hundreds of fish, almost 50 Tunas but no big Tuna. Best I caught was a silver Tuna once. Any tips? im catching on the east coast of course.
  12. Exceptional Trophy Guides: Fobia: St. Dinfna Hotel written by ObsiEez Exceptional Gameplay Guides: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - 100% Walkthrough written by Argandalf_01 Exceptional DLC Guides: Cuphead - The Delicious Last Course DLC Trophy Guide written by MohandGamer7 New Author Excellence: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Blackout Characters Guide written by Seamndel Retro Enthusiasts: - Exceptional Use of Original Content: Resident Evil Revelations - Raid Mode Guide written by Dsr8002 I do not meet the voting requirements however I did write a guide and someone had mentioned that that means that i am able to vote. If not then my apologies and feel free to delete this comment! Exceptional Use of Formatting: -
  13. you need 3000 points, I got mine done in 2 wins. I helped a guy boost and he got it in 3. How much you gain depends on the rank of your opponent. And of course if you lose you will lose some points.
  14. Good guide! I had no idea about these bonus objectives so good on you to gather 'em in one place. All tho I would add to the super costumes part that they will give you a massive points penalty meaning you almost always cannot S rank the levels, and that the costumes can be unlocked without spending real money by beating the game on DMD difficulty as they are very useful for the bloody palace trophies.
  15. Yup! had this same issue on Man of Medan. i'll resub to extra when there's only a few months left on my Essential sub, but i hope they dont remove Medan by then since idk what will happen lol